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10. Come Into My World

Somewhere Down The Road
by Amy Grant

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Come into my world • Come crashing through the ceiling • And find the
messy rooms, the scattered pearls • If you are brave then come into
my world
Come into my world • So lovely from the outside • So dark in here the
demons dance and twirl • And find their pleasure frightening this girl • If
you are brave then come into my world
Cause I never saw the changes come • Or knew enough to run when this
old house had come undone • And now I’m buried in the walls • And no
one comes to call but you • Come into my world
Come into my world • I can not find the doorway • It’s overgrown with vines
that twist and curl • If you are brave then come into my world
Come into my world • There’ll be no other invitation • Not another
sound another word • Nothing more than you’ve already heard • Please be
brave and come into my world

Produced by Wayne Kirkpatrick // © 1997 Age To Age Music / Riverstone Music (Admin. by The Loving Company) (ASCAP) // Guitar and Vocal: Amy Grant

Behind the Song:
Amy Grant / “I included this 1996 recording because it is so raw and was so true at the time. Pain isolates us. Nobody knows when you’re smiling on the outside and dying on the inside: except the one who stands at the door and knocks.” - Amy Grant


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