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02. Hold Me Up

by 33Miles

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I had all the pieces put together
I thought it was all under control
But now I am face to face with failure
Iím fighting these fears Iíve never known
Iím falling to my knees

Would You hold me, would You hold me up
ĎCause I can barely, I can barely stand
The weight I carry is gonna pull me under
God I need You, yeah, I need You now
ĎCause all around me my worldís crashing down
And Youíre the only, Youíre the only One
That can hold me up

Take me away from all the chaos
Give me the strength to live again
There is a Truth found in the promise
That You are the Hope that never ends
Iím crying out Lord, please,


Iím desperate for Your peace
Iím crying out Lord, please


Brian Hilt/Caleb Grimm


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