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02. Fireflies

Not Myself Anymore
by Jessa Anderson

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you illuminate the open air - i am silently catching every glimmer i can - Ďcause i know that when the lightning hits - iíll be standing here breathless in the wake of each glimpse - your beauty radiates - itís filling the sky Ė youíre breaking through the darkness - iím like a child - standing in amazement - here in the night - you shine brighter than fireflies - caught up in the mystery - i canít deny - everything around me - reflects your light - you shine brighter than fireflies - iím surrounded by your brilliant glow - and i marvel in wonder at the sight i behold - i am running with an empty jar - want to capture it all, iím chasing after your heart - your love is infinite - itís filling the sky // now that iíve seen who you are - youíre all that i want - i canít turn away - now that iíve seen who you are



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