Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!
Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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Fallen Star Collection

Album length: 11 tracks, 54 minutes, 13 seconds
Street Date: 1999

Straight out of Ohio's Christian hardcore scene and Six Feet Deep, come Brandtson with their sophmore release on Deep Elm Records, Fallen Star Collection. I love Brandtson. I first heard of them at Purple Door 97. They played and blew me away. They combined dark and melodic but powerful harmonies and riffs to make one of the best freshman releases I have. Letterbox was released on Steadfast Records, but then re-released on Deep Elm. I still think is so amazing to think that a guy can spend years screaming and growling in a hardcore band and come into a rock band and have one of the most beautiful and softest voices I have ever heard.

Myk Porter's (guitar and vocals) talents along with the accompanying vocals of Jared Jolly (drums and vocals), the melodic and powerful guitar riffs from Matt Traxtler (also was in Six Feet Deep), and the great bass talents of John Sayer. All this added together makes one of the best rock bands I have ever heard or seen live.

I also saw Brandtson at Cornerstone 99. They were the last band I saw. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. It was the highlight of my week. I got to stand right under Myk Porter. Not to mention I saw him the next morning at the hotel we stayed at and he thanked me for coming to the show and singing along... But I also got to hear a lot of their new songs, which appear on Fallen Star Collection.

The album starts off with a dark and moody song, "As You wish," but it is beautiful. I can not say enough about Myk and Jared's vocals. Backing each other up with complete harmony. The next track, "Breaking Ground," is faster power pop but still has a hint of dark harmony. It has lyrics that touch my heart and are personal not only to the band members but also to me.

"Things look brighter", track four, honestly brought me to tears. It tells the story of a lost girl who can't find her way. Basically the story of someone we all know. "she turns to me to say I hope tomorrow doesn't feel this way she's heard about happiness she's heard about Jesus she's starving for the beautiful things that people seem to believe in" It adds total emotion, harmony, and spirituality into the album.

Beautiful harmony, dark passion of music, spirituality, and raw emotion make this album a rollercoaster ride that will leave you wanting to go on the ride again. See these guys live. Get their CDs. They mature each time you see and hear them. It's so amazing. I don't see that a lot these days, but I do in these guys. I wish I could explain the whole album, but you have to hear the rest for yourself. This album is perfect.

- Review date: 1/8/00, written by Chaz Murphy


. Record Label: Deep Elm Records
. Album length: 11 tracks, 54 minutes and 13 seconds
. Street Date: 1999
. Buy It:

  1. As you wish
  2. Breaking Ground
  3. Potential Getaway Driver
  4. Things Look Brighter
  5. Summer in St. Claire
  6. Shannon Said
  7. Fighting Gravity
  8. Walking Up to Yellow
  9. Long Walk Home
  10. Probably Nothing
  11. New Favorite Pastime



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Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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