Listen to the album Birth of a King by Tommee Profitt!
Listen to the album Birth of a King by Tommee Profitt!

Grand Canyon

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grand Canyon

SATELLITES AND SIRENS "Blood, Sweat, and Rock ‘n Roll Tour" BLOG 4:

Hey guys:)


One of the great advantages of being on tour is that on days off we can take in the sights if our hearts so desire.  Welp, this week we had an off day between a couple of dates and while we were mozying our way along to Phoenix, it occurred to us that the Grand Canyon wasn’t so far out of our way.  Out of all of us in the van (four band guys, and Marty, our merch guy), only Jonathan and I had ever actually laid our eyes on that crazy natural wonder.  We did a little math in our meager heads and found that it would only set us back a few hours, and that it would be worth it.  However, I will say it was pretty funny that Jonathan and I were like, “Guys, you’ve never seen anything like this.  No picture does it justice.”  You could see it in their tired faces that they were going to go along with it, but that they weren’t completely convinced that it would be worth our time.  Given the fact that we really didn’t have much else to do, they went along with it, and we went for it.  If you’ve ever been there, you know that the drive up to it from Flagstaff isn’t the most stimulating drive.  Granted, it’s much more fun to look at than your standard Tennessee terrain, but it certainly doesn’t leave you with the impression that you’re about to drive upon the largest chasm in the US.  At any rate, we pull into the parking lot and I’m just waiting to see the faces of the rest of the guys when they actually see the Canyon.  It’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot, but as we made our way to the edge you slowly, but surely, began to see the width, depth, and breadth of it all.  It really is breathtaking, and sure enough each of the guys pretty much had their jaw on the ground looking out across it all.  If you’ve never been there, you owe it to yourself to make the trip if you’re ever in Arizona.  You really will not be disappointed.  Make sure you bring your cameras and video cameras with you.  It’s amazing.  We were lucky enough to get there about an hour before sunset, so we got to see all the colors of the sunset out across the Grand Canyon, and it truly has to be one of the most beautiful sights one can see on this fine planet.


While we were looking out across the Grand Canyon I was reminded of how ridiculously big God is.  Despite how amazing of a site that is, God has made it clear that we are his most precious creation, we are His love.  If that is the case, why do we find it so hard to trust Him?  I mean, really, we all have areas in our lives where we find it so difficult to trust in where He is leading us.  Whether it’s work, finances, relationships, really anything...we continue to stumble in our trust.  In Matthew 17 Jesus says, “Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.”  We don’t have to have faith the size of the Grand Canyon, or even the size of your car, God says that if our faith is even the size of a mustard seed, than we’re getting somewhere.  It’s hard to comprehend really.  It reminded me that it’s not how hard I try, but how much I’m willing to give myself up for Him, how much I’m willing to sacrifice my short-lived desires for His guidance that won’t lead me astray.  When I looked down into the depths of the Grand Canyon and out at the Arizona sunset as it cast its shadows across the canyon, I knew that my faith in Him grew just in seeing the beauty of His design.  


In love,



Some photos taken with my phone...




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