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The Coon Whisperer

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Coon Whisperer

APRIL 9 2010

Sorry friends, it's been awhile since I've written! Much has happened since last time you've heard from me. I moved into a new house, got engaged, and now we're back on the road again with Sanctus Real!  For those of you who know, My fiancé's name is Celi, and we will be getting married this July in Sweden, where she is from. When I proposed to her on the walking bridge in Nashville, TN, we even had the luxury of having a random live banjo player serenading us with an out of tune song that he probably wrote on the spot! :)


But anyway, what I'm really writing about this time, is about an interesting lady I met last night at a gas station in St. Clairesville, OH, around something like 4 am. It was my turn to drive, so I walked in to get my perk-up coffee, only to find a family of raccoons sitting by the back door, one one his hind legs, looking like they were waiting for food. They were not afraid whatsoever, and they almost looked like a family of pet dogs. So I asked the lady at the counter about them, and she proceeded to walk over, pick up some fig newtons off the shelf, and walk  outside to feed them directly from her hand! They were even crawling up on her like they were her pets! Then I walked over to the door to see how close I could get, and they got scared and backed up. The lady whispered something to them and then they came back over. I had never seen anything like this before: a real live raccoon whisperer! She told me that they have been coming to that gas station every night for years. (see pictures) And when I asked her what their names were, she answered, "Sugar." 


What an interesting sight that was. These animals are usually so elusive and scared of

people. But in this case, they just knew where to go each night to get their food, with no fear at all. It was their instinct. Although this may be a bit of a strange parallel to draw, I think we could look at this and be reminded where we, as believers need to go, to get our "food". We need to understand and realize that in order to survive, we need to be fully reliant on God. There's a verse that says that "man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God". So maybe right now you're feeling like you're spiritually "hungry", and feel like you have a hole inside somewhere that needs filled. Just remember, that the only way to be truly satisfied in life, is to turn to God, and ask Him to occupy every part of You. Be bold, and tell Him Your needs, wants and desires. I think God wants us to have that kind of relationship with  Him where we just instinctively run to Him to fill us, instead of looking everywhere else in the world, that we often find ourselves looking. 


It can be a tough thing to really have our first instinct to be to look to God, when there are a million things screaming at us for our attention, and countless self-help books and tv shows telling us how to fix our problems. I find myself often having to refocus and ask God to make prayer the first thing on my mind, even before talking to a friend about a problem or a need. So let's pray together right now, that He would be at the forefront of our minds, that He would be the one to satisfy our desires, and really become our provider.



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