Listen to the new album from Elias Dummer!
Listen to the new album from Elias Dummer!

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Field Day Superstar
Together We're Going Places

Album length: 7 Tracks: 20 Minutes, 6 seconds
Street Date: 2001

The trend for a local band of today is to put out just a little "taste" of what they're about. They may throw out a split with another band or a small 5-song EP. Production quality is the least of all worries where there's no flash, but just good ole' stripped down rock n' roll. This is the case with Nashville's Field Day Superstar. If I'm not mistaken, Stephen Barlowe of Adam's Housecat and Survival Car heads this four-piece pop-rock emo act, with Tim "Yogi" Watts from the late My Friend Stephanie on the skins. Russ Fox and Matt Gingerich formerly of Bleach fame produce this record on the up and coming Hero Recordings.

To start off, the band's name is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of these guys. If it's all in a name, then Field Day Superstar has it all. Heading off the music aspect is "You Have No Idea," a pop rock anthem that hopefully leads the way for hook-laden tracks to come. Next is "Thank You and Goodnight," where if more polished, could be a great mellow rock tune. This probably should have been the final track seeing that the end cuts to live tape or most likely cheering dubbed into the song saying something along the lines of "Thank You and Goodnight." "Nice Guy" and "Please Say Yes" are up next and the disappointments of the album. "Here I Am" is a happy tune where the spiritually flows with lyrics like "Here I am, take all that's inside of me." "Is It There" is up next with the kind of lead guitar that takes you for a ride. The vocals and licks make the chorus oh so catchy. To finish off is "Lost Here Without You," where the acoustic guitar is dusted off, the electric put back in the closet, and music made to mellow out an ending.

The choruses in this album amaze me. I'm not sure I have heard many bands with the quality of or potential for such great anthems. And if the chorus is weak, then the bridge helps hold it up above water. However, the production quality proves to be a hindrance. Sometimes the vocals and guitar don't flow well together or the levels get a little too high where, in more than one instance, there was a second or two of cringing. I'm disappointed because I know this could have been amazing. With a big budget record deal, these guys would be staples of an MTV2 or KROC radio station. More time and work in the studio would also be a plus. There's no doubt good things will happen with these guys. Give them a more focused outlook on the music, and a few more hits, and together, they're going places.

- Review date: 12/15/01, written by Blake Garris


. Record Label: Hero Recordings
. Album length: 7 Tracks, 20 Minutes and 6 seconds
. Street Date: 2001

  1. You Have No Idea
  2. Thank You and Goodnight
  3. Nice Guy
  4. Please Say Yes
  5. Here I Am
  6. Is It There
  7. Lost Here Without You



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Listen to the new album from Elias Dummer!

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