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BE HEARD. In the endless sea of independent artists aiming to leave their mark on the music world, it can be tough to find the right audience for your music. We understand, as music listeners, how hard it can be to find those on-the-rise gems who have yet to get connected with the right record label or means of distribution to get their music heard. With our "State Of Independents," is devoted to assessing the state of independent music, looking to find the best out there and share them with our readers. Now you can be heard.

For the independent artist, we're offering a chance to be connected to new listeners. With an indie review on, we will give an honest and fair critique of your project as well as lasting exposure on the world wide web. Our indie review service guarantees a listen to your recording, a non-rated (AKA not a star rating) paragraph review, a link to your website or community page (i.e. myspace, purevolume, facebook), your review archived for continuous exposure and reference, and widespread exposure through the esteemed JFH readership. Your submission for review also includes the chance to achieve an "Indie Spotlight" review (example) in which we highlight the best of the best independent artists with a full-page review and extended information on your release!

"How do I sign up?" - The JFH Indie Review Submission service is just $40 USD and includes the following:

  1. At least a one-paragraph professional review (example) with consideration for an extended "Indie Spotlight" Review (example)
  2. Your own review page where you can feature your own music player via any service you wish - like Bandcamp, Grooveshark, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, etc. - just provide us with the embed code! If you have an online store for which we can embed on your review page, we'd be more than happy to feature that instead. Please just email us the code for posting.
  3. Your review will be archived permanently (link) for linking purposes and future reference.
  4. A link to your artist webpage (i.e. web site, Sonicbids, myspace, etc)
  5. Your album artwork will be displayed alongside the review

Premium Package - We have expanded our services for the independent artist to offer you a lot more exposure for just a smaller additional fee. The JFH Indie Review Submission Premium service is just $60 USD and includes ALL of the above PLUS the following:

  1. Song lyrics added to our site in an exclusive Independent Artist Lyrics Database! The lyrics will then be linked back to a tracklisting on your review page (spotlight or regular inspection review) (example) (**Lyrics must be provided by the artist via email)
  2. Your choice between either a personal bio (provided by the artist) or a short conducted 5 to 7 question interview by the JFH staff to be included with your review (interview would be conducted via email)!

"How do I send you the music?" - After sending your Indie Review Submission fee, you will be directed to a page with further directions on how to submit your music to us (if the redirect doesn't happen, please email us!). Please send a physical copy of your CD (or EP), and/or a link to download the album/EP via email to us -- we do not accept a collection of random songs or demos; it must be a project being released to the public. Please also email us a bio or EPK of yourself or band when submitting your music.

"After I sign up, how long is the turnaround?" - Upon receiving your Indie Review Submission fee and music, we will have your review for you within 40 days of us receiving the CD for review.

Please note: It is your responsibility to send the music to us. If you do not send us the music and later decide you would like a refund of the submission fee, we can provide a full refund up until 60 days after the receipt of payment. If you request a refund after 60 days, Paypal keeps their service fee and we will only refund the difference.

"What else do I need to know?" - Once we receive your music submission, the submission fee is not refundable. We do not guarantee good reviews or "Indie Spotlight" reviews for every submission. We are offering honest, fair critiques of your work, which is a great way to garner crictical feedback while getting your name published on a reliable media source. If you are unhappy with the review we give you, you may request that the review be taken down, but we will not be able to refund your submission fee. If you wish to have your record re-evaluated by another reviewer, you will have to pay the fee again to resubmit it for review by another JFH staff member (*this may only be done once). also reserves the right to alter the submission fee or signup terms at any time (but not will not be altered for you after you've signed up under these terms).

"Sounds great, let's do it!" We only accept PayPal at this time, which also can handle credit card payments. If you have questions at anytime, please write us using our email contact form and direct questions to "Indie Music Inquiries" only. After payment, you should be redirected from Paypal to a page on JFH with directions on where to send your music for review (In the case that it does not redirect you, please email us right away and we'll send you the proper link. Thanks!).


JFH Indie Review Options

Be heard. We're listening.



Through PayPal shopping cart, we accept the following:


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