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The Lord will Put You in Charge

"Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things." - Matthew 25:23 NIV

The verse above from Jesus’ Parable of the Talents reveals an exciting principle for Christ-followers – when we are faithful with a few things, God will put us in charge of many things. Over the years, the Lord has put me in charge of numerous projects – and not just ministry-related ones. I have learned that when God puts me in charge of something, He has very specific expectations for it, and for me.

More than once, I have encountered people who caused me to lose my focus, and to rattle me somehow. I have heard myself grumbling to the Lord and saying things like, “Why do people have to be such troublemakers? Why are they making my job so hard?” And in my spirit, I have heard the Lord tell me, “I have put you in charge – now take charge!” And I know that God is counting on me to exercise my authority to bring the project involved into line with His will – even if it means eliminating certain people and influences.

As Jesus indicated in this parable, as we show ourselves to be faithful and trustworthy with a few things, God will give us even more responsibilities. If we meet every challenge that comes our way with wisdom, courage, and strength from the Lord, we will impact this world for Christ in eternal ways. Whether our assignments come in the form of parenthood, servanthood, ministry, or any leadership role at home or in the workplace, if we will take charge when we are put in charge, God Himself will see to it that we perform with excellence, and He will give us favor in the sight of those involved. And the day will come when we will hear the Lord say those glorious words to us – “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Prayer: Lord, please make me a devoted and trustworthy servant so You can bless me and use me in mighty ways for Your glory. When You put me in charge of people and projects, help me to take charge, and to exercise the authority You have given me, in order to prove my faithfulness to You. Thank You that as I commit all of my efforts to You, and depend on Your guidance and grace, You will give me greater responsibilities and greater rewards!

- J. M. Farro

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