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03. Hope Remains

Hope Remains
by Jamie Nunnally

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Hope is rising up and strengthening my faith
The fear that held me back has now begun to fade

All that I am I give away, Ďtil nothing is left, just hope remains

Hope is sinking in and keeping me secure
And as I trust and wait, I patiently endure

All that I am I give away Ďtil nothing is left, just hope remains
Iím confident my God will save and as I believe, my hope remains

So when the pressureís building and I can feel the weight
I know my God still loves me I wonít hold back my praise
When disappointment finds me and things donít go my way
My joy will not be stolen no one can take my faith
And I wonít stop pursuing no, I wonít be afraid
Though Iím not sure whatís coming I know that hope remains

© Jamie Nunnally


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