Listen to the new single from Elevation Worship!

Listen to the new single from Elevation Worship!

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01. Capsize Pt. II

by Andrew McLeod


Verse 1
As I sink further down
I gasp for air
But there's none there

Iím certain that I'll drown
My time has come
I cannot run

Locked inside the belly
Of this beast
I call my ship

Waters flooding in
Everything within
On this ship I set sail
But the mission has failed
And I'm stranded here all by myself
I'm So alone, on a capsized boat!
I dragged myself to the bottom of the
ocean (I'm sinking down)
I'm trapped below, Only thing I know is
I've Chased my throne to the bottom of
the ocean of my soul
Verse 2
How did I get here?
I set the compass
To the west

I marked which way to steer
And set out on my
Selfish quest

Get me out alive
I repent of my mistake

Can you save this life?
Answer me for heavenís sake

Bridge 1
I'm the one who owns the blame
I was trying to run away
Now I see my own mistake
But I'm afraid that it's too late
Build 1
My last seconds floating by
My destruction in my eyes
As these moments pass me by
To you alone I cry
Build 2
Then it comes to my surprise
That you're lifting up my eyes
To see the answer you provide
And my spirit is revived
Build 3
Then I feel my weary soul
As you start to fill the holes
Your love has made an open door
A gateway to the shore
Build 4
Hold my breath so I can swim
Towards the light that's pouring in
Swimming up to open sea
Where your light is all around me
Bridge 2
I still have so far to go
But I know I'm not alone
You will carry me carry me back to my
Where I know I'm not my own
Bridge 3
As I gaze into the sun
Feel this anchor come undone
Though it seemed that death had won
Your mercy has overcome

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Listen to the new single from Elevation Worship!

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