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Listen to the new single from Elevation Worship!

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09. Journey's End

by Andrew McLeod


Verse 1
Spent the past year of my life
Wondering why
I always feel left behind

Almost let it all pass me by
Locked up inside
The prison of my own mind

I'm not gonna let this
Leave me defenseless
I'm in the fight of my life

I'll stand up and face it
I know I can take it
I'm gonna win tonight
Verse 2
The nightmares I have of my past
Try to remind me
Of what I lack

They always try to set me back
But I will press on
Through their worst attack

I'm done with this stupid game
Of trying to erase the pain
And fix all the heartache myself

You give me strength and
you give me patience
Take me home as well

I wait on the edge of the sea
I know what I'm ready to be
From these chains, I am free
Free from everything that ever told me I wasn't ready

To take the next step in this
new direction
To finally break the trend
I think I'm almost at my journey's End
Ima Take a new direction I'm
Gonna break apart deception
Gonna find the end and make amends so I can send away the imperfection

I don't know how I expected to create an interception by the way I tried to take away the weight the promise of repentance

I'm alive right now and I ain't finished with the life that I've been givin
Gonna keep on livin

Ain't the perfect kid but I admit it that I have a perfect king who over did it by his perfect love the way he went to live it. Gave his life so we could put it in a sentence. I accept the savior in my heart so I can learn his true forgiveness and forgive them from within

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Listen to the new single from Elevation Worship!

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