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Listen to the new album from Elias Dummer!

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08. 9 PM

No Faith In Fear
by Greg Kester


Merely moving shadows
We are
A morning mist in the day of an eon’s decade, we will sway
Like the grass in the wind or a swell that rise
We will quickly subside,
To the dust that was breathed into life

We are here
For a time
From the joy and hard tears from when we’re born until we die
Like a vapor that’s vanished, in the blink of an eye,
Or a fire that flickers, let us realize

We are not long in this life

I’m a far cry (a far far cry)
From the real me
At best I’m an echo, (an echo) years behind me
Yet we all have our part in this great symphony (will you sing for me)
And our symphony’s song, plays endlessly (life will go on)
And He spoke my name and He gave life to me
For the boxing of shadows and a kingdom eternally

What creatures are we
How are we made complete
How do we become all
that we’re made to be
We all have our part in this great mystery
From the depths of the garden to the One who is three
Let us be

All that we’re made to be

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