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05. Hard Times

Somewhere Down The Road
by Amy Grant

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I smile when I remember all the things we did • The worlds we discovered when
I was a kid • Sitting on your shoulders I was riding high • All of life before me,
I could see for miles •• You gave me a life to love • Showed me the dreams I was
dreaming of • Told me love was enough
When hard times come • Hard times come • Hard times come for everyone
• Hard times come • Hard times come • And they’ll come ‘till we’re done
Lately I’ve been standing on my own two feet • There’s a pair of watchful eyes
staring up at me • I will turn them toward the sunrise • Turn them toward
the stars • Where the beauty of a new day will always fill the heart •• Give you a
life to love • Show you dreams you’re dreaming of • Just let love be enough ••
Making you measure what you’re made of • Helping you galvanize the love
‘Cause hard times come, they come • Hard times come to everyone • Hard
times come • Hard times come • And they’ll come ‘till we’re done

Amy Grant, Ian Fitchuk and Justin Loucks / Produced by Ian Fitchuk and Justin Loucks // © 2009 Grant Girls Music, LLC (admin. by the Loving Company) / Pour The Juice Music (ASCAP) / Bearkiller Music (BMI) // Drums, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, and Keyboards: Ian Fitchuk / Drums and Electric Guitars: Justin Loucks / Background Vocals: Jeremy Lister, Jenny Gill, Leigh Nash, Peter Groenwalk and Mindy Smith / Recorded and Mixed by Justin Loucks at Casa De Ted

Behind the Song:
“How quickly the time goes by. How quickly the torch is passed from one generation to the next. I’m grateful for the sheltering love of the older generations of my family. They are almost all gone now, but I learned what I needed to know from them.” - Amy Grant

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