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03. Look Like Love

by Britt Nicole

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Have you ever felt like that
Like you just, just rushiní through life
Like you donít have time for your friends or the world outside
Well, Iíve been there

We gotta slow it down
Take a look around
When we gonna stop
When we gonna stop runniní, runniní

Itís keeping you and me
From who we need to be

I wanna look like love
Be more than just enough
For the hearts that are broken, coming undone
Itís up to you and me
To leave a legacy
If weíre all they ever see
I wanna look like, look like love
I wanna look like, look like love

Let me be the first to admit
There are days that I just donít have the strength to give
Donít wanna stay there
Looking at me missiní everything
When we gonna stop
When we gonna stop runniní, runniní
Instead of doing nothing
We gotta do something

If I believe thereís a Savior
Is the proof in me
Is He alive and breathing
Is He what theyíll remember
Is He what they see
When they look at me

Do I look like, look like love
Do I look like, look like love

Produced by David Garcia and Christopher Stevens / Recorded at Fabmusic, Franklin, TN / Bass, Keys, and Programming: David Garcia / Guitars: Chris LaCorte and David Garcia / Assistant Engineer: Taylor Stevens / Mixed by Christopher Stevens Written by Britt Nicole, David Garcia, and Ben Glover © 2012 Britt Nicole Publishing (admin. by The Loving Company) / 9T One Songs / Ariose Music (Admin. at / Universal Music Ė Brentwood Benson Publishing / D Soul Music (ASCAP)


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