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Mad At The World
Through The Forest

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 10 tracks: 41 Minutes, 1 Second
Street Date: 1992

With the release of Through The Forest in 1992, Mad At The World continued the style of their last album, Boomerang, and in some ways, this album could be considered a part II. That's not a terrible thing, though, since Boomerang was what some consider one of their finest projects. This is the first album with an art illustration rather than a picture of the band, and it definitely sets the tone in the first three songs. To explain the front cover and song, "Lost in the Forest," the insert reads, "Life is like the forest; It's full of beauty, mystery, danger and so many paths to choose. We all need a guide to lead us through the forest." -Psalm 119:105

"That Lonesome Road" is an obvious choice for an opening song since it provides a warm opening with an acoustic guitar before setting a faster pace. The song indicates that sometimes people seem to give up and, as the song states, "It feels like Satan is waiting there for me/ he lives on end of this one way street." Next, Randy Rose provides the lead vocals in "Trapped." The song's theme compliments the first song well because it talks about what happens when someone gives up hope and they allow themselves to be controlled by others. The track, "If I Lose My Way," is a very memorable song that suggests that if someone loses his or her direction, God will be there for help. Roger Rose provides a nice ballad that is very poetic and covers the relationship between him and Julia. The song talks about how there was a plan for this relationship as a blessing.

Like "No More Innocence" on their last album, the song "M.A.T.W," the bands' self-titled song from 1987, has been transformed from the techno flavor it once was into a fast-paced hard rock song. It's always interesting to see a band bring another perspective to a song, especially one as unforgettable as this song. "I've Got a Heaven" is probably my favorite Mad At The World ballad of all time. It has a very simplistic rhythm without drums, and yet it's brilliant because it works so well with the subject matter. You can somehow see this song being used for a video when someone leaves this earth to go to Heaven. It's a very honest and heartfelt song that lets everyone know regardless of what happens, "I've got a heaven/ you can't take that away." Randy provides more of his vocals this time around as in "I'll Never Go Back There," and his vocals display the tone needed because of his unique strong vocals, like the late Layne Thomas Staley of Alice in Chains. The album closes with Elvis Presley cover "If I Can Dream," which was written by Walter Earl Brown in 1968.

Through The Forest is not their best album, nor is it as memorable as Boomerang, but it is still quite an accomplishment in MATW's history. Through The Forest is great for fans of most alternative rock music from the early 90s.

- Review date: 10/4/09, written by Wayne Myatt for


. Record Label: Frontline Records
. Album length: 10 tracks: 41 Minutes, 1 Second
. Street Date: 1992
. Buy It:
  1. That Lonesome Road
  2. Trapped
  3. Lost In The Forest
  4. If I Lose My Way
  5. Always Be My Love
  6. M.A.T.W. (Reprise)
  7. Alone
  8. I've Got A Heaven
  9. I'll Never Go Back There
  10. If I Can Dream



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