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LIVE 2011 Dove Awards Coverage!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LIVE 2011 Dove Awards Coverage!

On April 20, 2011,'s Ryan Barbee blogged live from the 42nd Annual GMA Dove Awards!! Feel free to comment on what you think about the results...

12:00- Well friends, it looks like we are all done with the Dove festivities. What an incredibly full night of music and excitement. Make sure to check out the Doves this Sunday on Gospel Music Channel. It's been a crazy day, and I think I need to go get some beauty sleep... haha. If sleep were to make me beautiful I'd need to sleep for the next 42 years.

11:53 - Kirk Franklin is such a showman! He might not be the craziest singer - he is definitely an artist and an excellent performer.

11:46 - Sherri Shepherd is wrapping up the night and closing it out right with Kirk Franklin. That's a good way to conclude a show!

11:41 - Song of the Year is up next!  It goes Jason Crabb's "Sometimes I Cry" Congrats Jason!

11:36 - Ruben Studdard just said while back stage that he'd love to collaborate with Michael W. Smith. That would be incredible!

11:34 - I think people are starting to leave. This show has gone on pretty long.

11:30 - Steven Curtis Chapman and Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams are presenting the award for Artist of the Year. I'm hoping it's someone good... not that they're not good... it's just... you know what I'm saying. The winner is - Francesca Battistelli. 

11:27 - Chris August just told us that he said, "When I was a kid I would say, 'If I ever win an award I'll thank the Fresh Prince.'" Awesome!

11:23 - Sherri Shepherd is now announcing the next performance by the much beloved Sanctus Real and Tenth Avenue Northl! "Lead Me" It's a good song, but at 11:23 at night I wish it was something a little more upbeat.

11:22 - Chonda is confessing about how she's recently got a tatoo and her daughter apparently called it a "Tramp Stamp." Wow.  And following that she's going to announce Group of the Year. The winner is: NEEDTOBREATHE! A good winner! And so... Chonda just walked off the stage. My gosh, that woman is crazy!

11:14 - Chonda just gave out the secret that the Dove Award that is given tonight is a fake. Oh my!

11:07 - David Crowder* Band is back stage now and has shared with us that they have honestly begun working on their new record. However they made enough material for a Christmas album and 12 bluegrass songs. BOTH would be awesome to hear. Oh and he literally explained his frustrations and joys with Light Bright Pegs - what a crazy man!! And we ALL love him!!

11:03 - They are now presenting an honorary video of choirs from across the nation!

11:00 - The singing Pastors are now back stage. Such humility just permeates from them! What an honor!

10:54 - Chonda is now hilariously announcing the next performance by Francesca Battistelli. Not a bad performance. I'm not sure if it's the best kind of performance for an award show but... nonetheless it was good.

10:51 - Chonda has returned! She just told the crowd about her time on the Wanda Sykes Show... apparently Wanda said, "You're the first Christian that's been nice to me." Chonda's response, "That's cause they weren't real Christians." Haha! A pinch of truth and a pinch of humor! And then she made a Rob Bell joke... he'd be so proud.

10:44 - Mandisa and Ruben Studdard are presenting the New Artist of the Year award.  It goes to... Chris August. He wracking it up!

10:42 - My GOODNESS! Marvin Sapp is such an incredible vocalist! All of the pastors are! Their song is so inspirational! It's all about the unity of the Church! I'm pretty sure, this just became a church service. Freakin' amazing!

10:38 - The next performance group is up. A collective group of pastors/artists. All of them are pastors and all of them are artists. That's pretty legit!

10:31 - Kevin Sorbo hinted at playing in a hopeful movie called The Resurrection of Christ... let's hope it happens. And then he had to rush off stage to fight a Hydra... Hercules has work to do!

10:29 - Kevin Sorbo said that "What If" really impacted him in Christian walk. Very cool!

10:27 - Kevin Sorbo is in back stage! Totally AWESOME! He didn't play Hercules... He IS Hercules. I just watched his movie called "What If"

10:26 - They keep doing this thing with having two groups perform each time because now Jason Crabb is performing. Watch... now they'll probably anounce another TIE.

10:24 - MIKESCHAIR is now performing, "Let the Waters Rise" which is actually up for Song of the Year.

10:23 - I don't think that the people in the audience understand Chonda Pierce's humor. But everyone in the Press Room does. She just explained why she can't say "Pot Luck" and "Hoedown" in Los Angeles. That's funny... I don't care who you are.

10:16 - David Crowder is super funny! He said that the time that it took them to record the music video they could have recorded three albums! Haha!

10:13 - Evett Nicole Brown and Kevin Sorbo are presenting the award for Short Form Music Video of the Year... I'd like to see David Crowder Band* win... and... HE DID IT!!!!! "SMS Shine" Wins!

10:09 - Wow what a blend of musical styles. But if this were a "Sing Off"... Committed would win again!

10:06 - Sherrie Shepherd is back to announce the next performers; winners of The Sing Off - Committed with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound.

10:02 - Third Day, The Chapmans, and Mark Hall just walked into the Press Room. I might leave here floating. :) Mac Powell wants a photo... oh he'll get one! You will get one Mac! (I must say once again, Mac Powell still looks like Jesus.)

10:00 - Wow - probably one of the coolest performances I've ever seen. Didn't think that Natalie Grant and Lecrae would mix well, but I was totally wrong. It looks weird but it sounds great.

9:58 - Lecrae is performing now! My goodness, what an awesome performance. And now Natalie Grant is joining him on stage

9:56 - Marvin dedicated his win to his late wife. A very emotional moment for the Doves.

9:54 - The Touhy family are presenting the award for Contemporary Gospel Song of the Year. The winner is, "The Best In Me" by Marvin Sapp.

9:50 - Now they are playing a video of Chris August singing at the Georgia Aquarium... these are some weird videos. But that fish tank sure did look cool!

9:48 - The Chapman's Show Hope has helped 2700 families adopt children! How amazing! What an emotional moment.

9:47 - The Chapman family is absolutely wonderful! This is a very active family and my goodness their story is so inspiring!

9:42 - Tim Tebow might get himself boo'd off the stage if he keeps talking about football. He's announcing the first ever Uplift Award to the incredible Steven Curtis Chapman! He deserves it!

9:41 - Kirk Franklin is back stage now... He's rockin' the bowtie! He said something very profound, "God is good to me... even when I'm not so good to him." You've gotta love honesty in artists!!

9:40 - Chonda Pierce is back. This poor lady is probably getting worn out.

9:33 - Sandi Patty is talking about her "Bucket List" and on it is to do "Hello Dolly" on stage. Not a bad aspiration at all.

9:30 - Sandi Patty just said back stage, "Audrey Assad needs to cover 'Via Dolorosa' on her next album." Called it!

9:29 - Curve ball... Mark Hall and Steven Curtis Chapman have joined Third Day on stage!

9:27 - Sherri Shepherd is back on stage and introducing the next performers... THIRD DAY!!! Singing, "Children of God"

9:21 - Chonda is making a bunch of Denominational jokes. Don't worry, she's picking on all denominations equally. :)

9:17 - Kenny Rogers is joining us in the Press Room... this guy is an actor, artist, photographer, business man, producer... this guy is so flippin' talented.

9:14 - Sandi is actually the announcer for the nominees as well for Female Vocalist of the Year. I'm cheering for Assad! And it is... Francesca Battistelli. I think I should probably stop making guesses because they tend to be wrong.

9:12 - Oh wait! Here comes Sandi! I might not be the first person to buy a "I'm a Patty Fan" t-shirt. You gotta pay homage to those who paved the way! Get it, Sandi Patty!

9:05 - The Female Vocalists of the Year are singing a tribute song to Sandi Patty. Hope everyone brought their leg warmers. I haven't heard some of these songs since 1993. It's really great that they are honoring Sandi's music. She really is a major influence of Christian music. Audrey Assad's rendition is the best. I think Sandi Patty would agree.

9:03 - I wonder if Sherri Shepherd knew that we could all hear her say, "How do I pronounce Francesca's last name?" Fantastically funny!

8:59 - Chonda is back on the stage asking what churches everyone goes to. If her stand up is anything like she is on stage right now, then every person needs to buy her stuff. She basically is the comedic humor between each group of performers and presenters. She said, "God would much rather have my tithe than my ministry." Apparently she was just asked to do this today.

8:53 - I doubt they are going to let Chonda Pierce's stuff on TV. It's funny but oh my gosh!!! They just introduced Kenny Rogers singing with Point of Grace.

8:51 - Sherri Shepherd is back on the stage... and this time - she's dancing with Chonda Pierce! What in the worlds is going on??

8:48 - Throughout the night they are showing clips of the New Artists of the Year at Atlanta landmarks. Kristian Stanfill was just shown playing a guitar in Atlanta's World of Coke. It's kind of strange.

8:47 - Haha! Chris August just thanked Will Smith for all of his pick-up lines from Fresh Prince!

8:44 - Erica Gluck and Kim Fields are presenting the award for Male Vocalist of the Year. Who do you think's gonna win? Well... it's Chris August!!

8:40 - Mary Mary is pulling out some theatrics as they perform their song, "Never Wave My Flag."

8:37 - Sherri kept her word. She screamed out "I LOVE JESUS!" She wasn't playing!

8:33 - They just announced the performers... it sounded like waves of "Woohoo" and "Yay." And here comes Ms. Sherri Shepherd!

8:31 - Chonda can't stop talking about "spanks." My goodness gracious... that is one crazy woman!

8:28 - Chonda Pierce just said, "Don't you wish Jesus would come right now, just so you could see who would really be taken." HAHAHA! What a hilarious woman!!!

8:25 - I'm not sure I could handle just being a part of the audience. They have about as many cues as the performers. An announcer says "applause" and everyone does it.  However I'm not gonna lie, he's very intimidating, I'm clapping too. Every journalist is looking at me as if I'm crazy or something.

8:22 - Also have to say... Tomlin and his band are rocking it out on the stage.

8:20 - Chris Tomlin is opening the show with his latest hit song, "Our God." Have to say... worship music is a great way to start the night!

8:19 - Awkward silence... oh wait... NOW the official show has begun!!

8:11 - Alright folks the show has begun! Bishop Martin opened up the show with a word of prayer. What an amazing pastor. Many thanks, Bishop!

7:36 - Mandisa is making sure to stay as genuine as possible in regards to writing her music. Not fake it but taking off the masks.

7:35 - Mandisa is in the Press Room now and is taking questions... but I don't think anyone knows what to ask.

7:18 - Joel Houston is back stage right now... he just anounced that Hillsong will be releasing a new live album known as "God is Able" later this year. Didn't realize how tall he is!

7:09 - Sherri Shepherd just expressed how honored she is to be a part of the Dove Awards. She said that when she gets on stage she's going to yell, "I love Jesus!" because she is able to shout that she loves Jesus without getting the 3 second delay button that comes with television... looking forward to hearing her host. But I know that she wants to get off the Press Stage.

7:07 - Pandemonium apparently just filled the room because Sherri Shepherd has entered the building. Wow - that's intense.

7:05 - Gerald Crabb is backstage now. He just said that he didn't even know he was nominated for an award. That's hilarious.

7:01 - It's been craziness during the Pre-Show but I think it's starting to slow down. Regardless it's been going well so far. 

6:52 - I'm realizing more and more... I say "Awesome" a lot. I need to work on my adjectives. For all of the linguistic readers... forgive me.

6:48 - Tamela Mann and her husband David are back stage talking about their life and marriage in entertainment. If you don't know, they are the main actors of Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns. They are such a great example of a marriage that glorifies God in the entertainment business. They're starting to work on a book on marriage and a cooking show! Great couple! Great example!

6:44 - Jason Crabb literally just said that he couldn't read the Spanish Nominees... How awesome is that! Jason Crabb, you are awesome! For real, he is nuts! The winner for Spanish Language Album of the Year goes to Hillsong's Con Todo. Joel Houston is accepting the reward. That's one cool guy!

6:43 - Casting Crowns just mentioned that they are wrapping up recording their new album coming out soon.

6:42 - Ian Eskelin just won for Producer of the Year! He definitely deserves it!

6:41 - Songwriter of the Year... Jason Crabb just got to announce that his Dad won. The Crabb Family must be proud.

6:39 - "The Master Plan"  by Tamela Mann wins for Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year... Awesome!

6:37 - The Gaither Vocal Band's Greatly Blessed wins for Southern Gospel Album of the Year... who wouldn't have called that?!

6:35 - Best Musical... hmmm... As Sure As My Redeemer Lives... So Shall I wins. Interesting category. I thought that would've died out with Psalty the Singing Song Book.

6:31 - Now for Long Form Music Video of the Year, I would actually like to see Hillsong win this one. They're pretty creative with their videos. The winner is Casting Crowns' Until the Whole World Hears Live. I'm not surprised. I'm proud someone from Atlanta won, but... well...

6:28 - Rock Album of the Year... I'm pulling for Future of Forestry, but I'm guessing DecembeRadio will win. It goes to... Disciple's Horseshoes and Handgrenades. Not a bad win for the guys!

6:26 - Wow they're not wasting anytime. Back into the winners; The Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year goes to Group 1 Crew's Outta Space Love! 2 AWARDS Tonight!

6:25 - I'm pretty sure Jason Crabb is off his rocker.

6:19 - Brian Courtney Wilson is killing it in his performance. You've got to appreciate good Gospel music.

6:17 - Recorded Music Packaging... I'm hoping for Andy Barron's work to be appreciated for how awesome it is on Hello Hurricane's packaging. It goes to... the artwork for Third Day's Move. Not a bad win! 

6:15 - Country Recorded Song of the Year. Will Point of Grace get a third award? ... YEP! "There is Nothing Greater Than Grace" wins. Wow... you would think this thing is rigged or something.

6:14 - Inspirational Song of the Year... Jason Crabb's Joseph won! I'm sure he's not "crabby" about that... Yeah I know I'm really lame.

6:12 - Praise and Worship Album of the Year. Jars of Clay would be a great win. But no... it goes to Meredith Andrew's As Long As It Takes. Jason Ingram is accepting for her... that was a short acceptance speech.

6:08 - Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year... please Sanctus please Sanctus... it goes to "Beautiful, Beautiful" by Francesca Battistelli... Good song, so I'm not upset.

6:06 - Ben Glover and Laura Story are now up to present the next batch of winners. Rock/Contemporary Song of the Year is up. I'm hoping for "Tonight".... Nope it goes to "Something Beautiful" by NEEDTOBREATHE... Still a good win!

6:02 - GMC wins the Impact Award.

6:01 - The city of Atlanta is presenting an award of recognition to the GMA for bringing the Doves to Atlanta. They should have ended it with, "Can I get a woot woot?" That would've been so awesome. I would've done it.

5:51 - TobyMac is back stage telling us about how he loves being in Atlanta for the Doves. He's so funny! He just said that "The Fox Theatre" is his favorite place to perform. That's a big deal folks. And no joke dude... he's rocking a wallet chain.

5:48 - Alright, Worship Song of the Year... Ian Eskelin literally just said, "Christ is ridden..." I'm pretty sure that's not biblical. ;) The winner is "How Great is the Love" by Meredith Andrews oh wait... guess what... another tie. "Our God" by Chris Tomlin too. What in the world is up with these ties?!

5:46 - Special Event Album of the Year... I think we all know who's going to win. And it is - Yep... Passion's Awakening. Louie Giglio is awesome at giving acceptance speeches!

5:43 - Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year... everyone in the room is rooting for Lecrae. The winner is... Group 1 Crew's "Walking on the Stars" Awesome! Even though most of the people in the media room gave out an "awww, man," I am cheering. Go Group 1 Crew!!!

5:41 - Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year goes to.... TOBY MAC WINS!!! Congratufreakinlations! Can we get a woot woot from JFH!

5:37 - Best Christmas Album of the Year goes to Point of Grace's Home for the Holidays. Wow, 2 awards! And Carol Cymbala takes it for Choral Collection of the Year.

5:34 - The legendary Ian Eskelin is announcing the Rock Recorded Song of the Year; I'm hoping for Switchfoot's "The Sound"... it goes to... Red's "Start Again"... well that's not bad at all. Congratulations fellas!

5:30 - Chris August just performed his hit "Starry Night"...  an acoustic rendition. Wow - his voice is as good live as it is on a recording. And for that I applaud you Chris! Cool glasses too.

5:28 - Food for the Hungry just wrapped up their presentation at the Dove Awards. They are an incredible organization. Shameless plug: Everyone should join up with them!

5:23 - @John... me too. Jars definitely deserved it.

5:20 - Sandi Patty and Patty Griffin just both won for their albums for Inspirational Album of the Year... A tie? How does that happen?

5:17 - Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year... Jars of Clay and Tenth Avenue North have been nominated so either one of those would make me happy.  And it goes to... Chris August's No Far Away... Well, we love him too. Congrats Chris on your first Dove Award.

5:15 - Best Country Album of the Year... I'm guessing Point of Grace will win.             Oh... and they did! No Changin' Us wins! Congrats Point of Grace.

5:13 - They just announced the Bluegrass Album of the Year - Singing from the Heart by Dailey & Vincent. Congrats!!

5:05 - They are working on the Pre-Show feed so we can see what's going on during the whole show. I'm crossing my fingers, my toes, praying, and I might just start speaking in other languages...

5:02 - I'm pretty sure every journalist is trying to get their picture in front of the Dove backdrop. "I need my ten seconds of fame! Sort of."

4:48 - Blue Grass Recorded Song goes to Lizzy Long's "Mountaintop."

4:43 - "Better Day" by Gaither Vocal Band wins Southern Gospel Recorded Song... is anyone surprised? Southern Gospel and Bill Gaither are synonomous. We mourn your loss Oak Ridge Boys.

4:38 - Israel Houghton's Love God Love People wins Best Contemporary Gospel Album of the year. Sadly, he's not here to receive the award because he's on tour.

4:36 - They just announced that Urban Recorded Song of the Year is "Wait on the Lord" by Lola Godheld

4:35 - Well... just found out that the Pre-Show feed is broken... No Bueno! This might make things difficult.

4:27 - The pre-show is getting ready to begin. In the great words of a forgotten childhood movie star, "Don't get scared now."

4:00 - Some awesome guy just brought out a power strip for us! Can you say MVP?!

3:44 - There's a little bit of panic in the press room... let's all just pray for a place for people to plug in their laptops.

3:28 - Well we're here at the Doves and the media room is ablaze!


1. Lop said...

Is there a live stream of the Dove Awards anywhere?

2. Gabriel said...

Is Britt Nicole there?

3. John said...

Chris beat out Jars and Tenth Ave? Chalk it up to block voting :( Would have loved to see Jars get that one...

4. Micah said...

I'm really disappointed Flyleaf or Disciple didn't win. But you know, tobyMac is more popular than either of them in CCM circles. :/

5. John said...

Seriously?? They're giving out TIES this year? Maybe next year those who lose will get "honorary" Doves?

6. Micah said...

SO glad Group 1 Crew won. :D

7. carol said...

lecrae :(

8. Adam Springsteen said...

Group One Crew deserved that one, Sanctus Real got shafted. Even Mercy Me deserved it more than Francesca. Boo to the Dove Awards...always giving it to the wrong person.

9. And... said...

Seriously, how is it that Chris Tomlin didn't get Male Vocalist!? What do they base this off of...sales!?!? The doves are a complete & total jyp! Do away with them I say

10. Micah said...

Psh, Flyleaf got snubbed, but I'm glad to see Group 1 Crew win two awards. They deserved it.

11. Uhh, Gafar... said...

At minute 8:53 - worlds? There are multiple worlds?! Holy crap, I think that just shattered my entire universe.

12. Uhh,+Gafar... said...

Sorry, 8:51.

13. Stan said...

I'm glad Disciple won for rock album with "Horseshoes & Handgrenades!" It's quite epic and one of my top favorites right now! RED's song "Start Again" was also a decent choice. Why does Casting Crowns always have to walk away with a Dove? Their latest album just doesn't merit anything!

14. Zakuvawltraydz said...

Yes!!!!! Disciple got Rock Album Of The Year! Way to go. Fantastic album.

Also, kudos to Red for Rock Recorded Song Of The Year, "Start Again".

Other than that, I'm kinda bored. LOL

15. Larry said...

The fact that Thousand Foot Krutch isn't even being mentioned, nor anything heavier than them is extremely aggravating.

I just wish the Dove's were a bit more...balanced.

16. Adeli said...

O my they had a tie ...or were u just saying that because they keep having two people performing at a time ??

17. Amanda said...

I so love it when you do these things! I remember reading the updates last year. :) And by the way ... YAAAAAAAAAAAY TOBY and GROUP 1 CREW!!!! Oh yeah! :D

When do they announce Artist of the Year? When, when???

18. Bill B said...

So, Casting Crowns has finished another album. *yawn* I am surprised it wasn't nominated for a Dove award?

Sorry CC and fans! I couldn't resist. :)

19. John said...

I guess to call this year's Doves disappointing in a lot of the categories is pointless considering a lot of the noms were disappointing...

20. Michael said...

Chonda is obviously the host, so why is Sherri there?

21. And... said...

Like I've said before, the ONLY reason crapping crowns keeps getting these things is because their manager (who also happens to be the annoying Nat Grant's hubby) keeps kissing up to EVERYONE in the biz. Mark Hall is NOT that great of a songwriter. Plus, he's kind of a jerk too. Crapping crowns = "OV-ER-RA-TED! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP-CLAP-CLAP! OV-ER-RA-TED! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP-CLAP-CLAP!"

22. And... said...

This just PROVES how out of touch the execs & big wigs of the industry are with the faithful fans & loyal customers that pay their fat cat salaries by purchasing their products. It also shows how out of touch they are with music in general

23. Jeff said...

I am sure by now Casting Crowns will win atleast one award every year even after they retire. I think fans should nominate one artist in each category and the rest by the big wigs. The fans know. Newsboys reach number 4 on the mainstream charts for a debut and get nothing. Really? Playing favorites stinks and it shows in results.

24. Jeff said...

Sanctus Real got snubbed. Lead Me was song of the year. I never heard the song of the year ever. Oh boy another dove awards and another reflection of playing favorites. Jesus Freak Hideout should have awards. Atleast they know what is going on.

25. Amanda said...

Though I'm not a huge Casting Crowns fan, I personally think that their latest album is their best ever! God has done some amazing things through their music.

26. And... said...

"Newsboys reach number 4 on the mainstream charts for a debut and get nothing."

Jeff-thank you. This is exactly what we're all talking about. And, Newsboys happens to be my fave (have been since Not Ashamed) band. I think the fans & patrons of these CCM corps should flood the execs inbox with mail until it crashes from being overloaded. They certainly have their heads & ears up somewhere.

The Doves have become a huge sham joke. Almost as much as the Grammys (although I am ever thankful for the fact that the chick Justine Bieber from the Northern US didn't get anything that night)!

27. Michael said...

To: And ... said

Dude, chill man. These people are still your brothers and sisters. How about extending them the same grace that Jesus extended you. And BTW, although her music is not my fave, Natalie Grant is my cousin. So relax!

28. And... said...

Mike-Hi, how ya doing? That's cool she's your cuz & all, but I think you missed the point. I was merely addressing how these suits are disconnected with their patrons (us) know. The ones that are providing their fat cat salaries for their comfortable lifestyles.

I was not attacking your cuz as a person or believer (tho' I find it hi-larious that you agree with myself & almost everyone on here that her material is saccharine(sp)). I will say that she does seem to be a bit disconnected & unrelateable from people when she carries herself. That is understandable because she is an artist (& that personality trait comes along with being an artist, I know this).

As far as extending grace to them? That didn't even make sense. Seriously, read that sentence you just typed & you'll realize that it makes absiolutely NO sense at all.

I'm with these folks here. Over the past 2 decades SOO many great artists bands & worship leaders have been shafted (i.e. Delirious?, Dave Hunt, Thousand Ft Krutch, Five Iron Frenzy, Relient k, Charlie Hall, Kutless just to name a very small few). It's a sham. A jyp.

29. Ryan said...


Chill. Bro the idea of extending grace to someone is all about, "Judge not lest ye be judged!" Now shoot I know that sometimes I can be overly cynical. Even on this blog I probably said some things that weren't the best. I'm not saying you can't have your opinion and critique of things but make sure it's constructive. I'm praying my cynicism would decrease in my life... These people have given their lives up for this. They go on tours and have to leave their families and it's not peaches and cream - not to mention, they worship the same God we do. Matt 7:3 is something we all need to remind ourselves of.

30. Darius said...

lol @ "tramp stamp"

Surprised casting crowns didn't win the podium this year. lol But honestly, I think we're all winners. Even the ccm radio.

What's funny is that switchfoot didn't win anything here, but they won the ENTIRE christian music in general (or something stupid like that) category at the Grammys.

Michael: Is Natalie Grant literally your cousin? If so, just let her know that her cd "Awaken" changed my life :)

31. Simon Abraham said...

Wow...what a surprise that Lola Godheld has been voted the best Urban Recorded Song of the Year.

Lola clearly will be a massive name in the coming year / years.


32. HolyMoley said...

Casting Crowns is managed by Proper Management and Natalie Grant is married to Bernie Herms who produces and writes, not manages.

33. Micah said...

Ben Kasica (formerly of Skillet) mentioned wanting to start a people's choice awards next year. I hope he was serious. I'd back it 100%.

It's about time some underrated artists got the respect they deserve.

34. Ashley said...

I'm definitely more of a fan of the rock/hip hop music as opposed to the contemporary stuff, but you cannot deny the impact some of these AC artists have made in people's lives. (Case in point: Darius, whose life was changed by Natalie Grant.) Whether Casting Crowns or Natalie Grant are your cup of tea or not, whether they play your preferred style of music or not, whether their music has enough depth and originality or not, the fact is they are impacting the kingdom of God. Let's not bash them just because it's not our style. There are lots of people who would bash Group 1 Crew and say their music is bubble gum pop and has no spiritual depth or whatever, but people like me who prefer that style can see how the music has changed me, so we must be able to open our eyes to the fact that AC artists are doing the same thing.

35. Jeff said...

I do not bash Casting Crowns or others I do not care for. What I get upset is the fact that Casting Crowns has more dove awards than Skillet, Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Supertones and Relient K combined. I am just saying spread the love around. From 2006-2009 Casting Crowns was group of the year. and then won artist in 2010. If you seriously think they were the best group in Christian music for 5 years then you need to listen to other bands. One year is great, two is fine I will give a group that but after that it gets absurd.

36. Five Iron Crowder said...

Yes for David Crowder*Band winning short form music video! That video owns all other videos! Or at least, it's equivelant to FIF's A Flowery Song Video...

I'm stoked to hear about their new projects too!

37. John said...

Jeff -- you make excellent points. I don't like CC at all, but the fact they won Group of the Year for four years in a row and then Artist of the Year is just silliness. It's almost like saying there was no other artist of merit besides them in those 4 years. (which is about as insulting as an artist winning a song of the year in the main or a sub category for a song many years old that maybe just went to radio... what about the other artists who released NEW art that year?? crazy)

38. James said...

Lame... Just, lame. :P

39. xrebeccax said...

Congrats to all the winners. I'm glad RED got something (fave band of mine), although Start Again is not (IMO) one of their best songs at all.
To be honest, I'm pretty frustrated with the Doves... It's the same every year :\ Same genres, same artists over and over... which isn't wrong or anything, just repetitive... It almost seems so "safe-played." I would love to see a different sort of awards show that have a broader spectrum of genres and artists.

40. Jared said...

Why isn't there an award for best screamo artist or album?

41. Mari said...

Is there any music promoter somewhere out there with courage and boldness that will finally give Ivoryline's Vessels album the recognition it deserves for taking a truthful stand about mankinds depravity and sin and the need for true repentance,restoration and Holy Spirit Fire! From Genesis to Revelation it all points to the only way to Father God and Heaven found in Jesus. Read the "Road to Emmaus" in Luke 24:25-32. Happy Resurrection

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