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06. Time

Don't Wait
by Adie

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Jesus my heart belongs to you
But I feel like I failed to be all that Iíve wanted to
So here I am
With not much to give to you

I wonít waste this time
Iím coming back to you
I wonít waste this time
And Iím on my knees
I wonít waste this time
I wonít - I need
I wonít waste this time

Jesus Iím lifeless far from you
Forgive me for waiting
To believe in the grace youíve offered me
Iím surrendered
And here I am with not much to give to you

A rush of words too small to thank you
But Iíve been so consumed by your unending love
How do I even begin to repay
My life is yours

Produced and MIxed by Adam Watts & Andy Dodd; Written by Jeremy Camp, Adie Camp & Jean-Luc Lajoie; Adie Camp Ė vocals; Andy Dodd - guitar; Adam Watts - drums


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