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02. Your Day

Speak To Me
by Geoff Moore


I love the morning
And how it brings
New beginnings to so many things
And I love the way the fear is made to let me go
When the bright light takes its hold

I love the sunrise
And the moving light
Chasing the darkness
Pushing back the night
And once again I know that I am living proof
That every morning it’s true
All your mercies are new

This is Your day
I’m going Your way
I can hardly wait to see
What You have in store for me today

Oh I can worry
I can pace and fret
Sweating the details of what’s ahead
But in the learning I am letting go to you
And rediscovering it’s true
Even today, Your mercies are new


If I find victory or pain
If it’s in sunshine or driving rain
I will trust you and do the next thing

By Geoff Moore and Joel Hanson

Behind the Song:
"This song has a great story. Joel Hanson and I were writing a couple years back, and we wrote a piece of music that I had never used. When I began working on the album, I wanted to listen to it again. We had been writing outside in a park up on Nashville’s Natchez Trace parkway at the time and all I had was a cassette recorder. So, two years later, I found the cassette in a box and put it in the player and the tape deck completely ate the tape. I threw it away and called Joel to see if he had another copy. Not only didn’t he have a copy, but neither of us could remember one note of what we had written. I dug the tape out of the trash and, after looking all over town, I found an old cassette that matched the broken one. I spliced the tape together with scotch tape and was able to get one play out of it, enough to make a copy. That became the music for “Your Day.” Some of the people whose faith journey I admire the most all have something in common. They live expectantly. I’m trying to do that. Looking at each day as a new beginning and looking for what God is up to and wanting to be a part of it. I stole a line from Oswald Chambers that I love. When faced with uncertainty and unsure what to do next, he encourages us to “trust God and do the next thing.”" - Geoff Moore




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