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The JFH team is currently hiring review writeres interested in covering worship, gospel, and underground hip-hop! Space Space
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Jesus freak Hideout

Now Hiring

JFH is looking for some fresh new talent to add to our writing staff!
Keep in mind, it IS volunteer work, but if you're interested, read on!

We are currently ONLY looking for people who would be comfortable reviewing worship, gospel or underground hip hop.


  • Strong writing ability, preferably with music critiquing experience
  • Solid understanding of grammar and punctuation
  • Critical mindset
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Team player

    Application Process

    1. Choose a worship, gospel, or underground hip-hop album we have not already covered
    2. Write a reader review
    3. Submit your review at the link below (deadline to submit is January 27th, 2018)
    *If you have questions regarding the eligibility of an album or would like suggestions for albums to review, please e-mail Christopher Smith using the JFH Contact Form


    "Almost five years ago, I did something crazy. I sent an email to John DiBiase asking what it would take to write for the website. I thought this was crazy because I was just an ordinary college student with no noteworthy writing background, no musical credentials, very limited musical ability, and no training in criticism. I just liked listening to music. But it turns out that was enough! And to this day, that was one of the best decisions I ever made." - Mark Rice.

    "Before I joined the JFH team, I never thought I had any writing ability, other than just your everyday English skills. I soon found out I was wrong, and now I've had the pleasure of writing nice words about great bands, introducing people to new artists they hadn't heard of, and doing it online for all the world to see. Plus, getting free review copies is a nice little perk as well!" - Scott Fryberger

    "Like several others on staff at JesusFreakHideout, I had no formal writing background before I joined the team. I was just a guy who enjoyed posting reviews of my favorite Christian albums on Amazon when John DiBiase saw something in my writing and asked if I'd like to write for JFH. Writing countless reviews over the past three years, getting to know the rest of the JFH team, and participating in the logistical and nonsensical shenanigans that go on behind the scenes of this site has been a really fun experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. If you want to be a part of a great online community, get your favorite music weeks (sometimes months) in advance, and share your love for your favorite artists with hundreds of thousands of people--you don't have a better opportunity than right here and right now." - Christopher Smith

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