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JFH Independent Review Index

In 2008, relaunched coverage of the independent music scene with special emphasis placed on the most worthwhile up-and-comings and unsigned artists featured with "Spotlight" reviews. Below is the growing list of standout independent releases.

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Artist / Album Title Style Spotlight


A Hill To Die Upon..
   The Black Nativity, 2023 Christmas / Death Metal
Indie Spotlight
A Rose By Any Other Name..
   One For My Master and One For My Dame, 2010 Indie
Indie Spotlight
A Rotterdam November..
   A Rotterdam November, 2008 Rock / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Acclaim..
   The Time Is Now EP, 2010 Rock / Worship
Acoustic Truth..
   Impact, 2017 Pop / Folk
Wilder Adkins..
   In This Pilgrim Way, 2019 Folk / Hymns
Indie Spotlight
Shannon Adducci..
   Loved, 2023 Worship
Matt Adler..
   Collective Worship, 2020 Worship
   Stages, 2014 Indie Rock / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Adoration Music..
   Floor of Heaven EP, 2023 Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Do You Love Me? (Regressing) - Single, 2021 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
After The Chase..
   You Are My Child, 2011 Folk / Pop
Scott Aitken..
   All That You Need, 2020 Pop Rock / Worship
Jerry Akin..
   JavaBird, 2014 Folk-Rock
Pelumi Akintade..
   Beautiful Grace EP, 2020 Pop / Inspirational / Indie Folk / Soul
Indie Spotlight
   Vinedresser - Single, 2023 Metal
Indie Spotlight
Andrew Michael Akins..
   Parables, 2023 Americana / Country / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Let the Thief Make Honest Work With His Hands, 2020 Americana
Indie Spotlight
   Whatever Happened to Good TV?, 2008 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
   Gypsy Heart, 2016 Folk Rock / Country
Indie Spotlight
   Red Opus .45 EP, 2011 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
All Above North..
   How Great It Is To Be Broken, 2017 Rock
All That Is..
   What King Is This? EP, 2016 Folk-Rock
Curtis Alley..
   Those Lovely Intangibles EP, 2016 Instrumental
   6oh!, 2015 Rock & Roll / Contemporary
   Curse of the Reasonably Comfortable Chair, 2010 Country / Southern Rock / Pop
   Deny Thyself, 2023 Metal
Indie Spotlight
   Assemble Dismantle Repair EP, 2012 Rock / Metal
Indie Spotlight
The American Hotel System..
   Can You Hear It? EP, 2023 Alternative / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Amid The Crash..
   Amid The Crash EP, 2008 Rock
Indie Spotlight
   The Transition EP, 2013 Hip Hop / Pop
Indie Spotlight
An Epic, No Less..
   We Are The Echo of Love, 2010 Electro Pop
PJ Anderson..
   Rise, 2014 Pop / Country / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Asher Ang..
   Throne, 2023 Rock
Indie Spotlight
Joseph Angel..
   All Of Our Praise, 2021 Praise & Worship
   Alive, 2014 Alternative Rock
Another Language..
   Shoulder to the Sun, 2017 Funk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Andrew Marshall & Sixth Hour..
   Maybe This Time, 2018 Country
Andy's Messianic Music..
   Blessed Unseen Guest, 2015 Christian Messianic / Folk
   Closer Than A Brother, 2015 Christian Messianic / Folk
   All Our Achilles Heels, 2017 Acoustic / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Keep The Change, 2001 Parody / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Arcadian Wild..
   Welcome, 2023 Folk / Bluegrass
Indie Spotlight
   Principium EP, 2021 Folk / Bluegrass
Indie Spotlight
   Finch in the Pantry, 2019 Folk / Bluegrass
Indie Spotlight
   Anchor EP, 2017 Folk
The Arctic..
   Reverberate EP, 2017 Worship / Folk Rock
Taylor Holland Armstrong..
   Paradise - Single, 2024 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Army of Bones..
   Army of Bones, 2017 Brit Pop
Indie Spotlight
Arrows and Sound..
   Arrows and Sound, 2013 Indie / Indie Rock / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
Ascend the Soul..
   You Lifted Me Up - Single, 2021 Alternative Metal
   The Art Of Faith, 2021 Alternative Metal
   Leap Of Faith - Single, 2021 Alternative Metal
The Ashamed & Shunned..
   Oh My, That LoFi Gospel Gab!, 2020 Hip Hop / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   Walking Contradiction EP, 2019 Hip Hop / Alternative
   Kill Your Coward, 2017 Hip Hop / Alternative
At The Threshold..
   At The Threshold, 2014 Worship
At the Wayside..
   The Breakdown and the Fall, 2017 Pop Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jimmy Atkins..
   The Pen & The Page, 2015 Singer / Songwriter
Gianluca John Attanasio..
   Beyond 2 Doors, 2020 Blues / Psychedelic Rock
   Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth EP, 2009 Southern Metal
Indie Spotlight
   [Second To None], 2015 Worship
(the autumn)..
   Sessions, Volume 1 EP, 2019 Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Unto Us - Single, 2019 Worship
   Glorious Light, 2017 Worship
Avery Road..
   Another Song, 2016 Country / Pop / Rock
Awaken, North Wind!..
   Doubt, 2009 Ambient / Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Awaken The Hero..
   Louder Than My Doubt, 2016 Contemporary / Pop
   Reveal, 2009 Rock


Bad Naps..
   I A M A W O L F, 2023 Screamo
Indie Spotlight
Dave Bainbridge..
   To The Far Away, 2021 Progressive Rock
Indie Spotlight
John Ball..
   By Declaration and the Death, 2016 Indie / Americana
Indie Spotlight
   John Ball EP, 2013 Indie / Americana
Indie Spotlight
   Found Among The Broken EP, 2010 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Babylon Mystery Orchestra..
   The Godless, The Godforsaken..., 2010 Gothic Metal
Kell Bailey..
   Evidence, 2023 R&B / Gospel
Nathan Bankhead..
   Worship With Your Headphones On, 2018 Worship / Gospel
Alan Barrington..
   The Songwriter's Faith, 2020 Singer/Songwriter / Contemporary
Bassline Worship..
   Critical Days in Human History - Single, 2023 EDM / Worship
Lauren Béa..
   Wildflower, 2018 Pop / Dance / AC
The Beautiful Discord..
   Refuge, 2014 Pop Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
The Beautiful Gate..
   We All Need Jesus, 2014 Acoustic Pop
Indie Spotlight
Behold The Dawn..
   This Is Between Me and God Remetaled, 2021 Metal
   Oh God What Have I Done, 2018 Hard Rock
The Bell Jar..
   I Infest, Therefore I Am, 2018 Industrial / Electronic / Punk
Indie Spotlight
Bella Vita..
   Flight Patterns EP, 2010 Indie / Folk Rock
Indie Spotlight
   The Being Human Project...Start Listening EP, 2010 Pop Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Roland Dale Benedict..
   Gregorian Rock, 2013 Rock / Gregorian Rock
Michael Bennett..
   In Your Presence EP, 2017 Worship
Chris Bernstorf..
   Move, 2012 Spoken Word
Best Foot Back..
   Best Foot Back, 2017 Pop Rock
The Bible Choir..
   The Selah Prophecies, 2020 Opera / Classical
MJ Birch..
   Great is Your Name O God, 2023 Indie / Alternative / Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Great is Your Name O God - Single, 2022 Indie / Alternative / Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Birds of Accord..
   A View of The World, 2023 Indie / Alternative / Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Birdsongs..
   The Journey, Act II: The War, 2019 Contemporary Pop / Alternative
Ryan and Michelle Black..
   Our Dwelling Place, 2018 Worship
   Halos - Single, 2023 Hard Rock / Metal
Indie Spotlight
Blane Dunnam and Candice Emerson..
   Inheritance, 2018 Worship
   Rag3 Tim3, 2014 EDM
Blank Books..
   EP1, 2017 Rock / Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Barry Blaze..
   Patiently Waiting, 2007 Pop / Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Isaiah Blickenstaff..
   Beauty and Chaos, 2020 Singer/Songwriter / Indie
Ron Block & Jeff Taylor..
   Trouble Go Down, 2016 Bluegrass / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Blood and Water..
   In Character, 2010 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
Blue Fire Horizon..
   Disease, 2023 Metal
Indie Spotlight
Boiling Point..
   Take Courage EP, 2017 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   More, 2014 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jermaine Bollinger..
   Is Anybody Listening? EP, 2017 Worship / Power Pop / Alternative
   The Great Unknown, 2016 Worship / Power Pop / Alternative
Tina Boonstra..
   City of Doubt EP, 2020 Indie / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   My Concrete Heart EP, 2018 Folk Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Bootleggers Music Group..
   J.E.S.U.S. - Single, 2022 Blues
Cristabelle Braden..
   Hope Survives, 2017 Pop
Brad + Rebekah..
   Sound of Heaven, 2018 Worship
Brandon Michael Williams & Seth Andrew Hecox..
   All Folked Up, 2012 Folk / Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
   Hope For Love, 2014 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Loving Rescue EP, 2011 Pop Rock
David Britton..
   The Storm (Deluxe Edition), 2019 Rock / Opera
Indie Spotlight
   The Woods Will End You, 2022 Metalcore / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Worldwide Desolation, 2021 Metalcore / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Bryan Brown..
   Shine, 2008 Worship / Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Cooper Brown..
   Venture, 2010 Rock / Acoustic Rock
Sherree Brown..
   First Fruit, 2009 Pop / R&B
Roland Bühlmann..
   Dubnos, 2020 Progrock
Brian Bulger..
   Nine of Ten, 2019 Folk
Indie Spotlight


   To The Ends Of The World EP, 2012 Indie Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   CALLED, 2022 Pop/Rock / Rock
Calling Out Closer..
   Stars and Broken Hearts, 2008 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jason Cameron..
   Guilt and Grace EP, 2019 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Corrin Campbell..
   Game Night, 2009 Pop / Rock
   Exhibit A, 2008 Pop / Rock
Jervis Campbell..
   Onward and Upward, 2021 Pop / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Cannot Be Contained..
   Found EP, 2013 Pop / Rock / Worship
Canopy Climbers..
   Distances, 2011 Alternative / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
Canyon Worship..
   Canyon Worship 2019, 2019 Worship / Pop
Wayne Caparas..
   Gospel Project, 2008 Gospel
Indie Spotlight
Greg Capozzi..
   Show Me The Way, 2006 Piano Pop
Matt Case..
   Without Christmas EP, 2021 Acoustic Pop / Christmas
   If You Need Me EP, 2019 Pop / Singer/Songwriter
Whitlee Casey..
   Dream, 2019 Contemporary Pop
   Alive In You Tonight (Single), 2014 Folk Pop
Indie Spotlight
Jeremy Casella..
   Spirit, 2019 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Celestial Heights..
   The Cosmos, 2013 Electronic
The Chairman Dances..
   The Strength of Your Arm, 2021 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Child of My Sorrow, 2018 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Charming to the Last..
   Steady as She Goes - EP, 2023 Rock / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Ordinary Miracles - Single, 2023 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   A Single Spark, 2022 Pop / Punk / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   It's the Little Things, 2020 Pop / Punk / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   Trying To Hold Together EP, 2023 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
   Deep EP, 2018 Worship / Pop
Indie Spotlight
AJ Cheek..
   The Art Of Letting Go EP, 2010 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Jillienne Cherie..
   Streams in the Desert, 2015 Vocal Jazz Worship
Children of Wrath..
   No Flesh Spared, 2017 Death Metal / Black Metal
Chives McAlister..
   Refrigerator Worthy EP, 2023 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
   Sparrow EP, 2018 Pop
Circle of Faith..
   Always, 2014 Contemporary / Jesus Music
Circle of One..
   Shatter the Individual EP, 2015 Rock
   Part of the Plan EP, 2014 Rock
Citizen Aim..
   A Music Manifesto, 2011 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
City Psalms..
   City Psalms Four, 2020 Worship
   citylovemusic EP, 2017 Worship
   You've Got the Fire EP, 2015 Pop / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Myke Clements..
   The Layover, 2017 Pop Rock
   Deeper Water, 2023 Progressive Metalcore
Indie Spotlight
The Cloud..
   Schism EP, 2011 Electronic Rock / Electronic Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Bloom, 2017 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   We Sing Joy EP, 2014 Pop Rock / Christmas
   Patterns, 2013 Pop Rock / Contemporary
Coal Country..
   Lay My Crown, 2010 Bluegrass / Country Gospel
Paul and Noreen Coca..
   Street Songs, 2007 Gospel / Folk
Aubi Colescott..
   Anthems & Arrows, 2017 Pop / Contemporary
Suave Colione..
   It Takes A Village, 2020 Hip Hop / Rap
Indie Spotlight
Company of Saints..
   Programmer EP, 2017 Electronic / Worship
   Face To Face, 2017 Electronic / Worship
   The Fight, 2010 Pop Rock
Compliments Of Gus..
   Seasoned, 2009 Pop Rock / Christmas
Kelly Condron..
   Brick By Brick EP, 2016 Pop
   A Very Copperlily Christmas, 2015 Christmas / Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Copperlily, 2015 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   The Beautiful Unseen EP, 2014 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Love Is A Legend EP, 2014 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Gonna Leave - Single, 2023 Country / Pop
The Corner Room..
   Remember and Proclaim: Scripture Songs for Little Ones, 2020 Worship / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   With His Wounds We Are Healed (Isaiah 53), 2019 Worship / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Psalm Songs, Vol. 2, 2016 Worship / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   What Great Mystery EP, 2016 Worship / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Psalm Songs, Vol. 1, 2016 Worship / Folk
Indie Spotlight
daniel couper..
   Bienvenu, 2017 Singer/Songwriter / Folk / Folk Rock
Indie Spotlight
   What Words Will Do, 2012 Rock / Grunge / Nu Metal
Phil Craig..
   Jesus Has Conquered (Confidence) - Single, 2022 Worship
Jimi Cravity..
   Surrender (Single), 2015 Worship
Critical Mass..
   Christmas is Real, 2023 Christmas / Rock / Jazz / Pop
   Serenity, 2021 Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Crossing Crew..
   Child Faith, 2019 Contemporary Pop / Alternative
   A Cure for Gravity EP, 2018 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Clare Cunningham..
   Helping Hand, 2023 Worship / Country / Indie
Indie Spotlight
David Curtis..
   Arrows EP, 2022 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Katie Curtis..
   A Song To Sing In The Dark, 2022 Singer/Songwriter / Rock
Joseph Cutshall..
   Stay Close, 2023 Folk Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Circus World Event: The Ringleader, 2009 Hip Hop / Rap


Dabster Gentlemen..
   Death or Life, 2018 Folk / World / Jazz
JT Daly..
   Memory, 2012 Indie / Alternative / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
   For Mama Mac, 2024 Hip Hop / Rap
   Journey EP, 2016 Hip Hop / Rap
Benjamin Daniel..
   Shelterheart, 2021 Folk / Indie Rock / Singer-Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
   Shaping Season, Volume 1, 2020 Folk / Indie Rock / Singer-Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
Kevin Danzig..
   Loud and Clear, 2011 Americana / Southern Rock
Amanda Danziger..
   Seasons EP, 2022 Indie/Alt Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Refining Fire - Single, 2022 Indie/Alt Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Prison Walls - Single, 2022 Indie/Alt Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Vindicate - Single, 2022 Indie/Alt Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Don't Look Back - Single, 2021 Indie/Alt Worship
Indie Spotlight
   How Long - Single, 2021 Indie/Alt Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Intercede - Single, 2021 Indie/Alt Worship
   The Only - Single, 2020 Indie/Alt Worship
Aaron David..
   This Is Me, 2011 Pop Rock
Daniel David..
   Unrest EP, 2023 Alt Rock
Indie Spotlight
David Layser & October Wedding..
   Sabbath EP, 2016 Acoustic / Worship / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Jon Davidson..
   Hymn, 2016 Hymns / Pop / Electropop
Derri Daugherty..
   The Color of Dreams, 2018 Alternative Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Testimony of Chase Caffey, 2022 Pop / Hip Hop / EDM
Indie Spotlight
Dawson Samuel and J Taylor..
   The Odyssey - EP, 2020 Hip Hop / Rap / Pop
Day Seven..
   Decisions, 2011 Rock
Holly Dayle..
   Joy Changes Things - Single, 2023 Pop
Daylight Worship..
   We are Weak//He Is Strong, 2011 Worship
   Behold The King EP, 2009 Worship
Dearest Brother..
   My Hunter (Acoustic EP), 2012 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Dead to the World EP, 2023 Punk / Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Deep Valleys..
   Goldhaven, 2019 Alternative Rock / Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
Paul Demer..
   Canvas of Sky, 2014 Pop Rock / Alternative
Shawn P. Derritt..
   Thank You, 2009 Contemporary / Worship
   Someone Like Me, 2008 Jazz / Worship
   A Theory of Rest & Relativity - EP, 2019 Folk Pop
Indie Spotlight
   It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Single, 2023 Christmas / Melodic Death Metal
Indie Spotlight
   Splendour - Single, 2021 Progressive Melo-Death Metal
Indie Spotlight
   Scalene, 2011 Indie / Rock / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
   The Aesthetics of Violence, 2007 Indie / Rock / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
The Digital Age..
   Rehearsals EP, 2012 Worship / Experimental
Indie Spotlight
Digital Aura..
   Digital Aura, 2007 Electronic
Digital Exile..
   Subtlety, 2013 Progressive Rock
Dime Store Heist..
   How To Program A VCR, 2010 Ska
   Volume 1, 2016 Rock / Metal
Indie Spotlight
   Dire EP, 2013 Rock / Metal
Indie Spotlight
Distant Haze..
   Lost Time, 2021 Rock / Hard Rock / Metal / Blues
DJ FreeG..
   Change, 2010 Dance / Hip Hop
Doom Tiger..
   Phoscoria, 2016 Death Metal
   The Grippe, 2015 Death Metal
   Ospheria, 2015 Death Metal
   A Very Mass Market Christmas EP, 2014 Christmas / Death Metal
   Pelagia, 2014 Death Metal
   Mass Market Media for the Masses EP, 2014 Drone Metal / Death Metal
   EP, 2013 Death Metal
   Whispers of Pain EP, 2023 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
Doug Shea & the Circle of Quiet..
   Where Truth Meets Grace, 2016 Rock
   Wayward & Home (Part 2) - EP, 2023 Folk Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Wayward & Home (Part 1) - EP, 2021 Folk Pop
Indie Spotlight
Dreaded Dale..
   Wormwood - Single, 2022 Metalcore / Deathcore
Indie Spotlight
Tim Drisdelle..
   Depths EP, 2017 Pop / Pop Rock
   Heights EP, 2016 Pop / Pop Rock
   littleONESs EP, 2010 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Drum Dynasty..
   Drum Dynasty, 2009 Instrumental Drums
Megan Duke..
   Heart on Fire, 2020 Praise & Worship / Pop
Indie Spotlight
Breanne Düren..
   Sparks EP, 2011 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Drum Dynasty, 2023 Blues / Rock
   Breathe - Single, 2022 Blues / Rock
Indie Spotlight


   Who I Am - Single, 2017 Electro-Pop
Earnest A..
   From Father To Son, 2017 Hip Hop
Luke Easter..
   The Pop Disaster, 2018 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Not Alone EP, 2017 Pop Rock
   Kingdoms EP, 2016 Pop Rock
Jillian Edwards..
   Meadow EP, 2020 Acoustic / Indie
Indie Spotlight
Josh Egan..
   Scatterbrain (Single), 2015 Pop / Pop-Rock / Acoustic Pop
El McMeen & Ed Maina..
   Frets and Reeds: Gospel Style!, 2022 Instrumental Gospel
Indie Spotlight
Elephant Watchtower..
   Dust - Single, 2022 Metal
Indie Spotlight
Keith Elgin..
   Keith Elgin EP, 2011 Modern Worship
   360:God, 2009 Modern Worship
Carli Elizabeth..
   Blessed Redeemer - Single, 2018 Indie Pop / Worship
John Ellis..
   Growing Silent, 2017 Worship
Indie Spotlight
the | Dave Ellis..
   To Whom It May Concern/Yours Faithfully, 2014 Rap / Hip Hop / R&B
   El3vate, 2023 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Beautiful Rejection, 2021 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Broken Narrative, 2020 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Boom Bap Soul, 2019 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   R2.0 Let's Continue, 2017 Rap / Hip Hop
Trailand Eltzroth..
   For My Friends and Family, 2024 Folk / Singer-Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
The Embers..
   Sundays EP, 2010 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Embers in Ashes..
   Killers and Thieves, 2014 Rock
The Emberlight..
   Don't You Love It EP, 2007 Pop Rock
Empty Atlas..
   Kairos, 2020 Alternative / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Josh Engler..
   It's a Wonderful Life - EP, 2019 Pop / Dance
Indie Spotlight
   Kingdoms, 2018 Pop Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Epic Season..
   New Lands, 2014 Alternative
Indie Spotlight
ER (Ergo Rex)..
   Winning The West EP, 2015 Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Breathe in the Roar, 2013 Rock
   The Risk of Tragedy, 2007 Rock / Pop Rock
Eric & Monique..
   Everlasting, 2015 Folk / Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
   Glory Slava - Single, 2022 Choral Folk Metal
Indie Spotlight
Jodi Essex..
   Conduit, 2020 Rock
   The War - EP, 2014 Alternative / Rock
Ethan Luck..
   Let It Burn, 2018 Reggae / Ska
Indie Spotlight
Ethan Luck and the Intruders..
   Ethan Luck and the Intruders, 2015 Punk / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Eternal Friends..
   Darkness Won't Prevail: Christmas, Vol. 1 - EP, 2020 Christmas
Indie Spotlight
   Between the Hills, 2018 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Even Oxen..
   The Goat Lamb of God EP, 2020 Experimental
   Arrayed Above The Seraphim Lights, 2016 Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   Even Oxen EP, 2015 Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Ever Eden..
   Illumine EP, 2020 Metalcore
Indie Spotlight
   Evergreen - EP, 2017 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Every Knee..
   Beautiful Things - Single, 2022 Worship
Exile & Eden..
   Love and Loss, 2023 Alternative / Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Exiting The Fall..
   Windchaser, 2013 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
   Parables EP, 2011 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
The Explanation..
   The Explanation, 2013 Rock / Dance / Electronic / Pop
Ezekiel Songs..
   Make Sure / Ezekiel Songs - EP, 2020 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight


Bill Fair..
   One Way Home - EP, 2016 Contemporary / Pop / Worship
Ryan Faison..
   Your Will in Me - Single, 2021 Worship / Gospel
Falcone Rising..
   Tableturner, 2021 Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter., 2011 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
False Idle..
   Hymns of Punk Rock Praise EP, 2010 Punk Rock / Hymns
Indie Spotlight
Farewell Teddy..
   The Ferris Wheel EP, 2015 Indie Folk
Indie Spotlight
Tommy Faulk..
   Come What May, 2018 Praise & Worship
Indie Spotlight
Sarah Felicia..
   Take Flight - EP, 2018 Contemporary / Folk / Pop
Felling Giants..
   Felling Giants EP, 2015 Alternative / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Melissa Fennell..
   You Find Me EP, 2022 Indie Worship
Indie Spotlight
   What You Don't Know, 2023 Indie Folk Rock
Indie Spotlight
Dan Ferrari..
   Unrepeatable, 2017 Pop / Worship
Fight the Fade..
   In Love. In Hope. In Peace., 2020 Rock / Alternative / Electronic Rock
Indie Spotlight
Final Surrender..
   Nothing But Void, 2017 Hardcore
John Finch..
   Wildfire, 2017 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Fire & Ivy..
   Eternity, 2016 Pop
Firma Collective..
   Songs for Every Soul, 2018 Worship
Jonathan & Jamie Fitt..
   Bloodlines, 2017 Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
   Into the Blue, 2015 Blues
Indie Spotlight
Five Smooth Stones..
   Beneath The Finite Sky, 2011 Rock
FKA Promise..
   Break Through - Single, 2021 Modern Worship / Art-Pop / CCM
   The Redemption E.P, 2020 Modern Worship / Art-Pop / CCM
Indie Spotlight
   New Revival EP, 2020 Modern Worship / Art-Pop / CCM
Indie Spotlight
Flagz da Bad Boy..
   Imitators, 2014 Hip Hop / Rap
Connor Flanagan..
   Skyscrapers, 2018 Hip Hop
   Portals: The B-Sides - EP, 2019 Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Flight Metaphor..
   Trapdoors & Ladders, 2008 Indie Rock
Flood the Stone..
   When The World's On Fire, 2015 Pop / Rock
Folarin & Keziah..
   Relentless, 2019 Gospel
Indie Spotlight
   Exiles EP, 2017 Indie / Acoustic Pop
Mark Fonseca..
   More of You - Single, 2024 Indie Pop / Worship / Singer-Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
   Light - Single, 2023 Indie Pop / Indie Rock / Folk / Singer-Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
Foolish Things..
   Even Now, 2008 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Forerunner..
   The Beginning of Sorrows (Split LP), 2024 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Former Ruins..
   No Creature Is Hidden, 2023 Indie / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Duane Forrest..
   The Climb, 2017 Indie / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
the Found and the Lost..
   the Found and the Lost, 2022 EDM
   Greenwave, 2016 Pop / New Wave
Indie Spotlight
The Foxglove Hunt..
   Built My Fortress EP, 2009 Synth-Pop / New Wave
Indie Spotlight
   Stop Heartbeat, 2008 Synth-Pop / New Wave
Indie Spotlight
Rachel Frecka..
   Rays Of Mercy, 2012 Folk / Worship / English / Russian
Free Daps..
   Dap the Halls, 2018 Christmas / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Wild Card EP, 2016 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Free Daps, 2013 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Life Is a Highway, 2006 Acoustic / Folk
Shanta Fuentes..
   Desert Rose EP, 2020 Pop / R&B / EDM
Fundamental Elements..
   This Moment EP, 2010 Pop Rock / Funk
Fury & Solace..
   For Our Sons, 2023 Post-Rock / Metal
Indie Spotlight
   The Glorious In-Between, 2023 Alternative Pop
Indie Spotlight


G3 Band..
   I Am Here, 2008 Piano Pop
Gable Price and Friends..
   If I'm Being Honest... EP, 2021 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Fractioned Heart, 2020 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jessica Johnson-Garcia..
   JJ+Garcia, 2018 Pop / Adult Contemporary / Inspirational
Josh Garrels..
   Chrysaline, 2019 Folk / Americana / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   The Light Came Down, 2016 Christmas / Folk / Americana / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Home, 2015 Folk / Americana / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Love & War & the Sea In Between, 2011 Folk / Americana / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Garrett Vandenberg & Katelynn Florke..
   Overwhelmed, 2016 Pop / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Brogan Gaskill..
   Appellation, 2020 Indie Folk
Indie Spotlight
Kristen Gilles..
   Parker's Mercy Brigade, 2014 Contemporary / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Brittany Glenn..
   Be Still - Single, 2020 Pop
Glorious Encounter..
   Your Presence, 2018 Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   The Shadows Left Me Alive, 2012 Indie / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
Glowing Moses..
   Event Horizon, 2021 Cosmic Rock
Indie Spotlight
   VI Unbelief EP, 2024 Post-Metal / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Sotl, 2011 Nu-Goth
Indie Spotlight
The Goldlilocks Enigma..
   March to Crumbling, 2020 Rock / Experimental
   Bread & Circuses, 2014 Experimental
Payton Goldston..
   Endure EP, 2020 R&B / Urban
Tom Golly..
   Not Going Back, 2016 Rock
Indie Spotlight
Gone Without Warning..
   Lay Your Life On Me, 2018 Rock
Indie Spotlight
Good Saint Nathanael..
   Hide No Truth, 2019 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Randall Goodgame..
   Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs: Volume 3, 2018 Children's
Indie Spotlight
   Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs: Volume 2, 2016 Children's
Indie Spotlight
Gracious Vine..
   Come and Sit For A While, 2015 Pop Rock / Blues Rock
Grandpa Loves Rhinos..
   Searching in the Sarchasm, 2020 Pop Punk / Alternative Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Gray Havens..
   Blue Flower, 2021 Folk / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Rest EP, 2020 Folk / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   She Waits, 2018 Folk / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Ghost of a King Live, 2017 Live / Acoustic / Folk / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Ghost of a King, 2016 Acoustic / Folk / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Fire and Stone, 2015 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Taelor Gray..
   The Mocker and The Monarch, 2015 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
The Great Transparency..
   Rebuild Your Love EP, 2011 Pop Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   If Worse Comes To Worst EP, 2008 Pop Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Andrew Greer..
   Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions, 2012 Acoustic / Folk / Bluegrass
Indie Spotlight
   Open Book, 2009 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Dalton Greiner..
   Set Sail EP, 2015 Worship
Lucy Grimble..
   Created To Worship: Live From London, 2017 Worship / Live
Indie Spotlight
The Grunions..
   Star Fish Prime, 2020 Jazz Fusion / Spy-core / Instrumental
Indie Spotlight
Andy Gullahorn..
   Fault Lines, 2016 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight


H&J Quintet..
   Reminisce, 2017 Brazilian Jazz
   Out of the Depths of Sheol - EP, 2023 Atmospheric Doom Metal
Indie Spotlight
J. Han..
   Tower Ivory, 2015 Hip-Hop
Danny Hallis..
   Rogue EP, 2016 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Hallowell, 2019 Indie / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Harbor & Home..
   Hold On To Love, 2020 Southern Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Kezia Harley..
   Letting Go - Single, 2021 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Devil's Poison EP, 2010 Rock
   HarvestBloom EP, 2009 Rock
Bradley Hathaway..
   A Thousand Angry Panthers EP, 2010 Indie
Indie Spotlight
   A Mouth Full of Dust, 2009 Indie
Indie Spotlight
Sam Hauge..
   Out of Isolation, 2023 Pop Punk / Easycore
Indie Spotlight
Haunted No More..
   Vol. 1, 2019 Easy Listening
The Hawk In Paris..
   Freaks (Single), 2012 Electronic Pop / Synth Pop
Indie Spotlight
Heart Like War..
   Thoughts On This EP, 2019 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
Hearts Of Palm..
   The Bridge E.P., 2008 Indie / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Paint EP, 2022 Indie Pop / Punk
   Made to Fly, 2021 Indie Pop / Punk
Hello Luna..
   Sweet and Deranged - Single, 2023 Rock / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
The Hero and a Monster..
   Drift + Wounds - Singles, 2023 Metal / Metalcore
Indie Spotlight
Jennifer Hildebrand..
   Soul in Paraphrase, 2015 Folk / Country
George Hillman..
   God Said - Single, 2021 R&B / Gospel
Brandon Hixson..
   Take Me to the River, 2023 AC / Contemporary
   Now and Then, 2020 AC / Contemporary
   Seasons, 2018 AC / Contemporary
David Hertweck..
   The Mendon House EP, 2012 Contemporary / Pop
Him + Her Worship..
   Beacon EP, 2019 Singer/Songwriter / Indie Folk
Steve Hodges..
   So I Can Love Her - Single, 2022 Country
Phillip Hogg..
   The Power Of Letting Go, 2010 Acoustic / Rock
Holden Days..
   Peregrine, 2021 Indie Pop
Indie Spotlight
Hollis Creek Revival..
   In the River, 2015 Pop / Rock / Bluegrass
Holy Hope..
   Longing for Home, 2019 Piano
Indie Spotlight
   Welcome To Breitenstein EP, 2021 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
   Derby City EP, 2020 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
Todd Hoover..
   The Whole Spirit: Redemption Songs, 2012 Folk / Indie
Hope Beyond Suffering..
   Hope Against Suffering, 2024 Symphonic Metal
   Forevermore EP, 2022 Symphonic Metal
   Hope Beyond Suffering, 2020 Alternative Rock
Hope Eternal..
   Hope Eternal EP, 2020 Worship / Chill
Hope Resounds..
   Let Hope Resound, 2017 Contemporary Pop
   Shipwrecked - Single, 2023 Alternative Pop / Rock
Horizon Music..
   Victory, 2017 Pop / Electronic / Worship
Hostyle Gospel..
   Immortal Combat, 2011 Hip Hop / Rap
   Hope and Desolation, 2021 Rock
Indie Spotlight
   This Is Life, 2013 Alternative Rock
House on Solid Rock..
   Revivify (Single), 2018 Indie Rock / Post-Punk, Alternative Rock
   Not Alone (Single), 2018 Alternative / Reggae
   Housefires III, 2016 Worship / Live
Indie Spotlight
Eileen Howard..
   Make Over, 2010 Jazz / Lounge
John Michael Howell..
   Inside My Mind, Vol. 1 EP, 2020 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Mirrorland, 2023 Dark Cinematic Pop
Indie Spotlight
Andrew Huang..
   Droop, 2012 Dubstep / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
   Love & Desolation, 2012 Pop / Electronic / 80s Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Schism, 2011 Hip Hop / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
Jonathan Hunt..
   See the Light EP, 2018 Pop Rock / Southern Pop Rock


   150.1 EP, 2020 Indie / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
I Am The Storm..
   Fight Musik, Vol. 1, 2018 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Notti Insonni (Sleepless Nights) - EP, 2014 Hip Hop
   Militent Revival, 2024 Rock
Indie Spotlight
In Dependence..
   Realidad Sin Fantasia/Reality Without Fantasy, 2012 Pop Rock / Latin Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
In The Arena..
   In The Arena EP, 2023 Post-Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
The Incandescent..
   Undiscovered EP, 2016 Indie Rock / Rock & Roll
Indie Spotlight
   Uprising, 2017 Worship / Alternative / Post-Rock
Indie Spotlight
Inner 29..
   Now and Again, Here - EP, 2019 Pop Punk


Jonathan Jackson..
   Even More EP, 2018 Pop / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Napalm, 2023 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Rick Lee James..
   As I Walk These Halls - Single, 2022 Country Gospel / Contemporary Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Thunder, 2019 Country Gospel / Contemporary Pop
Indie Spotlight
Nathan Jarrelle..
   Low Resolution, 2022 Hip Hop/Rap
   Beyond Your Reach, 2020 Hip Hop
Amy Jay..
   Awake Sleeper, 2022 Indie / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Bria Jean..
   Live At The Silo, 2022 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Jehu Riders..
   Awake O Sleeper, 2011 Hardcore
Jelani Aswad..
   The Revival Project, 2018 Gospel / R&B / Reggae
Antwan Jenkins..
   Victory - Single, 2020 Gospel / R&B
Reverend James Elmore Jenkins..
   Side B - EP, 2021 Folk
   Side A - EP, 2020 Folk
Stephen Jenks..
   Future Worship, 2015 Worship
Jenny & Tyler..
   Open Your Doors, 2012 Acoustic / Indie
Indie Spotlight
Jesus Army..
   The Journey, 2016 Worship
Ted Jiboye..
   Faithful, 2018 Worship / Gospel
Jimbo Rocko..
   Real Life Stories, 2012 Pop / Rock
   Future Sounds, 2010 Club / Electronica / R&B
John Chuck & the Class..
   Grow Up EP, 2016 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Johnny Anomaly..
   Whispers and Screams, 2017 Spoken Word
Shelly E. Johnson..
   Christmas is Beautiful, 2017 Christmas
Indie Spotlight
Brian Jones..
   Where I Belong, 2017 Rock / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Matthew Perryman Jones..
   The Waking Hours, 2018 Folk / Americana
Indie Spotlight
   King of the Nations, 2015 Christmas / Adult Contemporary
Indie Spotlight
Vanessa Jourdan..
   Beloved, Vol. 1 EP, 2010 Acoustic Pop
   Of Nothing, 2016 Thrash / Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Judah & the Lion..
   Pep Talks, 2019 Alt Rock
Indie Spotlight
Tim Juillet..
   Nazareth Man, 2023 Rock Opera
Indie Spotlight
Carmen Justice..
   Against The Odds EP, 2017 Pop
Indie Spotlight


   Pictures of Home EP, 2011 Rock
   Kat&Jared EP, 2017 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Kaylee + Erica..
   Creation's Song EP, 2018 Pop, Praise & Worship
   Sunshine for Rainy Days, 2019 Folk / Pop / Worship
Will Keizer..
   Angel in a Haunted House, 2020 Art Rock / Indie Rock
Rhona Kelley..
   Quite Contrary, 2010 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Kenaniah Band..
   I Say, 2022 Worship / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Caleb Russel Kennedy..
   You're Not Alone - EP, 2023 Alternative Rock
Gretchen Keskeys..
   Pure Hope, 2017 Contemporary
Greg Kester..
   No Faith In Fear, 2017 Alternative Rock
Indie Spotlight
Tim Ketenjian..
   Unveiled, 2020 Piano Pop / Gospel
Indie Spotlight
Sophie Keye..
   Trinkets, 2021 AC / Pop / Inspirational
   Animal. House. EP, 2017 Hip Hop / Rap
Indie Spotlight
Ashlee Keyton..
   Trying To Hold On - Single, 2021 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Hanna Kim..
   Alone but Together - Single, 2022 Jazz / Instrumental
Indie Spotlight
Rod Kim..
   Tour 2010 EP, 2010 Piano Pop
Wendell Kimbrough..
   You Belong, 2023 Americana / Worship / Country
Indie Spotlight
Kindra in Christ..
   Naked and Unashamed (Single), 2020 Contemporary
Dave King..
   Listening Through The Night, 2010 Piano Pop Rock
Ross King..
   This Hope Will Guide Me, 2013 Pop / Folk
   Perhaps I've Said Too Much, 2007 Pop / Folk
Indie Spotlight
King's Collective..
   In Your Name - Single, 2022 Worship
Indie Spotlight
The King's People..
   Resting Place, 2022 Rock / CCM
Schuyler Kitchin..
   solstice, 2023 Folk / Indie
Indie Spotlight
Eric Kneifel..
   No Shadows, 2016 Praise & Worship
Ben Knight..
   The Santa Clause EP, 2018 Christmas / Nerdcore / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Lyrical Masterpieces EP, 2017 Nerdcore / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   I Don't Wanna Be A Gryffindor EP, 2017 Nerdcore / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Olly Knight..
   You Hold the World / Lockdown LP, 2020 Indie Pop
Knight 7..
   The Sword of the Spirit, 2014 Gospel / R&B
Luke Knodel..
   Progress Isn't a Straight Line, 2022 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Isaac Knox..
   Mile 1, 2020 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Knuckle Sucker..
   Alien Righteousness EP, 2020 Punk, Pop-Punk, Doxological Punk
Indie Spotlight
Tim Korry..
   Above the Snakeline, 2014 Alternative Rock
   Illuminate EP, 2012 Rock / Dubstep
Indie Spotlight


Greg LaFollette..
   I'll Wait For You, My Love, 2020 Worship
Lakeside Church..
   God Who Saves The World, 2010 Live Worship
Indie Spotlight
Mitch Langley..
   Avalanche of Hope EP, 2016 Contemporary / Worship
   Through It All EP, 2015 Contemporary / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Break These Walls Down, 2015 Contemporary / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Grace Defines Me, 2013 Contemporary / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Dale Larson..
   The King in the Cage, 2021 Rock
Natalie LaRue..
   Even Now EP, 2012 Indie / Piano / Worship
Indie Spotlight
The Lasting Hope..
   Feedback, 2018 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Leave a Light On, 2013 Rock / Modern Rock
Indie Spotlight
Ileen Laura..
   Sit Beside Me - Single, 2022 Pop / Dance
Indie Spotlight
   As You Pass, Go EP, 2017 Hip-Hop
Indie Spotlight
Leading Light..
   Heart, 2016 Worship / Rock
   Made For More (Single), 2016 Pop
Leaving September..
   Rock Paper Love EP, 2013 Indie Rock
HeeSun Lee..
   Flying Cars, 2019 Hip Hop / Rap
Indie Spotlight
Mark Lee..
   Unshakable Heart EP, 2018 Pop / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Lee Marie..
   All About Jesus - Single, 2021 Electro-Pop, Electronic Gospel
Indie Spotlight
Leem of Earth..
   Leem of Earth, 2022 Indie Rock / Shoegaze
Indie Spotlight
   Chapter Three EP, 2019 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Legend Ozora..
   Departing One EP, 2020 Indie / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Nathanael Leo..
   Reverie, 2023 Singer/Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
Taylor Leonhardt..
   Hold Still, 2021 Folk / Americana
Indie Spotlight
   Procession, 2023 Doom Metal / Post-Rock
Indie Spotlight
Less Than Greater Than..
   Monkey - Single, 2023 Rock / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   Undercover - Single, 2021 Rock / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   Let It Breathe EP, 2018 Rock / Alternative
Joshua Leventhal..
   All Ye Lepers, 2022 Pop Rock / Indie Pop
Indie Spotlight
   LION | LAMB EP, 2017 Pop Rock / Indie Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Bury EP, 2022 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Without You EP, 2020 Acoustic
   Better Than I Was Before You EP, 2019 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Vince Lichlyter..
   Helium Revisited EP, 2014 Folk Rock / Southern Rock / Alt Rock
Indie Spotlight
Life Church Music..
   Paradigms (Live), 2023 Live / Worship
   In Peace or Pieces, I'm Complete (Deluxe EP), 2022 Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Greater Things, 2016 Live / Worship
Life of Carter..
   Life of Carter EP, 2017 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Life UNLTD..
   Cloudbursts & Thunderclaps, 2020 Contemporary Worship / Live
Light the Way..
   Long Story Short, 2022 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
   Dad Gang EP, 2019 Pop Punk
   False Memory Syndrome, 2018 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
   Dude, Lame - EP, 2017 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
   Grace EP, 2017 Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
Line in the Sand..
   Line in the Sand EP, 2012 Pop / Pop Rock
   Being Empty: Being Filled, 2018 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Wooden Heart, 2010 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Little Wretches..
   Red Beets and Horseradish, 2022 Folk / Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Vernon Little..
   Words To Live By EP, 2020 Hip Hop
   A New Beginning, 2010 Hip Hop
Living Waters..
   Overflow, 2019 Contemporary
Martin Lloyd..
   Secret Place, 2017 Piano Rock
Indie Spotlight
David Lockard..
   Hope, 2016 Pop Rock
Loud Harp..
   Hope Where There Was None, 2017 Indie
Indie Spotlight
   No MoRE NiGHT, 2019 Rock / Worship
The Love Amendment..
   The Love Amendment, 2014 Indie / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Josh Lovelace..
   Josh Lovelace and Friends Present: Young Folk, 2017 Folk / Family / Childrens
Indie Spotlight
Tanya Low..
   So This is Freedom, 2022 Pop Rock / CCM
Indie Spotlight
John Lucas..
   Bible Belt Sessions: Volume 2, 2022 Indie / Singer Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
   We Walk In The Garden, 2019 Indie / Singer Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
   Live at the Grove, 2016 Worship / Live
Indie Spotlight
Luke Wareham & Rachel Mason..
   Whisper - EP, 2020 Pop / Worship
   LuminousCITY, 2014 Worship / Indie
Indie Spotlight
Brian Anthony Lynch..
   Blue Gospel Soul, 2022 Blues
Page Lynch..
   Remove Your Shoes, 2008 Pop / Worship
Stephen Lynerd..
   Steadfast Love, 2019 Jazz


Dan Macaulay..
   From You For You, 2012 Pop / Worship
   The Listening EP, 2009 Pop / Worship
   Play Loud, Preach Hard, 2012 Jam Band / Funk
Teressa Mahoney..
   Beyond, 2019 Pop / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Made New EP, 2017 Contemporary / Pop
   Burn the Boats, 2018 Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Make Sure..
   Make Sure / Ezekiel Songs - EP, 2020 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jelani Malik..
   Inside, 2022 Hip Hop / R&B
Manchild & Jaq..
   You Don't Know Jaq EP, 2010 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Tony Manfredonia..
   Anchored, 2023 Alternative / Cinematic
Indie Spotlight
Mangled Carpenter..
   Salvation Syndrome, 2023 Extreme Death Metal
Indie Spotlight
Heather Mangum..
   Heather Mangum EP, 2008 Worship
Eddy Mann..
   Chapel Songs, 2023 Worship
   Worship in Spirit and Truth, 2018 Folk / Americana
   The Consequence, 2016 Folk / Americana
Lauren Mann..
   Dearestly, 2016 Folk Pop
Indie Spotlight
Andrew Marcus..
   Constant, 2016 Worship
Shauna Marie..
   He Heals the Broken EP, 2014 Contemporary / Pop
Jason Marion..
   Waiting for Grace / Welcoming Grace, 2020 Pop / Rock
Marc Martel..
   My Way, Vol. 1 EP, 2018 Cover Songs / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   The First Noel EP, 2017 Christmas / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   The Silent Night EP, 2016 Christmas / Pop
Indie Spotlight
N D Martin..
   From Fear To Faith, 2023 Rock
Marvin & Gentry..
   Peace Revisited, 2020 Folk Rock / Classic Rock
Indie Spotlight
Chad Marvin..
   Faith Hope Love, Part 1, 2018 Worship / Pop Country
Indie Spotlight
Matthew James Mason..
   Refuge EP, 2018 Praise & Worship
Mast of Glorious..
   Jesus Ways - Single, 2018 Contemporary Pop / Rock
The Material..
   Everything I Want To Say, 2013 Rock
Indie Spotlight
Adrian Mathenia..
   The Hope of Christ - Single, 2021 Worship
Indie Spotlight
    RiseAnew, 2015 Folk Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Maywood, 2010 Pop Rock
Katelyn McCarter..
   Chasing The Wind EP, 2015 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Jaron Micah..
   Hold Fast EP, 2020 Acoustic / Singer Songwriter
Michael McClead..
   Michael McClead, 2008 Alternative
   Above All EP, 2017 Pop / Electronic / Worship
Andrew McLeod..
   Stargazer, 2017 Rock / Hard Rock / Metal
Sandra McCracken..
   Songs from the Valley, 2018 Indie / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Steadfast Live, 2017 Indie / Folk / Live
Indie Spotlight
   God's Highway, 2016 Indie / Folk / Hymns
Indie Spotlight
   In Feast Or Fallow, 2010 Indie / Folk / Hymns
Indie Spotlight
   Red Balloon, 2008 Indie / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Marcus & Jalyn McGill..
   Jericho - Single, 2021 Worship / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jameson McGregor..
   Wild One, 2016 Singer/Songwriter / Alternative Rock
Indie Spotlight
Leslie McKee..
   Another Mile, 2017 Pop Rock / Country
Matthew McMahon..
   Too Big To Fail EP, 2010 Southern Rock / Gospel
Stephen McWhirter..
   Grave Clothes EP, 2020 Worship / Pop
Richard Meals..
   From Today (Single), 2017 Contemporary / Pop Rock
Medical Morning..
   Ghost Riot, Volume 1 - EP, 2019 Shoegaze / Worship / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Mercy Worship..
   Search Party, 2016 Worship / Pop Rock
The Merry Shout..
   He Has Come (Single), 2017 Adult Contemporary / Christmas
Indie Spotlight
   In To Win, 2020 Classic Metal
Indie Spotlight
Miami Mass Choir..
   Live at the Adrienne Arsht Center, 2016 Live / Gospel / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Michael J Tinker..
   When There Are No Words, 2023 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Michael J Tinker & Tim Chester..
   Michael and the Topsy Turvy Kingdom, 2018 Kids
Indie Spotlight
Sean Michel..
   Electric Delta, 2011 Southern Rock
Indie Spotlight
Aryn Michelle..
   Last One Standing, 2011 Pop / Rock / Alternative
   Rise + Awaken EP, 2012 Modern Worship
Brett Lee Miller..
   Topography, 2018 Indie Worship
Indie Spotlight
Nicholas Miller..
   Bye and Bye - Single, 2023 Folk / Sing-Songwriter / Acoustic / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Stephen Miller..
   Behold, 2019 Worship / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   In God We Trust EP, 2016 Indie / Worship
   Liberating King, 2015 Indie / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Joshua Mills..
   Christmas Miracle, 2010 Christmas / Pop / Worship
Joe Miralles..
   Five EP, 2015 Pop Rock
   Under The Sun EP, 2012 Acoustic / Folk / Pop Rock
Joe Miralles Trio..
   Narrow Path EP, 2018 Pop Rock
The Mission..
   Go Fish - Single, 2023 Alternative / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Modern Day Cure..
   Promises EP, 2015 Worship
Modern Dissent..
   Rise Me Up With You, 2008 Alt Rock
Chris Moerman..
   Sounds Like Sunset, 2010 Worship
Mojo & The Info..
   Doctorate In Cold Rockin' It, 2008 Ska / Reggae / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Mojo & October Light..
   Everything Will Be Made Right, 2010 Ska / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Rachel Moore..
   Insanity (Single), 2017 Contemporary Pop
Dave Moran..
   Captured, 2009 Pop / Rock
More Than Rubies..
   More Than Rubies, 2013 Worship / Folk Pop
Indie Spotlight
   This Is Life, 2012 Pop Rock / Worship
   Prologue EP, 2021 Metalcore / Post Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Mountain Climer..
   I'm Not Enough & That's Okay, 2022 Pop Punk / Rock
Mouth of the South..
   Transparency, 2013 Metalcore
Mr & Mrs Something..
   Setting Sail, 2015 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Mud To Marble..
   Whose Are You? - EP, 2019 Worship / Alt Rock
Indie Spotlight
Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers..
   Somewhere Beyond the Blue, 2021 Gospel / Bluegrass
Indie Spotlight
Must Build Jacuzzi..
   Last Place, 2018 Ska / Skacore
Indie Spotlight
   Cold War, 2011 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
My Flesh Heart..
   My Flesh Heart EP, 2012 Acoutic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Where I'm Going, 2009 Acoutic / Folk
My Heart Lies..
   Love and Fear, 2018 Alternative / Pop Punk
My Heart's Cry..
   Prayer of the Saints EP, 2011 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight


Nai and J..
   Mountains & Valleys EP, 2020 Worship / Pop
Names Without Numbers..
   Greatest Hits 2021 - 2023, 2023 Rock / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   Silos & Smokestacks, 2019 Rock / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   NAMO, 2020 Indie Pop
Indie Spotlight
Narrow Path..
   NP, Vol. II: Long for Eden, 2016 Rock
   And Still, 2012 Pop Rock / Southern Rock
   Hollow - EP, 2024 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Sajan Nauriyal..
   Always Enough, 2017 Electronic / Pop / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Thank You God (Single), 2014 Hip Hop / R&B
Seth Nelsen..
   Victory, 2017 Worship
Aaron Newberry..
   Homewrecker EP, 2011 Indie / Rock / Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
   Of Your Hands, 2018 Praise & Worship
Brandee Nielsen..
   Believe, 2011 Pop / Alternative / Rock
NLC Worship..
   Our God and Our King, 2015 Worship
Indie Spotlight
The No Longer..
   INRI, 2014 Alternative / Rock Opera
   War Stories, 2011 Alternative / Rock / Funk
No Lost Cause..
   Take 2, 2022 Ska / Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   P.S. EP, 2019 Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   In Stereo - Split EP, 2017 Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Canopy, 2017 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Amanda Nolan..
   For Such A Time As This - Single, 2023 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   NOSTALGIA: The Third, 2021 Pop / Pop Rock
   In Spirit and Truth - Single, 2022 Worship / Celtic / Rock
The Nova Ray..
   Venison Beach, 2008 Ska / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Christoper Noyes..
   Grapheme EP, 2011 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jamie Nunnally..
   War Stories, 2012 Worship


Sam Ock & John Rhee..
   Laus Deo, 2014 Hymns
Indie Spotlight
October Light..
   Till the End, 2019 Ska
Indie Spotlight
Jonathan Ogden..
   Twenty Four, 2020 Indie / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
Spenser Olson..
   All Those Lies (feat. Allen Corrigan) - Single, 2023 Pop
Once By Fire..
   Goodbye Scarlet, 2014 Rock / Grunge
Indie Spotlight
One Breath..
   Days of the One True King, 2023 Rock / Worship
One Minute Halo..
   Places EP, 2008 Rock
One Way Home..
   Front Porch, 2016 Americana / Folk
   Jesus, 2012 Worship
Frankie Orella..
   Stages of Grief EP, 2020 Singer/Songwriter / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Robbie Oster..
   My King, 2008 Rock / Pop / Worship
Nathan Oswalt..
   Still Good - Single, 2023 Alternative / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Outrun - Single, 2023 Alternative / Pop
Indie Spotlight
Outside Worship..
   Here To Remember, 2020 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Ovation Worship..
   Ovation Worship (Live) EP, 2020 Worship / Live
Indie Spotlight
   In The Offing, 2013 Indie / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Dana Owusu..
   Paralyzed No More - Single, 2021 Hip Hop / Rock
   Lost in Familiar Places - EP, 2023 Post-Hardcore
Indie Spotlight


Page CXVI..
   Re-Hymns, 2012 Worship / Indie / Remix / Hymns
Indie Spotlight
John Mark Pantana..
   Love Secrets, 2019 Indie
Indie Spotlight
Panther City Riots..
   You Gotta Say Something, 2021 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Paper Candle..
   Paper Candle, 2011 Pop / Indie / Country
Indie Spotlight
Paper Horses..
   Paper Horses (Bandcamp Exclusive Deluxe EP), 2024 Americana / Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Mending, 2011 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Called To Mind, 2008 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Parrish EP, 2015 Indie Folk
Indie Spotlight
Nate Parrish..
   Soul Surgery, 2022 Rock / Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
   I'm a Wreck, 2020 Rock / Pop Punk
Indie Spotlight
Kurt Paul..
   Tales from the Cut Out Bin, 2020 Art Rock
Mike Pavelka..
   Life Is A Journey, 2012 Adult Contemporary / Worship / Southern Contemporary
Logan Peck..
   On and On, 2017 Pop Rock / Worship
Pen Pals..
   Gold EP, 2015 Acoustic / Folk
Indie Spotlight
People of Hope..
   Only You - Single, 2021 Worship
People of the Earth..
   In All Things, 2017 Pop / Worship
   UK Christian Punk Rock - EP, 2022 Punk / Rock
   Waiting - Single, 2019 Punk / Rock
   In Stereo - Split EP, 2017 Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Skye Peterson..
   Tell Me Again EP, 2018 Singer / Songwriter / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Dave Pettigrew..
   Faith and Gasoline, 2018 Contemporary / Pop / Southern Rock
Indie Spotlight
   The Walk EP, 2011 Contemporary / Pop
Joseph Pfeifer..
   Do You Hear What I Hear?, 2012 Christmas / Pop
   Playing With Fire, 2012 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Something Cold EP, 2012 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Do You Have Thanatophobia?, 2013 Progressive Rock
   Pilgrimsprog, 2010 Progressive Rock
Pipe Bomb..
   Stomp EP, 2024 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Jason Piquette..
   Dance Again, 2019 Indie / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Dave Pittman..
   Different Kind of Love, 2019 Pop / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Mark Pogue..
   Through the Fire, 2016 Rock / Classic Rock
Louise Pollok..
   I'll Be Your Bride, 2018 Worship
   Populis EP, 2015 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Drew Powell..
   There Will Be Surprises, 2022 Singer / Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
Elliott Powell..
   Songs of Ascent: Worship Songs Vol. 1, 2014 Worship
Gerard Powell..
   Island Style Christian Music, 2017 Island Music
Mac Powell..
   Mac Powell, 2012 Country / Southern Rock
Indie Spotlight
Mac Powell and The Family Reunion..
   December, 2018 Christmas / Country / Southern Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Mac Powell and The Family Reunion, 2018 Country / Southern Rock
Indie Spotlight
Mikey Powell..
   The Snowball Chronicles, Vol. 1: Symphony of Grace - EP, 2022 Alt Worship / Pop
Indie Spotlight
Wes Powell..
   Experience Points, 2019 Worship
   Blood Moon Rising, 2022 Metal
Indie Spotlight
The Prettybads..
   Meet the Prettybads, 2018 Punk Rock
Prevailing Providence..
   Gilded EP, 2017 Metalcore
Indie Spotlight
Matt Price..
   We Won't Waver EP, 2013 Pop / Worship
Indie Spotlight
The Pride..
   On Def Ears (1998), 2010 Hip Hop / Rap
Indie Spotlight
The Prism Sound..
   Cause for Panic, 2022 Indie Alternative Rock
Indie Spotlight
Tommee Profitt..
   Gloria Regali, 2019 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Deeper, 2014 Power Pop / Worship
   I Know Your Love, 2011 Power Pop / Worship
The Project..
   Mystic Chapel, 2015 Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Martyrs Prayers, 2012 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Project Bosch..
   Trust Me in the Dark EP, 2021 Rock
   TellAVision EP, 2016 Hip Hop / Rap
Indie Spotlight
The Protest..
   Game Changer, 2012 Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Hero's Lament, 2019 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Deathproof, 2018 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Covenant, 2016 Rap / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   The Sound of Forgiveness, 2023 Rock
   A Sure Hope: Hymns of Romans, 2024 Worship / Folk / Indie
Indie Spotlight
   Philippians, 2021 Folk / Indie
Indie Spotlight
   Jude, 2019 Folk / Indie / Jazz
Indie Spotlight
The Psalms Project..
   Vulnerability, 2011 Acoustic / Contemporary
Indie Spotlight
   Kingdom (Dance Therapy) - Single, 2023 Hip Hop
   SfTK - Single, 2020 Hip Hop
Pyramid Park..
   Vulnerability, 2017 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight


Anthony Quails..
   Before the Bright Lights, 2016 Americana / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Quiet Science..
   [With/Without], 2010 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight


Radio Friendly..
   Made To Worship EP, 2020 Rock / Pop Rock / Worship
Raid the Quarry..
   Beyond These Castle Walls, 2022 Rock / Alternative
Jetty Rae..
   Time Traveler, 2022 Folk / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Stardust, 2019 Lullaby / Folk / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Can't Curse the Free, 2017 Americana / Folk / Pop
Indie Spotlight
D.J. Ramsay..
   Warrior King, 2021 Rock / Alternative / Worship
   The RLE Years - EP, 2017 Rock / Alternative
Random Hero..
   Breakdown EP, 2011 Rock
Levi Ransom..
   True Intentions, 2017 Pop Rock / Country
   Lions EP, 2011 Blues Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jess Ray..
   Sentimental Creatures, 2015 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Zachary Ray..
   Let Go - Single, 2020 Pop Rock / Contemporary Pop
   R&R EP, 2016 Hip-Hop / Rap
   White Noise Visions, 2010 Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
The Recording Collective..
   Gospel Vol. 2: Every Praise, 2017 Gospel
   The King Is Coming, 2011 Worship / Pop / Rock
Reflection of Glory..
   Escape the Dream, 2021 Symphonic Metal
Indie Spotlight
   Reborn, 2017 Symphonic Metal
   Around The World, 2010 Pop / Rock
   Reinstate - The EP, 2009 Rock
Relentless Pursuit..
   Nirmata - Single, 2024 Heavy Metal
   Promise in Creation, 2024 Heavy Metal
   Repercussions - Single, 2023 Heavy Metal
Indie Spotlight
   Upward We March, 2023 Heavy Metal
   Wildfire - Single, 2023 Heavy Metal
   Through Confusion, 2022 Heavy Metal
   Flamboyant Intoxication - Single, 2022 Heavy Metal
Relevant Discord..
   Dual Singles EP, 2011 Rock
Remember The Word Songs..
   Books of the Law EP, 2015 Bible Songs
Revelators Music..
   VALUE - Single, 2023 Acoustic Pop
Reverorum ib Malacht..
   Vacuum. The mystery of faith. We proclaim your death oh Lord, and profess your resurrection, until you come again., 2022 Black Metal / Extreme Metal
Indie Spotlight
   Kaleidoscope EP, 2019 Dream Pop / Indie Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Flashing Lights, 2014 Hip Hop
Aaron Rios..
   Hiding Place EP, 2020 Worship / Rock / Pop / Indie
Rising Life..
   The Lion, 2016 Rock
Indie Spotlight
Chris Ritchie..
   Release the Dreamers EP, 2023 Worship
Indie Spotlight
   I Thirst For You EP, 2008 Praise & Worship
The River Empires..
   Epilogue, 2010 Folk / Bluegrass / Indie
Indie Spotlight
   Lions In Suits, 2016 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Brooke Robertson..
   Have My Heart EP, 2018 Pop
Iryne Rock..
   J.F.Y. (Just For You), 2018 Contemporary / Pop
The Rocky Valentines..
   The Rocky Valentines EP, 2022 Shoegaze / Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   The Narrows EP, 2019 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Music To Change The World By, 2015 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Straight Bar sand Guns EP, 2020 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Christa Rooks..
   At His Feet EP, 2012 Worship / Contemporary
Royal Diadem..
   Jesus Over All, 2021 Metalcore / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Michelle Ruben..
   Until Tomorrow EP, 2008 Pop / Pop Rock
   Indestructible, 2013 Rock / Alt Rock / Metal
Running After Rockets..
   Those We Were EP, 2012 Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Chris Rupp..
   A New Day: A Cappella, Vol. II, 2018 A Cappella
Indie Spotlight
Candice Russell..
   So Much More, 2008 Pop
Rusty Shipp..
   Dark Side of the Ocean, 2022 Rock / Indie
Indie Spotlight
   Liquid Exorcist, 2019 Rock / Indie
Indie Spotlight
   Mortal Ghost, 2017 Rock / Grunge
Indie Spotlight
   Sinking Scarabs (Single), 2016 Rock
Matthew Ryan..
   Healer EP, 2019 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Jeremy Ryan..
   Into The Light: Songs of Redemption and Hope in the Midst of Despair EP, 2018 Melodic Hard Rock / Metal


Salt of the Sound..
   And on Earth, Peace, 2019 Ambient / Christmas
Indie Spotlight
   In Prayer EP, 2017 Ambient
Indie Spotlight
Adam Sams..
   Tightwire, 2013 Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
   Welcome to the Motion, 2011 Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
Phillip Sandifer..
   Of Songs and Sacraments, 2014 Folk / Contemporary
David Santistevan..
   Near, 2008 Praise & Worship
Satellite View..
   This is NOT the End, 2019 Alternative / Experimental
Amy Savin..
   Unveiled, 2019 Rock
Indie Spotlight
Scarlet Fade..
   Worship EP, 2016 Worship / Rock
Scarlet White..
   The Inbetween, 2014 Hard Rock
Indie Spotlight
Norman Lee Schaffer..
   That's My King, 2022 Contemporary / Worship
Fritz Schindler..
   A Folk 'n' Roll Christmas! - EP, 2015 Christmas / Folk
   Sunlight Breaking Through the Trees EP, 2013 Indie Folk
Indie Spotlight
Jules Schroeder..
   Judgement Day - Single, 2020 Soul / Folk
Gresha Schuilling..
   whispering HOPE, 2022 Worship
Jeremy Shorter..
   Visible Force, 2009 Pop Rock / Alternative
   Strong Christian Overtones, 2006 Pop Rock / Alternative
   World EP, 2012 Indie Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Searching Serenity..
   Retribution, 2023 Deathcore
Indie Spotlight
Seaside Holiday..
   Grand Tours, 2016 Electronic / New Wave
   A Moment Of Clarity, 2011 Pop Punk / Rock
Second Adam & the New Creations..
   Pilgrim's Progress, 2023 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Let Sinners Fly - Single, 2022 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
See The Light..
   Maranatha EP, 2009 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Senseless Beauty..
   Surviving, 2010 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Garett Serban..
   Anthem EP, 2017 Pop Rock / Worship
Tim Serdynski..
   Healing EP, 2013 Pop / Contemporary
Indie Spotlight
Tony Serge..
   One Day, 2020 Pop/Rock
Indie Spotlight
Andrew Serino..
   The Golden Thread, 2018 Alternative / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Seth & Nirva..
   I Need You EP, 2013 Gospel / Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Convinced, 2012 Hip Hop / Rap
   The Treasure of the Crucible, 2022 Hard Rock
   Keep My Boots Madd Muddy, Platoon Vol. 1, 2011 Hip Hop / Rap / Mixtape
Indie Spotlight
Ryan Shelley..
   Sights & Sounds, 2011 Worship / Contemporary
Philip Shibata..
   Sun/Moon, 2021 R&B / Pop
Indie Spotlight
Jon Shirley..
   Heaven Hear Us, 2006 Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Everything Burns: Deluxe Edition, 2011 Indie Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Shaylee Simeone..
   The Holidays EP, 2019 Christmas / Indie Pop
Indie Spotlight
   For the Love of the Sea, Vol. 1 + 2, 2016 Indie Pop
Indie Spotlight
John Sierra..
   The Wonder - EP, 2021 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Silent Music..
   Taciturn Headphonetics, 2024 Electronic
Indie Spotlight
The Silver Pages..
   Part III - EP, 2018 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Jeremy Simon..
   Progress, 2007 Acoustic
   Renaissance EP, 2015 Instrumental Symphonic Rock
Micah Singapore..
   Poets & Prophets: Songs of Justice EP, 2021 Indie Folk / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Six Days..
   I Believe, 2009 Southern Rock / Worship
Weston Skaggs..
   'til I See You Again, 2019 Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Stories for Christmas!, 2017 Christmas / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Joy & Sorrow Meet, 2016 Folk / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Dust & Clay EP, 2014 Folk / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   The Und_rscore II, 2013 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
   Floor One EP, 2020 Indie / Pop / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Alexis Slifer..
   Famous For EP, 2017 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Eric John Smith..
   Prodigal Son, 2017 Indie Rock
Jake Smith..
   All That We'll Ever Need EP, 2008 R&B / Soul
Indie Spotlight
Lenny Smith..
   You Are My Hiding Place, 2016 Singer-Songwriter / Folk
Indie Spotlight
so long forgotten..
   Things We Can See and Things We Cannot, 2009 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
   The Water and the Blood, 2011 Folk / Americana
Indie Spotlight
The Sonflowerz..
   All Around The World, 2008 Acoustic / Pop
Sons Of God..
   The Genesis Prologue EP, 2010 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Jeremy & Kimberly Sorensen..
   Christmas, 2010 Christmas
Indie Spotlight
   The Garden, 2011 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
The Sound of Sunsets..
   Meet The Morning, 2012 Pop Rock / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Young Hearts EP, 2014 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   XVII, 2012 Pop Punk / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Loving Life, Living Love, 2011 Pop Punk / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Tangles - Single, 2020 Worship
   Freedom's Tree, 2017 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Clayton Sparks..
   Four Hymns EP, 2020 Folk Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Seasons Theme, 2016 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Sarah Sparks..
   All I Have, 2019 Modern Folk
Indie Spotlight
Spoken Nerd..
   Our Team Is Going To Win, 2012 Indie / Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Andy Squyres..
   Poet Priest, 2022 Folk Pop
Indie Spotlight
Standing Small..
   Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom, 2010 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
Stars Go Dim..
   Stars Go Dim EP, 2008 Pop / Rock / Soul
Chris Stephens..
   When It Was Dark, 2019 Acoustic Pop / Contemporary Pop
Rick Stephenson..
   My Everything, 2016 Contemporary / Pop Rock
David James Stewart..
   Things That Make Us, 2009 Contemporary / Pop / Acoustic
Sophie Stiles..
   Run Into The Light EP, 2018 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Chartreuse EP, 2016 Acoustic / Folk
Dave Stovall..
   Dave Stovall EP, 2018 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Vulnerability, 2019 Folk
Indie Spotlight
Stranded Conqueror..
   Stranded Conqueror EP, 2009 Indie / Alternative
Strange Her..
   A Marginal Sea, 2019 Indie / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Testify, 2016 Rock / Southern Rock
Stray Gold..
   Stupid Answers - Single, 2024 Alt Rock / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Aaron Strumpel..
   Bright Star, 2015 Folk / Experimental
Indie Spotlight
   Elephants, 2009 Folk / Experimental
Indie Spotlight
Submission Red..
   Submission Red EP, 2008 Rock
Suite Caroline..
   Answers (Single), 2018 Alternative Rock
Indie Spotlight
   With Every Breath EP, 2013 Worship / Pop Rock
   The Heat of Summer, 2020 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Summertime's End..
   Light and Colour, 2012 Pop / Rock / Electronic
The Sunrise..
   Have We Not Heard, 2012 Folk / Jesus Music
   Spread The Word, 2010 Folk / Jesus Music
Mackenna Swann..
   Christmas Together - Single, 2022 Christmas
Indie Spotlight
Swingin Hammers..
   Quiet, Vol. 1 - EP, 2020 Folk Rock / Country
Indie Spotlight
   Swingin Hammers, 2017 Folk Rock / Country
Indie Spotlight


Davey T..
   God Fearing Rockstar, 2020 Rock
   The Beginning of Sorrows (Split LP), 2024 Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
Nathaniel Tan..
   Living The Dream, 2011 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Glory Of The Cross EP, 2009 Pop / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Trey Tate..
   Graffiti EP, 2024 Rock / Metal
Brent Tatum..
   Run To You EP, 2016 Pop Rock / Worship
Larry Taylor..
   Signs and Wonders, 2023 Rock / Rock Opera
Travis Taylor..
   You Have Loved, 2008 Worship / Acoustic / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Restore Us, 2009 Contemporary / Worship
Jonathan Tekell..
   Jesus is the Best Ever, 2020 Multi-Genre / Indie / Alternative
   Love Me To Pieces, 2018 Acoustic / Worship
Ten Cubits High..
   Glorious (Single), 2008 Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Seal Upon My Heart, 2023 Americana / Cine-mericana
Indie Spotlight
TFH Worship..
   Pursuit, 2018 Live / Worship
   Prelude EP, 2018 Hard Rock
Indie Spotlight
Theory Hazit..
   The Rock Is Steady EP, 2011 Hip Hop
3 Nails Impaled..
   Shadow Cross, 2022 Experimental Electronica
Indie Spotlight
39 Stripes..
   Beyond Broken, 2010 Rock
Jay Tholen..
   Control Me, 2010 Electronic / Experimental
   His Shadow Is Light EP, 2008 Electronic / Experimental
305 Worship..
   Reckless, 2015 Worship
308 Ghost Train..
   Born in the Wild EP, 2020 Rock
   Aeon EP, 2006 Rock / Punk
Indie Spotlight
Tim Be Told..
   Mighty Sound, 2013 Contemporary / Gospel / Pop
Indie Spotlight
Melanie Tierce..
   City of God: Chapters I & II, 2020 Worship
Michael J Tinker..
   Mission to Dendros (A Topsy Turvy Kingdom Adventure), 2019 Childrens
Indie Spotlight
Tool of God One..
   We'll Meet Again - Single, 2021 Rap / Pop
   Real Men Love Jesus - Single, 2021 Hip Hop/Rap / Urban
   God's Unstoppable - Single, 2021 Hip Hop/Rap / Dance/Pop
   Joy Alchemy, 2023 Folk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   God of Love, 2014 Pop / Worship
   Kid Heart, 2013 Pop Rock / Indie
Indie Spotlight
   1234567 EP, 2012 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Tommy Positivity..
   Above Not Beneath - Single, 2021 Hip Hop
Tony Barnes & Erin Barnes..
   Wide Open EP, 2020 Acoustic
Torn Sky..
   Torn Sky, 2019 Rock / Alternative
Tragic Hero..
   My Own Worst Enemy, 2015 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Nalini Tranquim..
   Your Love - Single, 2020 Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Today | Tomorrow, 2014 Alternative
Indie Spotlight
   As You Are (Single), 2013 Electronic / Pop
   A Ram In The Bush, 2015 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight
Chase Tremaine..
   Accidental Days, 2023 Alternative / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Development and Compromise (Re-Release), 2021 Alternative / Emo
Indie Spotlight
   Development and Compromise, 2021 Alternative / Emo
Indie Spotlight
   Unfall, 2020 Alternative / Emo
Indie Spotlight
Taylor Tripodi..
   Awakening EP, 2019 Worship / Contemporary Pop
Indie Spotlight
Jason Truby..
   Hymns: Guitar Arrangements for Peace and Healing, 2016 Guitar / Instrumental
Indie Spotlight
True Strength..
   Sanguinary Vivification, 2019 Heavy Metal
   Moving Mountains/Skipping Stones EP, 2013 Indie / Americana
Indie Spotlight
The Two Fake Blondes..
   Holy Spirit Lead - Single, 2024 EDM / Worship


   Ubcmusic, Vol. 2 EP, 2019 Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Ubcmusic, Vol. 1 EP, 2018 Worship
Indie Spotlight
Union Creative..
   All Things New, 2019 Worship / Live
Indie Spotlight
Upper Room Music..
   Center of Your Love EP, 2017 Worship
Indie Spotlight


   Moving Forward, 2023 Progressive Rock
Indie Spotlight
Daniel Van Oss..
   The Heart Of Heaven, 2009 Christmas / Contemporary
John Van Deusen..
   (I Am) Origami Pt. 2 - Every Power Wide Awake, 2018 Folk / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Robert M Vasile..
   The Unfinished Road, 2022 Americana / Gospel
David Vaters..
   A Voice in the Wilderness Vol. 1, 2017 Americana / Heartland
   Vaughn - EP, 2019 Worship
The Vespers..
   The Fourth Wall, 2012 Folk / Indie
Indie Spotlight
Vocal Few..
   Tall Trees EP, 2013 Indie / Folk
Indie Spotlight
   She'll Be Right EP, 2012 Indie / Folk
Indie Spotlight
Adam Villiers..
   Show Me The Way To Your Heart, 2012 Worship / Adult Contemporary
   Hearing A Truth Serum, 2011 Hip Hop
Indie Spotlight


Christina Warin..
   Come To Me (Single), 2022 Acoustic / Contemporary / Inspirational
Indie Spotlight
Terry Waggoner..
   Love | Revolution EP, 2014 Indie Pop
The Waiting Kind..
   Heartbeat (Single), 2016 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Wake Low..
   Wake Low, 2020 Indie / Electro-Pop
Indie Spotlight
Forrest Wakeman..
   Messes to Miracles, 2017 Worship / Pop
Orion Walsh..
   Foreigner EP, 2019 Acoustic
The War Within..
   Out of My Grave - Single, 2020 Pop
Indie Spotlight
Don Ward..
   Broken, 2011 Gospel / Jazz
Christina Warin..
   Safe Place - Single, 2020 Contemporary / Pop
Lakesha A. Washington | LAW..
   Holy Spirit (Single), 2014 Gospel
Indie Spotlight
Tiffany Noel Watkins..
   Stronger, 2014 Contemporary / Worship
Jason Watson..
   Step Into The Light EP, 2009 Pop Rock / Worship
Michael Hughes Watson..
   Feeling, 2021 Worship / Acoustic Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Life & Good Death & Evil, 2020 Folk / Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
   Purify My Heart 2 EP, 2020 Acoustic Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Wait EP, 2019 Acoustic Pop
Indie Spotlight
The Wayward Kind..
   Avalanche EP, 2018 Acoustic Rock
   Safe Place EP, 2020 Pop Rock / Indie / Rap Rock
Nick Webber..
   All the Nothing I Know, 2023 Indie Folk
Indie Spotlight
We Live Forever..
   We Live Forever, 2017 Pop / Worship
Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken..
   Ampersand EP, 2008 Folk / Acoustic
Indie Spotlight
Weeping Hour..
   Hunger and Thirst, 2019 Hardcore / Metalcore
Indie Spotlight
Christa Wells..
   Image of God EP, 2011 Worship
Rita West..
   Chosen EP, 2017 Alternative Rock
Indie Spotlight
   With Us EP, 2018 Hip Hop
Mike Westendorf..
   Songs We Carry, 2015 Folk / Pop
   Undefined, 2010 Pop Rock / Worship
Ryan Wesley..
   This is the Morning EP, 2013 Worship
Whale Bones..
   Close All The Blinds, Lock All The Doors, Say No One's Home - EP, 2020 Alternative / Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Island Fire, 2018 Alternative / Rock
Indie Spotlight
What Glorious Things..
   Far and Fading EP, 2013 Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
What They Died For..
   Can't Stop Now, 2018 Rock / Metal / Rap Rock
Adam Wheatley..
   Beauty in the Breaking Down EP, 2011 Folk Rock
Nathan Wheeler..
   Nathan Wheeler EP, 2021 Indie / Alternative
Dylan Case White..
   Loose Grip - Single, 2021 Singer Songwriter
Indie Spotlight
Jason Whitehorn..
   As Long As I Have Breath, 2017 Pop Rock
Wild Harbors..
   Daylight - Single, 2023 Acoustic Pop
Indie Spotlight
   Monument, 2019 Folk
Indie Spotlight
   WILKES EP, 2018 Pop / Country
   Love On The Outside EP, 2012 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Brandon Michael Williams..
   The Brandonborg Concertos, 2013 Instrumental / Classical / Electronic
Indie Spotlight
   Shells EP, 2015 Pop / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Wind and Sail..
   Wild Edge EP, 2023 Epic Chamber Pop / Cinematic Adventure Folk
Indie Spotlight
   Timeless - Single, 2022 Alternative Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Follow You, 2020 Folk / Worship
Indie Spotlight
Gabriel Wilson..
   The McGuire Side, 2012 Folk / Americana / Acoustic / Hymns
Indie Spotlight
Rand Winburn..
   I Can Be Anything EP, 2010 Electronica
The Wood Drake Sessions..
   From the Valley to the Golden Shore, 2022 Folk Pop
Indie Spotlight
Jonas Woods..
   Whispers, 2019 Indie / Folk Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Trees - EP, 2019 Rock
Indie Spotlight
World Breaker..
   Irreverent - Single, 2020 Metalcore
Worship Lullaby..
   Classic Hymns, Vol. II - EP, 2019 Childrens / Worship / Instrumental
Indie Spotlight
Worth Taking..
   Punker Than Thou, 2014 Punk / Rock
Indie Spotlight
Written In Red..
   Not My Home, 2015 Hard Rock
Written to the Heavens..
   Long Time Coming, 2018 Pop


Xd Out..
   Better Day, 2017 Grunge / Rock


Ian Yates..
   Battlelands, Vol. 2, 2024 Indie Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Between the Joy and the Sorrow-Part 2, 2022 Indie Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Between the Joy and the Sorrow-Part 1, 2022 Indie Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Mystery, 2020 Indie Rock / Worship
Indie Spotlight
   Deconstruction Vol. 1 EP, 2019 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Prince Among Thieves 3, 2015 Hip Hop / Rap
Indie Spotlight
   In Winters Ear EP, 2013 Hip Hop / Rap
Stephen Yeske..
   Keys of Heaven, 2022 Worship
Chris B. Young..
   Jesus Christ: Prince of Life, 2017 Worship / Contemporary
Your Heart..
   Autumn, 2010 Indie Rock
Indie Spotlight
   Summer, 2009 Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight


Paul Zach..
   Hymns, 2021 Hymns / Worship / Acoustic Folk
Indie Spotlight
   God is the Friend of Silence EP, 2018 Worship / Acoustic Folk
Indie Spotlight
Zak & Amy..
   I Will Say Yes, 2015 Worship / Pop Rock
Indie Spotlight
Ziklag Offramp..
   Ziklag Offramp, 2013 Americana / Folk Rock
   Worth It - Single, 2021 Jazz Pop Fusion

Various Artists

   All The Wrecked Light, 2022 Singer - Songwriter / Pop
   7Core Sonics #3, 2018 Pop / Worship / Indie
   Family & Friends Sampler, Vol. 1, 2017 Punk / Alternative / Hardcore
Indie Spotlight
   Hip Hop and Jr. College EP, 2012 Hip Hop / Spoken Word


Indie SubmissionsIndie Submissions


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This Tuesday, April 16, 2024
iNTELLECT Roots [Polished Arrow]

This Thursday, April 18, 2024
Eric Owyoung (Future of Forestry) Gold Ribbons - Single (independent)

This Friday, April 19, 2024
Apollo LTD Hello Human [Centricity]
Consumed by Fire First Things First Commentary Album [Red Street]
Darin and Brooke Aldridge Talk of The Town [Billy Blue]
Godspeed Religious Death (Remastered) [Charon Collective]
Joseph Habedank autobiography [Daywind]
Koryn Hawthorne ON GOD (Deluxe) [Provident]
Pastor Mike Jr. I Got Away - EP [Rock City]
Sanctus Real All Along [Framework / The Fuel]
Treasure Seeker A Tribute to the Past (Reissue) [Ulterium]
Vineyard Worship Christ In All Things - EP [Integrity]
Phil Wickham I Believe (Hometown Version) [Fair Trade]
Anne Wilson REBEL [Capitol CMG]

The Lore Family God Said You're Gonna Make It - Single [Horizon]
Mark Tedder Wake Us Up (church falls asleep) - Single [7Core]

Next Friday, April 26, 2024
Mack Brock Time and Time Again - EP [Centricity]
Aaron Cole Sorry, I Changed [RCA Inspiration]
Alex Henry Foster Kimoyo [Hopeful Tragedy]
Gileah Taylor Slow Parade [Velvet Blue]
Various Artists Unsung Hero: The Inspired By Soundtrack (Digital/CD) [Girder]

Nate Parrish I'm Alright - Single [Fair Vaux]
Unspoken What He Says About You - Single [Centricity]

Various Artists Unsung Hero: The Inspired By Soundtrack [Girder]

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