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02. PeepHole

Whispers & Screams
by Johnny Anomaly


I feel as though I'm looking at life through a peephole and it's not making a lot of sense. From this limited perspective it's hard to see clearly with a blurry lens. My view is a bit distorted due to the fact that I'm insubordinate. Breaking the rules and playing the fool was never on my "to-do" list. I'm shouting from my two lips, trying to be heard but it's useless.

I've used this excuse too many times before that I've abused it. Beat it into the ground until it was conduced into a nuisance. Blaming everyone else but myself for the way things were, I was ruthless when it came to forgiveness. I couldn't see how I was wrong but now that I see, I've got some apologies to make before I'm gone.

Never claimed to be perfect, I'm just saying that it's worth it to finally be relieved of the pressure that comes from the bitter root that has entangled me. I'm choking on the shards of what's left of my pride because it's hard to force it down, you know, it's not easy sometimes. Especially when the way that you feel can easily be justified by the wrongs of others actions that seem to have left you paralyzed by hate.

But that hatred fuels the fire, your rib cage acts as a furnace that protects the flames inside your chest that keep burning. It's time to put it out.

Some of the world's devastation is led by such aggravations in need of divine intervention to ease this freakin' tension. We shouldn't expect things to get better by sweeping it under a rug without really addressing the issues that have brought about the misuse of our intelligence. Our obsession with destruction has led to so much injustice, don't know who to trust because wearing a badge or a suit and tie doesn't necessarily mean that you can be trusted.

There's a lack of compassion and so forgive me for asking but the question should be raised, how long can we can we carry on this way? I have a suggestion and though it's an unpopular opinion it should be mentioned. To bring about vision correction we need to get our focus redirected on Christ, who restores and makes our vision anew so we can go from staring through a peephole to having a panoramic view.

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