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JFH Staff Blog | November 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Featured Fan - Whitney Guyer

Whitney Guyer and Aaron Gillespie

Favorite Band/Artist: Aaron Gillespie
Featured Fan: Whitney Guyer
Location: North Carolina
When/Where Was The Above Photo Taken: Central, SC
What About This Artist's Music Speaks To You:  I think Aaron is real in a way that a lot of artists aren't and you can hear that in his songs. His voice is amazing and his heart is even better. Never a disappointment.
Favorite Album by This Artist: Anthem Song
Favorite Song by This Artist: "Earnestly I Seek Thee"
Number of Times Seen This Artist Live: 2
Favorite Live Show Experience:  Being front and center during the show and then meeting him afterwards.
Favorite Piece Of Merch/Item You Own From This Artist:  The Almost Monster shirt or Aaron Gillespie Feather shirt
Website: Tumblr

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Recommend - Jars of Clay, 'More Christmas Songs EP'

In 2007, Jars of Clay released an impressive modern Christmas record with a classic feel, titled Christmas Songs. As someone who was weaned on the kind of Christmas music my parents grew up on, I'm a sucker for any new Christmas music that even has a hint of what resembles real "Christmas music" to me (plus, I just plain dig Jars). Now, four years later, the guys have released three new recordings: two covers, one original, aptly titled More Christmas Songs. It may not be quite as good as their previous full-length, but anyone who enjoyed that album should like these new additions. Also, the guys take a slightly more acoustic approach here than their recent projects.
- John DiBiase

Jars of Clay
More Christmas Songs EP (2011)

Click here for our album page.

Our synopsis: "A nice extension of one of CCM's best Christmas albums." (Recommended by JFH's John DiBiase)
Perfect For: Christmas time!
Song Highlights: Well... there are only three songs on here, but the best might be their original, "Almost Christmas"

So, what are your thoughts on and experiences with the album More Christmas Songs? Do you recommend it? If so, why?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Frequency' Is Out TODAY!

The day has finally arrived!!! Today our new album “FREQUENCY” is released. It’s been a year full of ups and downs for us, so it’s exciting to get our new record out. This record really has been a labor of love for us. We poured a lot into this one. There were a lot of moments this year that made us wonder what would come of of this record, but we believed that God had a purpose in all of it, and now, here we are with the finished product. If not for the support of all of you guys, and if not for the Grace of God the record never would have been finished.

Thanks again to all who have supported us the last couple years, and in particular those who helped us through the process of making this record. You guys know who you are (there are a LOT of you)! We love you. Today is truly a day of celebration. So go out and jump for joy...don't mind the folks that might think you're crazy. Life's too short to worry about that stuff:)

If you haven’t bought “FREQUENCY” yet, head straight to iTunes or Amazon and buy it!!! You won’t be disappointed.
Again, we love you all!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Great Transparency Tour Blog 4

  Hey Hi Hello everybody! It’s Zack yet again here, how are you all today? Hopefully good, we wouldn’t want it any other way. So here are some more updates! When we last left off we had just left La Belle and were heading for Tampa to play at Causeway Baptist Church for a youth lock in. We arrived to an awesome crew and great staff who did nothing but take great care of us. The set up was smaller so it made for a very up close and personal show; which in this case was a very good thing. We got to witness to some very cool and very interested kids, which to me is better than playing for a thousand person crowd any day! There was also another band that played by the name of Beyond the gates, a three-piece ambient worship team who completely rocked the house. They really new how to not only put on a great show but really lead people into worship. Afterward we all went out for an awesome late night meal at Apple Bee’s and had a blast.

The next day we woke up early and headed out for Kissimmee Florida to play at Faith Baptist Church. As we Arrived we pulled into the parking lot to find a huge church waiting for us to rock the house! We went ahead and set up our merch and our stage equipment early so we had some chill time and where ready for sound check. Our sound guy was absolutely amazing! He gave us and all the other bands an amazing mix. The other bands that played were very talented young musicians! Ascend took the stage first and rocked the house with some upbeat and heartfelt worship really setting a good vibe for the night. Next a female fronted band by the name of Inasense rocked it out with an all original set. Then we took the stage, we had an amazing time with the kids of Kissimmee! Those guys really knew how to rock out. We were also very happy to be joined by our good friend and founder of Razzberry Records Barry Blaze. It was amazing getting to hang out with him! He drove two hours to watch our set and to present us with plaques to honor our #1 single “Rebuild your love”. It was a great honor and we are beyond grateful for such an accomplishment. After the show we were super excited to find out we were staying the night at the Disney sports resort! The place itself was ridiculous, in a good way. The buildings were huge and decked out in all things sports and Disney. The next morning we awoke early to lead worship for the Sunday morning service. We played a three-song set of all worship songs. The coolest part about the church was it was a multi-cultural church where they did one service in English, and the other in Spanish. It turned out to be a very cool experience.

After the service we loaded up the van and headed out for Tavernier to play at Burton memorial UMC. It was a very beautiful little church with an amazing staff that took very good care of us from start to finish. The soundman was amazing along with the pastor. They really helped us out with everything from load in to set up to tear down and load out. They were a huge help. The there a pretty small crowd at this show but the people that were there were very welcoming and looked like they had an fun time. We got to meet a woman at the show who came out to support the church at 94 years old. She definitely had her opinions, but was the sweetest lady we have met so far! A big shout out goes to Dorthia for some amazing stories and a lot of laughs. The next day, Pastor Kerry and his friend, Sheila who owned the boat, treated us to a day on the water. We got to go tubing out in the Gulf of Mexico, but of course with our luck with boats, we blew out the propeller. We attempted to fix it, but could not fix it while on the water. So we called up sea tow and got a tow back to the dock. While we were waiting, we had the opportunity to go snorkeling and do some diving off the boat, so it turned out to be a very fun day stranded out on the water!

I am sad to say that this was the end of out tour. We have had nothing but a great time down here in Florida and are extremely thankful to have met all the people we have met and are thankful for the safety God has provided us. Thank you to all who have been praying for us, your prayers are very much appreciated and needed! Our journey is far from over though. We head home Tuesday and have one heck of drive ahead of us. We are trusting God will provide us with safe travels and good times. Keep looking for these blogs though; they will not be ending here! We will be keeping you all in the loop on up coming events and things that are going on not only with the band but our every day walk as well. We love and thank you all!

God bless

Zack TGT   

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Featured Fan - Liz Schanke

Kevin Young of Disciple and Liz

Favorite Band/Artist: Disciple
Featured Fan: Liz Schanke
Location: Wisconsin
When/Where Was The Above Photo Taken: Cup O' Joy in Green Bay, WI
What About This Artist's Music Speaks To You:  Over a year ago, I was extremely depressed & suicidal & Disciple's album "Horseshoes & Handgrenades" gave me hope. I found the band's message boards and soon became good friends with the guys. They speak into my life and are the reason I am in love with God.
Favorite Album by This Artist: Back Again
Favorite Song by This Artist: "Eternity"
Number of Times Seen This Artist Live: Way too many to count.
Favorite Live Show Experience:  Kevin reaching out and putting his hand on my shoulder during the song "Invisible", it made me believe I was not alone.
Favorite Piece Of Merch/Item You Own From This Artist:  My tattoo that is Kevin's handwriting.
Website: Twitter

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

TGT Tour Blog 3 Air-Boats and Alligators... Gods people and creation

  What is up my brotha’s and sistas!!! How are you all today? I hope you are doing well, I know we are right now. The past two days have been nothing but amazing. Yesterday we drove from Punta Gorda to La Belle to play for First Baptist Church and arrived to a great treat. We were greeted by our new good friend Preston and were instantly taken care of above and beyond what we could have ever asked for. Preston and the guys from the youth praise band (who played right before us, and rocked the house) helped us load in all of our gear and got everything set on stage. After we got everything set and ready, the church provided dinner for not only us, but for the whole congregation. So we sat and got to share a meal with some amazing people and awesome new friends. Right before the show, we got to do a quick live interview with Rob from Call FM and had a great time with him. So the show started at just around seven with the youth praise band that played a really powerful worship set. For a group of youngsters they really brought it and lead the whole church into an amazing half hour of worship. After that we took the stage. We got to play about an hour and thirty minute set, this set was a little different though. Preston asked us to share each of our testimonies. Which none of us had really done, but were honored to have such an opportunity. So to say the least, last night was a very powerful evening not only for the crowd, but for us as well. I know for me personally it was very relieving. I had never really had a chance to fully go into my story, and let me tell you it was hard stuff. There were a lot of things that were said that only a very select few close people in my life know of. Either way it was an amazing and powerful night for all.

This morning we got up early and met up with Preston for breakfast at the church and ate until we couldn’t eat anymore. (Story of our lives) After some hang time, Preston surprised us by putting brand new tires on our trailer. And let me say they were very needed, so a huge shout out to Preston for that, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And just to make things better, Preston loaded us into his truck and drove us into the heart of a reservation to go to Billy’s swamp. So all day we got to go on a huge buggy ride and watch alligators, some amazing birds, some huge Bison and dear, and then some wild hogs. We also got to watch the Critter show. It was a really cool experience! After that we had some lunch at the diner in the park and ate till we couldn’t eat anymore (once again). And for the grand finale, we got to go on an airboat ride around the park. We got to see all the animals from a different view and best of all; we got to see a seven-foot long gator from about ten feet away. The airboat driver turned off the engine and coasted us in until we were just feet away. It was a really awesome day to say the least.

Today really made me start thinking, it is absolutely amazing how wonderful our God is. To see the beauty of the animals, the reflections of the sun setting on the water, it is just one little glimpse of the awesome power of our God. So here’s a little something for you to try, next time you are starring out the window of your classroom, office, or house just think of the awesome power of our God. I hope you are all doing well! We will be praying for you all as do I hope you will be praying for us. We head out tomorrow for Tampa to play at Causeway Church Baptist Church. We love you all and pray that God blesses you in all that you do!  Zack TGT    


Thursday, November 10, 2011

TGT Tour Blog - Season With Salt And Salt Water

  What is up everybody! It’s Zack here from TGT filling you in on a little bit of our tour as it goes. It’s been a couple days since the last blog so I got a lot to fill you all in on. Last thing you heard we were down in Key West, FL having an amazing time with all of our new friends. (you’re the man Jeff from 33-3.) We played at Impact Church down there and had a great time. It was a smaller Church but let me tell you, the kids that crammed into that church put most crowds to shame! They had an amazing energy and you could tell that God was there in that room. So a huge shout out to all of you who came out to Impact Church in Key West and to Timothy, the man behind the whole show. You guys are the bomb! Well along our journey we may have had a bit of an incident. Our new friend Jeff took us out on an amazing Jet Ski tour. We had a blast! Well you see, as we were coming around the corner from a beautiful little cove, I happened to not be paying as much attention and accidentally ran into the back of Jameson going around 45 mph. Thanks to the awesome power of our God, neither one of us were seriously injured. One sore wrist, and a couple roughed up Jet Skis, we are thankful that is all that happened. So there’s that little bit for yah. The next morning we headed out of the Keys and up to Naples for our show at Center Pointe Community Church. Let me tell yah, Naples knows how to throw down! There was an amazing crowd and the staff was just amazing as well. We got to kick it with Call FM while we were there. Got to spend some time talking to Jillian and Josh who are both awesome people! We also got to kick it with our new friend Todd from CPCC. He took us to a really nice waterside diner and paid for our lunch. And let me tell you, it was delicious! So a big shout out to the amazing people of Center Pointe Community Church and Call FM! You guys rock! So here we are at the next day where we headed out for Punta Gorda, FL . We played for a high school Young life group and had a blast! All the kids there were awesome and really knew how to have a fun time. Later on that night we drove to our host home where we met Ginger and Doctor M. These have got to be the nicest people I have ever met! They greeted us with a big old smile and some hot delicious food, (which let me tell you is the #1 way to a man’s heart). We got to spend some good quality time with the two then headed off for bed. The next day (which was yesterday for those not keeping track…like myself haha) we got up and went out to lunch with Tom, who heads up the Young Life here in Punta Gorda. We had us some good old Chicago style chili cheese dogs and headed off to our next show. We played an acoustic set for the Wylde Life group at Punta Gorda Middle School where 71 kids showed up! It was an awesome time! So now here we are. Getting up and moving about to head out for Labelle, Florida today! We are extremely excited and ready for another show!

So we have been doing some devotionals here along this tour, and they have been nothing but amazing. It’s really nice to have something like a devotional to help keep you grounded. Especially when you can’t go to church because you’re traveling so much. So the other day we were doing a devotional right before we left Naples, FL and it was talking about seasonings. You know like cooking seasoning. At first it really threw me for a loop, like what could this have to do with anything? But in reality it makes a very good point. As Christians, we need to be the seasoning of this earth. We want to be the reason people look at Christians and say “wow, this really is better with God in my life.” Much like any dish will taste better with some seasonings on it. So here’s a little something to help you remember to be the seasoning of this earth. It’s as simple as this, every time you sit down to eat and reach for the salt and pepper, just think of ways that you can be a seasoning to this world.

I hope you are all well! God bless each and every one of you out there. Continue to pray for this band and our ministry. We are not here looking for fame or riches; we only pray that we get the message of our Lord Jesus Christ out into the world for those who need to hear it. God bless you,



Monday, November 7, 2011

Featured Fan - Julia Kitzing

Duncan Phillips and Julia

Favorite Band/Artist: Newsboys
Featured Fan: Julia Kitzing
Location: Missouri
When/Where Was The Above Photo Taken: Winter Jam 2010 Normal, IL
What About This Artist's Music Speaks To You:  The Newsboys music, more specifically the song "Shine", helped me come to Christ back in 1999. So many of their songs seem to be part of the soundtrack of my life and speak to things that are directly happening in my life currently.
Favorite Album by This Artist: Born Again
Favorite Song by This Artist: "Shine"
Number of Times Seen This Artist Live: 8
Favorite Live Show Experience:  Hanging out and getting to talk with Duncan and hear his heart at a Born Again Experience Show in TX.
Favorite Piece Of Merch/Item You Own From This Artist:  Autographed tour drum head from WJ 2010 and drum stick.
Website: N/A

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meet Zack of The Great Transparency!

What’s up everybody, it’s Zack Zaborski. I am the new front man for The Great Transparency! I have been blessed to become a member as of 3-ish months ago now and it has been nothing but an amazing ride! Many of you have zero clue who I am and that’s just fine, but here is a little about me. I am 21 years old, born and raised in Newark Ohio. I was brought up in a Christian home with the best family a guy could ever ask for. Now if we are going to be honest, I wasn’t what you would call the most well behaved young man you have ever met. I’ll admit it I made some mistakes, a lot of which came back to bight me right in the rear. But by the grace of our amazing God, my life was turned upside down. I’m still not a perfect guy, but I strive every day to live like Jesus would and will continue to do my best to do so.

Enough about me, let’s get to the good stuff. So this is the beginning of our tour blog. We left at around 9 pm on Tuesday night and drove all through the night to get to Naples Florida today at 6 pm. Let’s just say it was one long haul. It has been a blast so far! We came right to the hotel and got right to chillin. We definitely need it. After getting some food and some hang out time we were ready to crash, and crash hard. We will be keeping you all posted throughout our trip and can’t wait to see and meet all of you at the up coming shows and meetings after that! God bless you all.

Zack Z.