Listen to the album Darkness Won't Prevail by Eternal Friends!
Listen to the album Darkness Won't Prevail by Eternal Friends!

'Take Note Of This...'

Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Take Note Of This...'

I’m currently watching a heated game of Halo right now...  Our drummer Jonathan, and our merch guy Tim (aka Justin Bieber) are facing off for the third time.  Let’s just say that Jonathan can’t quite overtake Tim... Tim has won each game by one, that’s a tough way to lose.  I’m personally not partaking in the action, as I’m just about the worst Halo player I know.  If you’re reading this and you’re familiar with the game, I’m what you’d call a sitting duck when I play that game.  


We’re coming off of a much needed 5 days off.  We hadn’t had any real time off in a couple months.  We’ve been a part of two successive tours that came right at the heals of each other, which didn’t afford us much rest and relaxation before we hit the road again.  So, to us, five days feels like an eternity to be home.  It was glorious.  I think my highlight was sitting on my back deck and grilling out with a bunch of my friends.  I don’t get to see them real often anymore, so it’s great to catch up after being gone for so long.  


My second highlight while being home was doing some real mechanic work on my car.  I wouldn’t exactly call myself handy in the world of mechanics, but I commissioned the help of Jonathan, who is a little bit of a mechanic.  My car has been giving me trouble for months, but due to the fact that we haven’t been home, I haven’t really been able to get it properly fixed.  Well, I took it to a shop, who told me that my radiator was pretty much shot, and I need a new one.  Well...I didn’t want to spend the money to have them fix it, so Jonathan and I made it our mission to put in a new radiator by ourselves.  Let’s just say we successfully changed it, and I saved a couple hundred dollars by doing so.  Pretty amazing if I do say so myself.  We just won’t mention the fact that I only did about 10% of the work.  I’m still proud of my 10%, don’t get me wrong...


Now we are back out on the road for about two weeks.  We’re spending a week in Florida, before we head back up to the Midwest to play another week’s worth of dates.  We’re really looking forward to hanging out and seeing some of our great friends on this trip.  Check out our website ( to check out our tour dates to see if we’re going to be playing near you.  We’re always looking to meet new and fun folks, and to be able to share our hearts.  


During the last week or so, I’ve felt like God’s been leading me to spend time in the book of James and to really ingest it.  I’ve spent a lot of time and study in that book in the past, but I wouldn’t say that I ever cease to learn something new whenever I’m reading or studying it.  The verses that are jumping out at as we’re heading out on tour are James 1:19-20.  19My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires. We’ve learned on the road to be gracious to each other, as it’s easy to be frustrated and stressed, rather than hearing each other out.  So it’s always a good reminder to be “slow to speak, and slow to become angry” as nothing good really comes from speaking out of anger.  I know that this goes for really any walk of life, but today, right now...I know that in order to be as good of a friend, brother, husband (one day...I’m still not married) or son as I’d like to be, that I need to be gracious and to speak in peace and wisdom, rather than in anger.  



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