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Listen to the new album from City Psalms!

For Those Who Wait Tour Blog 2

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Those Who Wait Tour Blog 2

Well, since the last blog, we had something awesome happen that's never happened in the history of Fireflight.  We had our first sell out show. It was pretty surreal. We played in Greeley, CO 3 nights ago and all 900+ tickets got sold.  They even had to get a few of our comp (tickets we get to give to friends and family) tickets back that we weren't using so more people could come.  I have to say, it was pretty weird seeing a line stretching through the entire parking lot full of people like an hour or two before the doors opened. 

Even cooler, is that the night before in Wichita, we played to around 900 people as well, and before that around 500, and then like 500 last night and the night before as well.  I know that's not much considering the amount of people that go to say, a skillet show, but for us, it's pretty awesome.  Despite the fact we say we're from Orlando, we're actually from a small town outside of Orlando called Eustis.  That's pronounced YOO-STISS.  The neighboring cities called us Useless when there were football games and stuff in high school.  Just a random fact for you there.  Anyways, the fact that all those people came to see us was extremely humbling and awesome.  It still IS extremely humbling and awesome.  You guys and girls reading this are the people that make our shows what they are.  You give us energy when we're really tired.  Like today.  Today is our 6th show in a row, so, needless to say, we're pretty tired. :)

 We're currently setting up here in Paris, TX for a show tonight.  We have a day off tomorrow and then we go back at it again, so tomorrow will definitely be a day of rest.  If you guys are anywhere near the tour, please come out and see us.  For those of you who get the VIP/Meet & Greet tickets, those are USUALLY not just a big awkward "let's sit in the same room together and look at each other until someone gets the nerve to ask a question or say 'hi'" type situation.  We've been doing a Heart of the Artist type thing where we do a couple of acoustic songs in addition to hanging out for a bit. So don't feel like you're wasting your money, you're pretty much getting something no one else is getting, which is Fireflight unplugged.

Alright folks.  I'm gonna go do something involving guitars now.


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