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The Holy Spirit is our imPULSE by imPULSE Worship

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Holy Spirit is our imPULSE by imPULSE Worship


“The Holy Spirit is our imPULSE

...our inspiration, guide, motivation - our lifeblood in the development of our craft, the writing of our original music, and the worship we facilitate. As a community we chase after the call to glorify Jesus’ name in freedom, with song, and full of joy. Some may call it impulsive - we call it: the worship imPULSE.”

We are imPULSE - a band of young people dedicated to worship through music, collaboration as artists, and fellowship as friends. We are born out of the youth program of a small church in Los Angeles, California, and strive to glorify God through our music. When COVID-19 hit, in person youth groups were put on hold. Without opportunities to play live worship sets, our band decided to invest in a new project. imPULSE Worship had officially been born.

In the midst of these unprecedented times, our team came together and set out on an adventure to organically discover and produce an anthem of worship relevant both to the situation of the world and to the condition of our hearts. We embark on this journey without the bolster of formal training, resources, production, or funding. Although not a single dollar was spent, what this project lacks in financial investment is surplussed by an investment of care, energy, talent, and time, all with the intention of developing the production of our song for God’s glory. Our single was birthed out of a desire to respond to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, crafted by a group of friends in a humble closet home studio, and refined by our very own young technical producer.

Over the past couple months, our team collaborated over zoom meetings to write lyrics, choose chords, and pin down melodies for an original worship song.

The lyrics of our song are rooted in Romans 8:18 which says,

 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us…(or other words) The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming

The message of “Kingdom Coming” is one of hopeful anticipation for the day God’s plan will come to fruition in our world. For the time being, we can rest in the joy of knowing that the Holy Spirit provides breakthrough in our daily lives through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This song serves as a reminder that in the midst of hardships, we can look forward to a greater joy that is on the way. 

imPULSE Worship

-imPULSE Worship Team is: Princess Badua (18), Anna Holyfield (18), Lianne Hong (16), Jordan Tritasavit (16), Matt Tritasavit (19), Noah Tyau (17)

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