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02. Dang!

Don't Drink The Water
by Playdough


Oh dang! I got a question: how's everybody doin'? I came to bust, feelin' the rush improvin' till it keeps everyone in the streets about 5 space deep, in my backseat where the track heats up a couple suckas that I ate for practice, workin' on my rap because I ain't new at this, they try to jack this, plot and attack this, it's like they got a knack for doin' rap with the wackness. their easy tactics will get our exposure, until your CD's complement my coaster, it's hard to holster all that I bolster, I'll write a paragraph autographin' posters, or 8x10's cause there ain't no friends in the picture I was takin', just me, the one and only Playdough, party people say ho, but you better lay low, cause I emcee

Dang! Playdough can hang
Everybody knowin' that I do my thang
They know my name plus the reason I came
It's Play Doug H carvin' it inside of the game now say dang!
Playdough can hang
Everybody knowin' that I do my thang
They know my name plus the reason I came
It's Play Doug H rappin' for love and not fame

I said yes y'all to the beat and get out your seat and catch the feelin', hang from the chandeliers walls and rafters, the hereafters will be rhymin' my chapters, until it captures everybody that was listenin', I say what up to your mother and your sister, when I took the stages bringin' something contagious, the crowd tries, busy memorizin' my pages, I'm makin' these wages and catchin' these phrases, until the place is buyin' my raps in cases, group discounts while I'm makin' this bounce, off the bars in my sheets workin' on my dismounts, until this counts more than the average emcee would, bringin' somethin' positive to make the people feel good, because the real could set them all free, with the truth that I'm speakin' in the place to be now say....




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