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Whats up.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whats up.

What's up guys? I told John we ought to do this years ago. He denies it. But you guys now know the truth. I'm kind of scatterbrained right now. But I thought I'd put a few thoughts out there since this blog is now up and running:

-KEEP THE CHAPMANS IN YOUR PRAYERS. I cannot even imagine it. Just..pray for them, man. =/

-I finished my summer class today Scooore. Three credit hours in two and a half weeks = well worth the...intensity.

-Though many of my friends are seeing Indy at midnight tonight, I'm seeing it tomorrow night after my sister's high school graduation. I think it'll be well worth the wait.

-I'm slighty bummed that Lovedrug canceled their show on the 31st here in Nashville. A lot.

-What happened to Tooth & Nail Records? I mean...really?

-I hope everyone has an excellent rest of the week. I'll write something more coherant sometime soon. God bless you all. Remember to pray for the Chapmans during this time.


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1. Brian Alexander said...

Wonderful! Another RSS feed to subscribe to. I love you guys and hope that you'll have very interesting things to say. I'm subscribing to you via my RSS reader and wonderful email client (Mozilla Thunderbird) shes such a wonderful client ha. So whatever. Peace!

2. Frank said...

What do you mean what happened to Tooth and Nail Records? They are at the top of their game, Underoath, MxPx, The Almost, and Hawk Nelson, as well as new artists Capital Lights, The Becoming, and Children 18:3. Not even including Solid State signing The Showdown. Sheesh!

3. Vic said...

Yes, please keep the Chapmans in your prayers,, I totally agree!! I feel soooo bad for what happened! -God Bless-

4. Tim Harro said...

Would you please do us all a favor and explain your issue with Tooth & Nail?

5. John DiBiase said...

Yeah Joshie... you can't just make a statement like that and leave it :)

6. Hopkins said...

Yeah, Josh, seriously. I'm a little worried about that comment... did you get a touch o' sun, buddy?

7. Lindsay Wiseman said...

Haha, I love all these comments regarding your comment on T&N. I was wondering the same thing. But now it just looks like I'm jumping on a bandwagon! =P

8. Adam Dawson said...

*Joins the crowd*
Yes, what's the story with Tooth & Nail? :-/

9. The Watcher said...

Difference of opinions = awright. Geez guys leave him alone about having somethin bout T&N right now. 1. He may have a legit reason. 2. Even if he doesn't it doesn't give you the right to just DEMAND an explanation. Seriously, give him some breathing room.

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