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Capital Kings, I Feel So Alive EP
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Capital Kings
I Feel So Alive EP

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 4 tracks: 14 minutes, 52 seconds
Street Date: September 25, 2012

It goes without saying that trends and fads come and go, but they somehow end up making their way back around the horn a few decades down the road. Among the vast amounts of movie remakes and neon leg warmers is the re-popularization of electronic pop music. Electronic pop technically never really "went away" as much as it has risen to prominence in our culture again. Amongst the droves of bands jumping on the bandwagon are the fresh-faced and newly signed Capital Kings.

Gotee's newest addition to their roster is an electro-pop duo that is comprised of Cole Walowac and Jonathan White. Capital Kings has been leaving their mark on the map by joining tours like Winter Jam and performing at events like Camp Electric. Their recently released debut EP, I Feel So Alive-EP, is a collection of four songs and seems to give us a taste of what's to come from their future full-length (releasing in January).

Track one is also the title track and blends some soft synth patterns with lyrics that are about finding new life in Christ; "I feel so alive, so alive inside." // "I'm breaking through the haze, to a brand new day, because my heart has been revived." Even though the song (and the whole EP) is primarily synth and drum patterns, there's also a little guitar thrown in at the end of the song, which adds a nice touch. "Be There" is up next, and has a much darker feel than the previous song. This track seems to be focused on stacking murky patterns on top of each other to create a thicker sound. There is also a short breakdown in the bridge, which listeners should enjoy. The lyrics in "Be There" state that God will always be there, "When the lights go down, I'm gonna be there. //When you're all alone, I'm gonna be there. //When you're hanging on, I'm gonna be there." Moving along, "Tell Me" is the third track and also slows things down for a few minutes. Even though it's still electro-pop, it also has a slight R&B vibe to it. The synth patterns are still employed, but they are more subdued than the previous two songs and are used in a more "poppy" kind of way. On this tune, the boys plead for assurance, "Tell me everything's alright, tell me everything's just fine. // Tell me the words that I need in my life." Rounding out I Feel So Alive is a remix of the title track. Since most remixes are in vein of Capital King's genre, this one fits right at home on the EP. While the remix is well done, it does feel like they're double dipping with the songs on here a little. That's probably their biggest downfall on I Feel So Alive.

For their first outing, Capital Kings manages to introduce us to who they are as artists and their musical style. If you're a fan of this genre, then there's plenty to love about Capital Kings, but for casual listeners looking for something new, this EP may sound all too familiar if you listen to other artists with a similar sound. Nonetheless, Capital Kings does a solid job on this EP, aside from the unnecessary remix, and we should expect more good things to come from them in the future.

- Review date: 11/20/12, written by Cortney Warner of


. Record Label: Gotee Records
. Album length: 4 tracks: 14 minutes, 52 seconds
. Street Date: September 25, 2012
. Buy It: iTunes
. Buy It: AmazonMP3

  1. I Feel So Alive (3:34)
  2. Be There (3:31)
  3. Tell Me (3:44)
  4. I Feel So Alive (Telemitry Remix) (4:03)


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