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Brian Mark Weller

Brian Mark Weller
Fear Is Not An Option - EP

Artist Info: Discography
Street Date: February 2, 2024
Style: CCM / Rock / Pop
Official Site:
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Brian Mark Weller is an independent singer/songwriter from the bay area of Florida. Weller has been active since 1975 and has recorded twelve albums along his musical journey. His ministry started humbly by singing in parks, prisons, nursing homes and the like before taking up touring as a musician full-time. Weller has also spent time as a youth pastor and missionary, and even started a non-profit missions related organization called Message Ministries. His long and storied career of spreading the good news of the Gospel has led to his newest EP here in 2024, Fear is Not An Option. The 4-song EP is laced with several different influences from classic CCM, to rock, to pop, and even some country and gospel sprinkled in for good measure. Not only that, but it's a family affair as all of Weller's recent musical output has been produced by his son, JJ Weller.

"Hand to the Plow" starts things off with a romp. The guitar and piano are both very playful in this upbeat opener that speaks of our unworthiness and failures we experience alone, but promises the forgiveness, truth, and love found in Jesus. "Why Do you Sleep" is a reminder of the Great Commission and an encouragement of believers to not sleep, but to "Go now - tell His great story. Go now - His Gospel proclaim." My favorite song on the EP comes in at track three. "I Want To (Here I Am)" has a classic CCM feel all around, and I really love the smooth guitar fills that are in the chorus. They are simple but go a long way to add to the musical backdrop. The song also features JJ Weller on vocals alongside Brian with lyrics that revolve around Isaiah 6:8. The title track closes out the EP and introduces the largest influence of country music to the mix and also features JJ's vocals. It's a good closer and solidifies the message of God's power and victory that is touched on throughout the EP.

Fear is Not An Option is a throwback of sorts. Those involved in the CCM scene of the 80s and 90s will certainly find a lot of nostalgia in this EP. That's not to say that Weller's music feels old or dated; it's just an indication of the sounds you're going to here. There is no Hillsong, Elevation, or Gateway type modern worship coming here. The EP is actually a refreshing walk down memory lane in a lot of ways. Give Brian Mark Weller's new EP a listen. If you like what you hear, you can support him in many ways: his back catalogue, Messge Ministries, one of his books, or his current podcast.

- Review date: 3/15/24, written by Michael Weaver of

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JFH Staff's Second Opinion

    With nearly 50 years of music ministry under his belt, singer/songwriter and musicianary Brian Mark Weller is getting back into recorded music with his brand new EP, Fear Is Not An Option. The four songs' runtime is barely eleven minutes, and the EP is kind of over before it begins to make an impression. But those who find themselves listening will enjoy some pretty decent, southern rock-imbued contemporary music that bears a passing resemblance to Casting Crowns or Third Day (however, without the huge production budget those bands were afforded). The meat of the EP, though, is centered around the timeless message of the Gospel. Specifically, Weller takes this time to encourage believers to be courageous in spreading the news. The lyricism certainly favors straightforwardness over poeticism ("Why do you sleep while darkness invades / why do you sleep while time slips away / why do you sleep when light needs to shine / why do you act like everything's fine / go now, tell His great story / go now, His Gospel proclaim / go now, please don't ignore me / time is short to preach Jesus' name"), but that seems to work in the EP's favor considering the message and the accessible sound. Again, Fear Is Not An Option doesn't stick around for very long, but it packs its short run with an important and urgent message that will hopefully light a spark for those who may be going a little cold. - Review date: 2/27/24, written by Scott Fryberger of






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