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11. Rope

by Canopy Climbers


Can you wait until you leave?
‘Till the morning comes and light presents itself once again
I’ve gotten used to everything
With your simple ways of letting me come in
Take off my shoes and make the night float away

There’s always something
You’re keeping me awake from being here all on my own
It’s like you know exactly when to cut the rope and let me go
Cause I just can’t help but think that you’re near to me when we are so far apart
But now I’m coming back to you maybe to have a brand new start

Even I forget the times when you left your disenchanted view of love to start again
You thought you fooled me every time
Then you’d stumble in and measure what I knew by what I saw
And then you’d throw it away

Why not before?
Why does it have to be now? (x2)

Every time I go you always follow me
Every time I stay you wonder why (x8)
(Why not before?
Why does it have to be now?) (x4)

Every time I go you always follow me

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