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07. Heaven Was Open

Red Beets and Horseradish
by The Little Wretches


Out in eternity, goodness unharnessed
Surely had nurtured a bountiful harvest,
Justice and mercy, more than I could earn
Was showered upon me upon my return.
Angels were smiling. The wine was a-flowing
Beggars and bandits, like new, were a-glowing.
Hearts were rejoicing, resounding and crowing.
Business as usualó
Heaven was open

Back on the planet the people were grieving
looking for answers to why you were leaving,
Asking for answers, the faithful were groping,
Praying, forgetting, regretting and hoping.
At home theyíre ironing and baking and wailing
Conscience-struck grandchildren curse their own failings
Next of kin scour phone-books for attorneys
& shuffle through shoe boxes, bank books & holdings.
Each of us has his own method of coping,
Business as usualó
Heaven was open.

You wished you could say something,
Hey, itís all right
Donít worry,
itís just like they said, In the light.
Our doubts and our fears
will be answered in time
Trust what they taught you,
believe me Iím fine

I was better than no one and worse than a few
Canít say I was any more ready than you
There was no special trick, there was no magic word
Heaven was open today,
Praise the lord!
Praise the lord!
Praise the lord!

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