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06. More Then Music

Flashing Lights
by Rio_24K


A Go getter loving me this feeling of feeling im getting bigger
Trend setter never had a fear of failing I'm getting better
I ain't worried bout gun play
u live by it u gone die by it one day
see the code was praying for it Sunday
then it's back to the money gettin on Monday
Been a official I kept a pistol cowboys
get the bread staying fresh as a altoid
Amazing I'm just trying to reach my haven
thought i had it all till it all went and caved in
blazing coming out with the fire
step in side the booth and superman is alive
I iust wanted to a coup see I just wanted to drive
how I'm living is the truth that's even after I die
Living on the high life like to welcome u all into my life
see the world made me so cold a young man with a old soul
good days with some bad nights
lot of people selling they soul for some mad likes
I'm in my own lane playing on my own game
You can't see the picture really cuz u out the frame
we not the same u want the fame Its for his name
I'm untamed and insane and unashamed
Intellectual individual I'm loving life no more living as a criminal
this real life I lost friends I lost ins
lost eveything I wouldn't do it over again
seen some good and some bad I really love my dad
but the streets showed me how to really be a man
Making music the people they really listen to me
I keep it real I love it it's really getting to me
But if I'm back in the streets I'm letting them all down
my supporters and my son Yeah all down
Somewhere I'm caught up In The middle while im writing a little
been different mother knew it since I was little
Everything that glitter ain't gold
I'm just trying to help my soul and it's a lot of things y'all don't know
Right now man I'm at my low
Change man but the past still be messing with me
violated my PO she got a lesson for me
Still lost praying one day I get found
hard to keep my head in the clouds feet on the ground
Shout out my brothers from another mother
hustle Majest u know the homie lov ya
And that's real talk not to many homies cut from the same cloth

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