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12. Another High

Flashing Lights
by Rio_24K


On this quest for another high
Nearly risking everything just for Getting Fly
other side bussen at me but i didn't die
sometimes I wonder where il be if I didn't lie
On a quest for another High
Verse 1:
Tell u the truth these streets ain't never do me nothing
anxiety waking me up I had a dream that they was bussing
Looking for a womenn at the moment needing loving
And the game left me cold Im praying i feel something
And god saying he love em regardless of all the pain
when u get a dollar sometimes it's coming with change
never be the same and everybody know the truth
traumatiZing when them shots turn his body to a coup
left boy with out a roof and my stomach feeling the knots
I ain't talking toys them kids playing with blocks
really this ain't a game them kids dying for blocks
but praying for the change I'm praying the trouble stop
praying I do a lot u know it's fury n his game
whatchu see a leave u numb like the body novacane
Im a rep his name he the light and he the truth
I'm a product of the game I express it in the booth
see this really is the truth ain't no love in the game
and u can run for it ain't no love In the fame
that life is like a jar with some holes in the middle//////Everyday you putting in everyday its getting little still we try to 're kindle
Verse 2:

Ask about me boy that boy cash known for stunting///////
never go around problem yeah Rio known for confronting
Streets is like a women who aint never got a type
Everybody messing with her she don't never treat them right
Chew us up and spit us out still its so hard to leave
still I'm fighting with myself and i hope the rmemeber me
Ain't no A to Z you hit the court and take a plea
school open doors but the streets thinking keys
everyday I'm on my knees lord I gotta make it out
divorce papers in gotta find another spouse
coming from the jungle with the snakes and the mouse
And you know its getting real with them snakes up in your house
son a kill a mother brother kill a brother
look what the game did we dont love each other
and they wonder why my heart was so cold
im just a young man with a old soul
Verse 3:

Before God I got saved by the glock 9
interrogation really had met catching alhzim
revaluation that's revelatin the stop sign
looking for the change but I swear I never drop times
head in the clouds feet on the pavement
they tried to act foul so I brought it to em flagrant
bussen at the gang all them boys was trigger happy
and if they got the homie twin it'll make them killers happy
use to gettin high till I can't feel it
kept the German on me ain't no i can forget it
every time I left the crib I felt like death was lurking
go to hell for how im living I know it I'm certain
soul caught up in the money I want it I'm searching
look a everything I did from moments of hurtin
the game gone be the game its just getting fierce
looking for another high the hustle in the rear

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