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05. Matches (feat. Paradox Lockdown & Streetlight Cadence)

Notti Insonni (Sleepless Nights)
by Illtalian


Verse 1
(first four lines are in a slower paced rhythm)
When I was born my parents lit a fire, and it burned inside my heart/
They told me I should never hide it, it was there to light up the dark/
But what they didnít say was that sometimes the darkness hates the light/
I learned that lesson at a cost, and it would change my view on life/
(beat picks up)
As a boy, I was gentle, soft-spoken, and shy/
I just wanted to be liked, I wouldnít even hurt a fly/
So Iíd do what people asked me to, never stood up for myself/
Let others use and abuse my niceness, to amuse themselves/
I trusted peoples promises, never dreamed that theyíd be lying/
And with every new deception Iíd spend another night crying/
I learned that people will pretend to like you for a while/
But once you serve your purposes, theyíll ditch you with a smile/
Friendships are relative, and relatives canít be trusted/
Cuz trusting anyone will only leave you more disgusted/
With each betrayal I felt I failed, my light was starting to dim/
If God had doomed me to this tale, why should I shine for Him?

When the sun falls asleep/
Give me light, let me see/
Burst with fire, consume me/
Soon weíll see these shadows flee/

Verse 2
Fast forward a couple of years, my light is all but gone/
Cynical and jaded, I blew it out to become strong/
Strong enough to fight back, to hurt the ones who hurt me/
If they dare to cross my path, Iíll never show them mercy/
Iíll destroy all those who come too close, they donít care about me/
I donít want or need your help, not even if I was drowning/
Tell me what choice I had, living with all these savages?
Iíve taken so much damage that Iím tired of changing these bandages/
My heart is breaking Ė no itís broken Ė it never served me right/
Itís only been a weakness to me, like that stupid light/
And this poison that Iím feeling, it is seeping through my soul/
To the point where now Iím screaming when Iím sleeping, I canít hold/
It any longer, itís getting stronger, when did I get so cynical?
I get mad then Iím depressed and it repeats, itís all so cyclical/
Iím hurting and Iím broken, but knowin that isnít the key/
It all comes down to whether or not thereís still a spark in me/


Verse 3
(music significantly slows for these four lines)
This fire in my heart, used to burn brighter than the sun/
But I put it out and now whatís done, can never be undone/
Iíll carry around these scars and burns as long as I will live/
But I carry something much greater now, the knowledge that God forgives/
(music begins to rise here)
When I was at my lowest, bitter, poisonous, ugly/
God took me in his own, scarred hands, and told me that He loved me/
And the fire in His eyes, reignited my empty soul/
Itís not the way it used to be, itís just a smoldering coal/
But itís a start and itís enough to see exactly where my path is/
So instead of carrying a torch, Iíll bring a box of matches/
And every time the darkness strikes, Iíll strike another match/
And shine my light into the dark, to force the shadows back/
With every act of kindness, a match is being lit/
And I plan to set the world ablaze, never shall I quit/
As Christ forgave my sins, I forgive the world at last/
For this little light of mine, proves that the dark has finally met its/
Match (sound of a match being lit)

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