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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Success, Love, and the Meaning of Life

I haven’t written a blog in a very long time; it’s been since about February I think (yep), and it seems that my blogs are getting more and more spaced out.  I talked about that the last time i wrote a blog, in fact. I've been thinking about it, and I think this is a good thing for your sake.  In fact I think that if I wrote a blog as often as I’d really like to, everyone would quit listening to me about anything.  Not because I’m super boring (I mean, I know I can get boring...but not super boring) or because I’m a rambler, but just because I sometimes think I understand something in life or something God’s teaching me or a situation I’m in and then I later realize that I really had no idea what was going on.  So maybe there’s a tiny, tiny little shred of wisdom in me that keeps me from writing blogs all the time.  Again, I think it’s for your sake mostly.  I’ve grown very comfortable with being just this side of crazy...are you ready for that? Are you ready to be living just this side of crazy like me?  I’m not too sure.

Anyway, on to better things.  I’ve been thinking a lot about those three things in the title line a lot this year.  What is success?  Is there such a thing as true, lasting love?  What exactly am I supposed to be doing with this life God’s given me, and I have I already screwed it up too much to be doing that?
I think that these are things we all think about from time to time; I’ve just been obsessing over them lately.  There is so much change in my life right now.  I’m in my upper-mid twenties, and I look around and see my friends from high school and college and the lives that they lead and I truly see how different my life is.  It’s such a huge difference.  When I was little, I knew that I’d be married by now, that I’d be working in some type of ministry, and that I’d probably have a little preggo-eggo wife hanging around.  I don’t have any of those things.  Of course, this is coming from the same guy that just knew that he’d also have a hoverboard, a flying car, and a little pet dinosaur-clone by now.    Those things didn’t really work out either.  I know what you’re thinking....”Oh man, he’s right....Where the heck is my hoverboard?!?” But alas, those things just aren’t happening right now.  I don’t have a job that pays me a lot of money, I don’t have a wife with a baby on the way, and surprise!  I’m moving back home to save money because I want to be moving to a new city soon.  How did I get so thrown off?
I’ll tell you how.  God intervened.  My plans just weren’t gonna do the trick, and I’m guessing He had something else in store.  Wavorly wasn’t my intention going into college, and our old band (freshmen15) started out as a joke between me and Dave.  How did I get to this place? How did my band get to this place?  Sitting on a ton of new material, slowing working our way through it and intentionally making it the best possible music that we can make it be...not pursuing labels just yet, watching our show numbers slowly dwindle down as the chorus of Praise and Adore starts to fade into the back of people’s minds and the rest of the album skips along merrily behind it.  Again, am I crazy?  Yes (again), I am crazy.  But I promise you, God is in this.  He’s working in my life in ways that I have never imagined.  I’ve seen crazy things this past year, things that (honestly) a southern baptist kid from Mississippi would’ve never thought he’d see.  I’ve met a real prophet on the street that spoke into my life like only someone that had been with me for the past year could have done and I’ve seen God promise me something in scripture and tell me to wait on it and watch as He worked it out.  He’s still working it out.  But despite my deepest fears, worries, and insecurities, He’s working it out!  These things...these questions...they still keep me up at night.  But God has shown Himself faithful to me and in lives all around me.  These worries, these fears...they also keep me up at night and try to ruin my days.  But God is still working.  Just because I might give into things that I don’t have to give in to doesn’t mean that He’s not working.  It just means that I’m not paying attention to Him.  Maybe that’s what that whole “seek first His kingdom” business is all about.   I’ve learned a lot about “identity” this year.  About who we really are in Christ, and honestly it makes me uncomfortable sometimes.  God loves us so much that we are “heirs with Jesus.” That might just be the hardest pill to swallow ever.  I have a really, really hard time wrapping my mind around that statement...around that Truth.  I’ve been living in error for a while, thinking that God was mad at me for my little screw-ups and the sins that I can’t seem to get passed.  He’s not.  He’s not mad at you either.  If you have Christ in your heart...a real relationship with God, He looks at you and He sees Jesus.  And nothing that you could ever do can add or take away from the Jesus He sees.  Nothing.  Is that some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card for you to do whatever you want?  Absolutely not.  That is the reason that you should want to know Him more.  How can He see you like that?  Ask Him.  I bet He’ll blow your mind and tell you.  Maybe not in the way you think He’ll tell you, but He will tell you.  For the longest time, I thought that if I ever had to face Jesus in a room, He would look at me, kinda frown and put His head down, shaking it from side to side saying “What a waste you’ve managed to make of all the blessings I’ve given you.  I just don’t know if I’m going to give you anymore.”  Have you ever wondered that, or thought of an encounter with God like that?  I will tell you this now, and you need to hear it: God will look at you in all of your weakness, all of your brokeness, all of your insecurity and doubt and you know what He’ll do?  He will smile at you.  And He’ll look at you and say, “I love you so much.  You have no idea how valuable you are to me, and you don’t have any idea how proud of you I am.”  That is the weight of God’s love.  That is the cross that we bear.  That is what Jesus meant when He said to take on His yoke, for it was easy and the burden was light.  Open your heart to that kind of love and see where it takes you.  And if it doesn’t make you want to take that love into the darkest places of your heart and the darkest places of this world, then you are missing it.  Keep asking, keep knocking, and keep seeking.  God will open that door to you, and He will never slam it shut in your face.  
C.S. Lewis wrote a book called the Screwtape Letters, and it’s about an elder demon giving a younger demon advice on how to tempt and sway humanity.  In that book, Lewis writes one of the most profound ideas I’ve ever read, and anytime I think about it it inspires me to keep going.  The elder demon is trying to describe the love of God to the younger demon (and of course they both detest the love of God) and he says something to the effect of “their God delights in them so much and wishes that they would step out in faith so much that He delights even in their stumbles.”  Now, that’s not exactly how it’s written because I don’t have a copy of the book sitting right here beside me, but do you get the point?  He delights in you.  Even when you’re trying to have faith and you seem like you’re just falling flat on your face, God loves the fact that you are stepping out in faith towards Him.  I’m telling you, it’s that much.  And that idea (to me) is the summation of success, love and the meaning of life. That is your identity as a child of God.  Don’t forget it, and don’t forget to show it.
Talk to you soon. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A word for the impatiently waiting...

hello everyone.  it's been a while since i last blogged, and i've almost blogged about 4 times since the last one, but i always get this nervous feeling and then i don't write one.  but today, it just seemed like it was the day.  you see, i'm going through a pretty different (but special, i guess) time in my life and i think i should talk about it.  i'm sure there have been times where others have been through what i'm going through, and maybe together we can share some ideas, and our ideas will become a little stream, and we can pan out some nuggets of wisdom from that little stream....and that was a old time california gold digging metaphor.  FAIL.
have you ever had to sit around and wait for something?  i'm talking about a situation where you know that you have to wait...every bone in your body screams at you that you must wait and you know it's the only way that you'll stay sane.  at the same time, the waiting itself is driving you insane.  being an impatient person like myself, waiting on anything does not always bode well with me.  but i tell you my friends, some things in this life are just worth waiting for.  for some it's a door opening to pursue a calling or a new step in a calling, for others its waiting for a person that you know you could love more than anything else in this world, and still for others its a chance to get out of a situation that has been slowing rotting away at your joy for a long time.  no matter what it is that you must wait for, the only step (and ironically the hardest step ever) is to wait for the right time to move forward.  this whole waiting business is something that we are not used to in the society of today, seeing as how we can have pretty much whatever we want right when we want it.  this might cause anything that you have to wait for to seem like a wasted endeavor...after all, if you're meant to have it, you should have it right then...right??  NOPE.  
i am learning that the things that are really worth it in this life are worth waiting for.  there is no other way to fully give God control of something.  we say that we give God control...I say that i'm giving God control, and then i do every thing in my power to make it happen right now.  is that really giving God control of something?  of course its not.  it's just me playing the game and then having to have what i want right when i want it.  all throughout the Bible we are given examples of people and situations where God blessed someone (and blessed them immensely), but they had to wait for it.  not just hours, not just days, not just weeks, not just months...sometimes years and decades.  can you imagine waiting years for something?  DECADES for something?  i almost cannot.  but some things, some opportunities, some very special people are just plain worth the wait.  Romans 8:24 and 25 say: "For in hope we have been saved, but hope that is seen is not hope; for who hopes for what he already sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it."  This verse is talking about salvation, the redemption of our bodies and souls, but i think that it can be applied to anything.  sometimes God gives us glimpses into what we can accomplish and be a part of through Him, and these things are almost always so awesome and incredible that they seem if only God Himself could accomplish them.  i think that's exactly why He puts these situations and opportunities in our lives; so that we will know that through Him is the only way they can happen.  that's the thing about trusting God (well, when it comes to me): i know that i can trust Him, and everything in my life has always worked out for the best (even in the worst times), but i always get scared when these times come around.  it's not that i don't think He's going to do the right thing, its just that i'm not in control of what is happening so i start thinking that i'm not going to get my way.  man, i'm just very, very selfish sometimes.  it's true though, i'm struggling with this very thing right now in my life.  i know that all i have to do is wait for Him and His perfect timing, and i'm having a fit about it because i want it to work out now so that i know it's done.
what now?
well, it's time to grow up and just trust God.  no more fits, and no more controlling of this thing.  besides, every time i've tried to control something in the past it has gone ca-put and i've always ended up feeling like i should've just let God do what he wanted instead of me going after whatever it was like a crazy person.  

Hebrews 12: 3 says, "Consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart." 

no matter how much i can't stand waiting, if i remember that what i'm having to go through is nothing compared to what He went through while He was here with us and waiting on the time to act on His own calling, it doesn't seem so bad.  maybe even Jesus had days where He was tempted with being impatient (matt. 37b?).  but what did He do?  He waited.  
we've got to wait during these times.  we don't know how things will turn out, but we know that God wants us to wait on Him.  pray that His will be done and just wait.  
so, whatever you're going through out there, whatever you're waiting on, how's about we just band together and pray for each other and wait?  it'll be a big 'ol group experiment, and whenever something awesome happens, whenever the vision, glimpse, or idea that God has given you comes to pass in His time we can share it with each other.
please pray for me, that i'll be patient, and you don't lose heart.  we can all do this because God is great and His will is perfect.  and worth the wait.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I can't believe you voted for...'s been a little bit since i blogged last.  we're currently on tour with our best buds in The Wedding and A Current Affair out west.  we're just three bands out here doing our part to rock some faces and win the west like they used to back in the day.  haha, we're having a BLAST.  you guys be sure to check our tour dates on our myspace ( and come out to a show if you feel so inclined.
so far the shows have been the best.

i didn't really know what to title this blog, but i just wanted to throw in a little something about tomorrow (Tuesday, November 4th)...Election Day.  it's a big day for our country, and i'm sure that you've noticed like me that almost (almost) everyone on facebook has updated their status to proclaim who they're voting for.  there's even this little counter thing i saw that reveals what number you are on stating your support for the McCain / Palin ticket or the Obama / Biden ticket.  crazy times we live in, haha.  i had a talk with a friend of mine today, and we were talking about how crazy its been with this election; how many are viewing this election as the most important one of our time (remember when they said that same thing 4 years ago?), and how many in the church find it like, the most important thing in the world to make sure their candidate wins.
she made the most important point about it,  i think:
No matter who wins, no matter what happens in the next four years, no matter what...God is still God.  and God is still in control.  it  says in the bible that He brings His will about through the good and the bad, and i believe that that includes political leaders, presidents, kings, dictators, what have you.  so many people are worried that with McCain being in office, we'll be stuck in this war forever and the economy will drag on like it has been.  so many others are worried that the nation will fall into the worst state it's ever been and we'll just get bombed and invaded and terrorized constantly if Obama gets elected.  the thing is...why are we worried?  yes, it's important as an "american" to vote and vote to your conviction, but at the same time, we as christians are supposed to trust in a little bit higher of an authority. 
what i'm trying to say is, political parties and allegiances shouldn't be something that tears the church apart.  we allow our personal political opinions to get in the way, and politics just becomes another thing that we let separate us.  there's no need for that.  we are loved, protected, and provided for by an amazing God who is IN CONTROL.  all of our worried voting can do nothing to help or hinder that fact. 
i guess that what i'm trying to say is, vote to your conviction.  but don't tear others down for what they think.  if a friend of yours who professes to be a christian says they're voting for Obama, don't go crazy and proceed to summon the fire of God down on their heads.  fact is, God still loves that person no matter who they vote for.
i think we're all just a little too scared that God's gonna be mad at us if we vote for the wrong guy.  will He be?  you should ask Him.
in the end, we are called to love.  lets say worse comes to worse, and no matter who is elected we end up getting invaded and persecuted for being Christians and maybe even being threatened with death for our faith.  say that it becomes illegal to witness to people, to tell people openly and lovingly what you believe, to even mention the name of Christ out loud...what would we do? 
we'd be in a place much like the....early church.  and that would probably be a great place to be.  we (as a church) would be completely dependent on God and things would probably look a lot different.
they might look a lot like they did in the beginning.  A LOT different than the modern, comfortable, rich, western idea of church that we've all grown up in.  have you ever wondered what the church would look like if we lost our million dollar buildings, our programs, our mission trips, if we lost our stability, our riches, our jobs, our cars....our grip on the government and our country's leadership?
what would life be like if things went back to the way of life of the early church?  how would we react?  how would you react to the grace of God if it was all the stability that you had?
in the end, we as a church must be determined to love others.  love the body, love those outside of the body.  they will know us by our love.
and no matter who you vote for tomorrow (or who you did vote for on the 4th) you must be determined to show the love of Christ to those that agree with you and those that don't.  be they democrat, republican, progressive, constitutional, green, independent, or just plain insane.  we must not be afraid of being people that love those that are on the margins of society and not just focused on converting the coolest and most popular, the rich and the rulers.  we're free to love and provide for the needs of everyone, and by the grace of God we don't have to be afraid of doing that.  God will provide...through us. 
we just have to get out of the mindset that we've gotta be in control and on top. 
We're called to be servants, and servants were never the heads of the table. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Thoughts On Thoughts That I've Read Recently

Well, first off, i truly meant to update this blog during the middle of the tour with ruth and nevertheless, but i deleted my myspace account and lost my login info.  luckily, john sent it to me via facebook.  (in fact, if you have a facebook, look up matt lott in the mississippi state network and add me as a friend).  so, here i am again.  let's see, what's been going on....well, summer festivals, mini tours with amazing bands, and more summer festivals.  that was the majority of the make-up of my summer and now something else has come along and consumed it.  The Dark Knight.  yes, i've seen the movie 3 (yes, 3) times so far.  and i might see it again, i'm not sure yet.  it's so good.  but me being a comic book nerd, it naturally became my movie of the year and maybe even my favorite movie ever.  the last time i saw a movie multiple times in the theatre was probably the original spiderman.  i'm definitely a spiderman freak, so that movie kinda made my life until that point.  but the DK just kinda put all the others to shame.  if you haven't seen it, you should.  it's a great film to check out.  anyways, that's the update for me, but i want to talk a little bit about some recent entries that i've read on the site, one in particular.  not long ago, an awesome guy name matt johnson wrote a very insightful and intriguing blog entitled, "why can't they all just say it?"  well, i just wanted to voice my opinion (which is exactly what it is, so for you that don't agree, it's fine.  agree to disagree. :), and maybe provide a little bit of what i feel i've learned about this issue as of late. 

to begin, lets go back to the days of when i was "on fire for God" in my local youth group.  growing up southern baptist, i was raised in a conservative church that wasn't too keen on many styles of music.  regardless, i somehow (my amazing dad) got ahold of an audio adrenaline cassette tape (don't censor me) and was officially hooked to "christian" rock.  soon i was into dc talk, bleach, and other bands that made a huge impact on me.  the biggest impact was probably made by a little band called relient k.  i was working in a lifeway christian bookstore at the time, and i had indispensable christian music resources at my fingertips.  some of my favorite bands in high school had been blink 182 and new found glory, so to have a band like relient k (and others...ace troubleshooter, mxpx, philmore, switchfoot, and a little hangnail) that was a great pop-punk band as well as an outspoken christian band was a big deal to me.  they were a big influence on me.  i'll never forget how i heard the name of jesus about 700 times on the anatomy of the tongue and cheek and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  not long after that, dave and i started our band, freshmen 15, and we sounded exactly like relient k / blink182 / nfg.  it was awesome.  i remember getting super convicted if we didn't directly reference God in our songs, and feeling like that verse that said, "if you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you," would be written all over my forehead at the great white throne judgement one day would be the certain outcome.  so, if for some crazy reason anyone actually has a copy of that cd (you'd probably be living in mississippi if you did) you'll hear direct references all through it.  this was the way that i thought every band should be, all the time.  if i went to a concert and the slow anthem that flat out said "God" or "Jesus" was not played, i'd leave disappointed and with a little thought in the back of my mind wondering if the members of the band were starting to forget that whole "christian" thing and just be plain ol rockstars.  i remember talking badly about and looking down on bands with just a little judgement whenever i would read or listen to interviews and i didn't hear what i thought was obvious evidence that that band or that member of a band was a christian.  but if i ever went to a concert and heard what i wanted to hear from that band, then i would leave elated and sure that they were going to heaven and making a huge difference in this world by proclaiming their faith from stage and not caring who was listening or what they thought about what was said.  afterall, the real christian bands (more of the ac/chr stylistic crowds) based their whole concerts around offerings / altar calls / and intense church camp like experiences that would often times encourage me to rethink and sometimes even doubt my own faith and feel a deep need to get my life right with God in whatever way i could think of that wasn't perfect.  (it seemed like there were always a hundred and fifty things that came to mind).  this was the way that every christian band was supposed and needed to function like.  and if they didn't function in this way, then you could be sure that my friends and i were certain to be talking about the ways that they could "fix their witnessing problems."

i've been in a touring band for about 4 years now, and i have to say that i was wrong.  i was most assuredly and very obviously wrong. 

i've come to realize that being that way toward any band (any person) is judgemental and WRONG.  for in the same measure that i judged those bands, i was judged.  i didn't go around talking about God constantly in class, to my friends, to my family, and much less to random people or crowds that i saw in the mall or walmart or on the street.  sure, i wore a christian t-shirt when i did mission projects and when i was in church, but i also wore christian t-shirts when i would be out with my friends or by myself doing things that would definitely raise questions concerning my faith or where i stood.  yeah, i prayed and led sessions at the campus bible studies and when i was an intern/kind of interim youth pastor at my church in our college town, but i also said / thought / did things that i should never have done when i was everywhere else.  who was i to hold these bands in contempt when i saw them play?  who was i to walk away from the relient k show thinking "man, i sure am glad they played "getting into you" tonight, if they wouldn't have...well, they'd probably just be in this for the money." who was i?  i was a judgemental "christian" that was holding up a standard on others that i couldn't even hold up myself.   i was wanting to hear them scream "jesus" to justify myself and my faith because they were a cool band and that meant that i was a cool person and that my faith was cool.

the fact of the matter is, Jesus never set out to be cool.  Jesus never set out to be loved by the masses.  And most importantly, Jesus never set out to be accepted and honored by the religious people in His day

Jesus set out TO LOVE, not to be loved.

I personally believe that we as Christians are too judgemental, not only on those that are outside of the church (which we were never called to be or do) but moreso (and freakin MORESO) to our own brothers and sisters.  there are many verses in the bible that speak against this very thing (ex. James 4:11-12), and yet, we sit in judgement on the lives of our brothers and sisters everyday.  If someone does not share their faith exactly the way that you expect or want them to share it, there is no reason to say that they're not doing it correctly or even wonder about their relationship with God.  truly, the only two that can know a person's relationship with God are that person and God.  i can tell you all day long that i'm a christian, i can show you through my works, i can pray with you and for you, but in the end my relationship with God is between Him and myself.  i guess that's why it's a relationship with God, and not just a religion.  it's a gloriously and mysteriously personal thing. thankfully, God has given us the holy spirit who will never leave us, guides us, and teaches us.  this is one of the most personal things about our relationship with God.  God with and in us.

its a sad thing to be in a "christian" band and feel the pressure to mention the name of Jesus or be shunned and questioned by your crowd.  as if we in the crowd were the ones that any band had to stand in front of for judgement, iike it's our rightful place to have the need to feel "impressed" by a certain band and their cunning use of the gospel in front of a crowd of professing believers.  "cunning use of the gospel."  whatever happened to the good news for all people?  it's a sad day in the church when we will do such a weighty and god-like thing as judging another person, a brother or a sister, for merely the words that they say, or not say.  it's a sad thing to be in a band, and know that you will more than likely sell more merchandise in a church if you say jesus or give an altar call, because that's what the crowd wants you, expects you to do.  it's a sad thing to know that you will be paid more if you play a worship set along with your own music in a church or camp, because it's an acceptable and safe style of music that has been deemed worthy by the church.  it's a sad thing to know that we have made the worship of our God a "style" or "genre" of music.  an industry.  a multi-million, perhaps even billion dollar INDUSTRY.

it all boils down to the band's own convictions about where God has called them to be and the people that they feel called to reach.  One band feels called to be a "light in the darkness."  GOOD.  One band feels called to be an "encouragement to the body of believers."  GOOD.  In the end, it is not a person that reaches someone else, it is God who reaches out through that person.  He reveals Himself, and He calls the lost to Himself when He sees fit and in His own time.  We are simply called to love others and be the messengers of that love that God gives us.  The love that He gives us is more than words, more than a song, it's love that reaches into the lives of people and accepts them without question or requirement. 

i do not think it is right in any way of us as a christian audience to hold our personal convictions over either type of band's head.  you cannot know the personal convictions of a band or its members unless they share that with you themselves.  some bands like to do this from onstage, and some do not.  neither should have their very relationship with God judged because of that.  many times, what it truly boils down to is a personal preference of music style.  it's hard for some to understand how a band that only screams or does pig noises could possibly be reaching anyone for Jesus.  because "if i can't understand it, then how can anyone...right?"  certain styles of music speak volumes to certain people because that's the style of music they like.  that's their personal preference.  and many times, in the harder, more metal, rock, or what have you crowds, straight up throwing out a three point plan of salvation from stage will land you a listening audience of zero.  how can you be a messenger when no one listens?  some people can only be shown love in small incremints because they have a hard time trusting others because of past hurts and failures. some people have to hear more than words to listen.  we as a church have done a great job of slmplifying the gospel so that we think we can explain it to anybody on the street, while at the same time doing a very poor job of showing the love of Christ by meeting the physical / emotional / practical / relational needs of those same anybodys on the street.  and those people don't want to hear more words.  they don't want to hear more evidence from archeological records that "prove" the existance of God.  they don't want to hear about why they're wrong for being pro-choice, pro-homosexual marriage, pro-democrat, pro-republican, pro-environmental friendly, pro-war, pro-peace.  they want to SEE someone in their lives who will LOVE THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE. they NEED to see this, or they will never be able to listen.  our words have become our walls.

and who is this that will love them for who they are and tear down the walls to get to them?  Jesus. 

and who are the ones entrusted to literally be the hands and feet (not just the words of judgement)? We are.

We are called to love and accept everyone for who they are.  Because it is not us who changes people.  It is not our words.  It is not our actions.  In the end, it is and can only be God.

He works through our poor examples to reveal Himself to this world.  why?  i'm not very sure, you'll have to ask Him. ;)

after reading over all of these things, i'm sure that many will deem my points moot.  after all, being in Wavorly is my job.  i have a part time job, working at Pac-Sun in our local mall when i am home, but for the most part, Wavorly is my source of income.  we have a  song that has had pretty decent success on the radio, "praise and adore."  a song that started out meaning something different to us, but turned into something that meant many things to many different people.  why is that? i don't know.  i can only say that by the grace of God our band gets to tour all around the country and meet tons of amazing people.  some that have a personal relationship with God, and some that don't.  we as a band have learned that God loves each equally, and is no respector of persons.  and we're happy to know that we don't have to be respertors of persons, either.  all we have to do is love those people for who they are, and then watch God work through situations and songs and miles and everything else imaginable to get to those people.  to literally use whatever He can to get into their lives and reveal Himself in someway.  we've learned that people aren't cars or appliances with problems that can be identified and fixed, but that people are gardens that need tending, weeding, watering, pruning, and harvesting.  and we serve an amazing gardener who knows our hearts because He made each and every one of us very special in His own sight.

also, i am not claiming that no band has used the word "christian" as a launching pad or to make money.  i guess that is something that has happened, something that is still happening...maybe in places we don't realize.  what i am saying is that maybe these bands that don't say Jesus from stage are just convicted against doing such a thing, and these bands don't want to use the name of God as a selling point in any possible way.  maybe they don't want to misuse the name of God.
after all, you cannot serve God and Money, and sometimes when an industry sees a cross, they're also seeing a dollar sign.

thanks for you time,

p.s ... when a band that has toured mainly in christian venues but then starts playing in more general or "secular" market venues, they are more than likely NOT doing it for the money.  clubs and bars do not pay nearly as well as churches.  and it's much harder to make a name for yourself in the general market than it is in the "christian" market.  think of the "christian" market as a pond, and the general market as all of the oceans combined.  the only way to make decent money in the general market is to be huge, like gold or platinum huge.  for real.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My second blog...for the first time

yeah, that blog headline right there is another attempt (by me) at "being funny."  is it funny??  you decide.  so here i am (by the way, i've decided to not worry anymore about punctuation or anything like that, so if you get offended by my i's always being little and un-capitalized, then don't read my blogs anymore, cause i've given it up)  on the eve of us leaving for the nevertheless/ruth/deas vail run that we're doing in between all of these awesome festivals, and i find myself not packed at all.  but that's a normal thing.  i've been trying working really hard with johnathan from 11ty7 on getting the routing squared away for our tour in october, and i'm really excited about it.  it's gonna be so much fun.  matt (11ty7 matt) and i want to set aside a few days where we can all go camping out in some national park and try to survive the "rugged" wilderness.  and it's pretty cool too, cause a lot of campgrounds now have wireless internet!!!! yeah!!!! and cable!!!!   anyway, i was telling him that we need to film it and make a great movie extravaganza about it.  i think you guys would like that, right?  so let's see, i think i'm going to give you guys the run-down of everything that i have to do today to get ready to leave.  other than the obvious (pack and all that), there are a few mandatory things that i usually have to do before we leave.  today is no exception.  today, coon and i are going to go thrift store shopping for some vests.  a few of us wear vests on stage to match our "brand" (for you hapless know-nots out there, brand is an industry word for "look" or "gimmick", we're just a bunch of sell outs ) and we've been buying some at thrift stores lately and spray painting them like we do our shirts to make them look dirty like us dirty south-ers!  or should that be southerners....who knows?  if you want a vest though, visit our merch table.  we found like three little baby ones last week, and it was awesome. we briefly had a "baby wavorly" fashion line at our merch table.  i've also got to get these new t-shirts (they're awesome!) we got in over to seth's house, which is where we keep our van and trailer and also where we practice and record demos.  he's got a swimming pool too, and that is the fabled landmark where we (as a band...kind of) taught coon how to swim a few summers ago.  really, it was dave and trey (our old drummer) and seth and jaime that taught him how to swim...i was mostly just trying to drown him and take him out of this world.  but that's just how our friendship is, it's a tough love.  what else....i guess just make sure that everything's ready for us to go and make sure that all of our people are ready.

other than that...there's not much to do.  hmmm, there's really not much to do at all.  that's good.  that means i can be lazy.  and that's just how i like it.

so, in closing today, i think it's gonna be a good little tur' we got coming up.  we're gonna have fun with our friends, and that's the best thing about being in a band.  getting to make friends with tons of people, and getting to see how God works in not only your own personal life, but in the lives of others.  sometimes, it reminds me just how much i don't have Him figured out, and i think that's one of the best things about Him.  always moving and working in different ways. 

so anyway, i hope that you guys come out to the shows, come say hello, and i hope you get some lazy days this summer where you think you've got a bunch to do, but then you realize it's not all that much to do at all.  we're playing icthus tomorrow (thursday, the 12th), we'll see ya there!     -matt


Monday, June 9, 2008

My first blog...for the second time.

So, this is the second time I have tried to blog on this here jesusfreakhideout blog place, and I'm hoping that this one works.  My first blog that I wrote was kind of funny, and I was really happy with it, but I guess that the "blog gods" didn't see fit for it to work. They do have a sense of humor after all, who knew?  So anyway, my name is Matt, and I place bass in a little collection of guys called Wavorly.  We are a merry band of men that travel this country playing rock and roll and seeing God move not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others as well.  And that, my friends, is what makes all the difference.  Well...let's see here...what's goin on with us lately?  We are currently making demos for what hopefully will be our second record.  The songs are more along the lines of the songs Madmen, Part One, Forgive and Forget, and Tale of the Dragon's Defeat from our first album.  We hope that you guys really like the new stuff like we do.  We've been playing two new songs recently, "Storms" and "Time Won't Turn Back,"  which is probably one of the coolest things we've ever written.  For those of you who have hung with us lately, you've met our sound guy / all around great guy Jay.  If you haven't met Jay, well haven't lived.  He's an awesome brother, and it's been such a great thing having him with us now. If you'd like to meet him, then come out to a show.  Speaking of shows....We've got some cool stuff coming up, a tour with our friends Nevertheless, Ruth, and Deas Vail this month (June) and a little in July, and in between we're playing a ton of festivals.  We're doing a short run with Spoken and Ilia in September, and then we're doing a full east coast/ eastern half of the country tour with Eleventyseven in October!!!!  In fact, if you would like to help us make it out to your neck of the woods, then email me at and give me some contact info for your local church, venue, club, bar, whatever.  We just wanna see you!!  And i bet the guys in 11ty7 would like to meet you too. 
So...I guess that's good for this one.  If you guys have anything you'd like to talk about, then let's talk.  Feel free to ask me questions or whatever...I've got plenty of time on my hands to think about stuff.  And trust me, not much goes on in this little Mississippi noggin of mine. 

so yeah, thanks for reading.


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