Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!
Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

I can't believe you voted for...

Monday, November 3, 2008

I can't believe you voted for...'s been a little bit since i blogged last.  we're currently on tour with our best buds in The Wedding and A Current Affair out west.  we're just three bands out here doing our part to rock some faces and win the west like they used to back in the day.  haha, we're having a BLAST.  you guys be sure to check our tour dates on our myspace ( and come out to a show if you feel so inclined.
so far the shows have been the best.

i didn't really know what to title this blog, but i just wanted to throw in a little something about tomorrow (Tuesday, November 4th)...Election Day.  it's a big day for our country, and i'm sure that you've noticed like me that almost (almost) everyone on facebook has updated their status to proclaim who they're voting for.  there's even this little counter thing i saw that reveals what number you are on stating your support for the McCain / Palin ticket or the Obama / Biden ticket.  crazy times we live in, haha.  i had a talk with a friend of mine today, and we were talking about how crazy its been with this election; how many are viewing this election as the most important one of our time (remember when they said that same thing 4 years ago?), and how many in the church find it like, the most important thing in the world to make sure their candidate wins.
she made the most important point about it,  i think:
No matter who wins, no matter what happens in the next four years, no matter what...God is still God.  and God is still in control.  it  says in the bible that He brings His will about through the good and the bad, and i believe that that includes political leaders, presidents, kings, dictators, what have you.  so many people are worried that with McCain being in office, we'll be stuck in this war forever and the economy will drag on like it has been.  so many others are worried that the nation will fall into the worst state it's ever been and we'll just get bombed and invaded and terrorized constantly if Obama gets elected.  the thing is...why are we worried?  yes, it's important as an "american" to vote and vote to your conviction, but at the same time, we as christians are supposed to trust in a little bit higher of an authority. 
what i'm trying to say is, political parties and allegiances shouldn't be something that tears the church apart.  we allow our personal political opinions to get in the way, and politics just becomes another thing that we let separate us.  there's no need for that.  we are loved, protected, and provided for by an amazing God who is IN CONTROL.  all of our worried voting can do nothing to help or hinder that fact. 
i guess that what i'm trying to say is, vote to your conviction.  but don't tear others down for what they think.  if a friend of yours who professes to be a christian says they're voting for Obama, don't go crazy and proceed to summon the fire of God down on their heads.  fact is, God still loves that person no matter who they vote for.
i think we're all just a little too scared that God's gonna be mad at us if we vote for the wrong guy.  will He be?  you should ask Him.
in the end, we are called to love.  lets say worse comes to worse, and no matter who is elected we end up getting invaded and persecuted for being Christians and maybe even being threatened with death for our faith.  say that it becomes illegal to witness to people, to tell people openly and lovingly what you believe, to even mention the name of Christ out loud...what would we do? 
we'd be in a place much like the....early church.  and that would probably be a great place to be.  we (as a church) would be completely dependent on God and things would probably look a lot different.
they might look a lot like they did in the beginning.  A LOT different than the modern, comfortable, rich, western idea of church that we've all grown up in.  have you ever wondered what the church would look like if we lost our million dollar buildings, our programs, our mission trips, if we lost our stability, our riches, our jobs, our cars....our grip on the government and our country's leadership?
what would life be like if things went back to the way of life of the early church?  how would we react?  how would you react to the grace of God if it was all the stability that you had?
in the end, we as a church must be determined to love others.  love the body, love those outside of the body.  they will know us by our love.
and no matter who you vote for tomorrow (or who you did vote for on the 4th) you must be determined to show the love of Christ to those that agree with you and those that don't.  be they democrat, republican, progressive, constitutional, green, independent, or just plain insane.  we must not be afraid of being people that love those that are on the margins of society and not just focused on converting the coolest and most popular, the rich and the rulers.  we're free to love and provide for the needs of everyone, and by the grace of God we don't have to be afraid of doing that.  God will provide...through us. 
we just have to get out of the mindset that we've gotta be in control and on top. 
We're called to be servants, and servants were never the heads of the table. 

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