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Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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03. Why

Flowers In The Rain
by Mad At The World


There's a little boy on my street
& his name is Johnny
& all the other little boys like to tell him
That he looks funny
So they laugh at him & he cries
But what has he done that they hate
& to them it's just a game
cause they can't feel the pain
(Well Ya) they're not overweight

Oh tell me why does the world
Have to be so unfair?

All she ever wanted, was to go on a date
She dreamed of the fun she thought that it would be
Staying out late
But tonight she's alone, 16 yr. old mother to be
Her boyfriend said good-bye "Children they just aren't for me"

So we point at them & laugh
& we make another joke
& we're never giving love to the ones that
need it most (2x)

If cruelty is what makes your day,
& it pain is the name of the game;
Then I don't wanna play

Well another years gone bye, & he's 85 yrs. old today
He's short & weak & his eyes don't work
that well anymore
& his hair's turned to gray.
But even all of that isn't what keeps the
smile from his face;
It's the way that the younger ones
Always try & tell him that he doesn't even
fit in this human race





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Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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