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05. It's You

Our World: Redeemed
by Flame


Just think, just think about
Won't you think about it?

J-E-S-U-S is more powerful than the whole US is
Can't do Him like Judas did
Cause if I did, that would be what foolish is
I don't need all the fancy cars
I don't need to win the Grammy Awards
Lord, I need You
Cause when I'm low and need a battery charge
All the Grammy on the wall will offer me will be feeble
I need You like a coat in the winter time
You're always faithful, sure have been a Friend of mine
I love Your table, oh like it's dinnertime
Grace on the plate, I sure have got a sinner's mind
You bring life, I presume with dying
Now I follow behind You like a funeral line
Never knew what love was
But uh
Sending Your Son was a beautiful sign

Chorus (Don Barham):
You, it's You
I never wanna live another day without You
It's You
I found my way and my life was lost without You
It's You
No love, no breath, no me without You
It's You
It's true, I need You

Yes, J-U-S-T-I-F-I-E-D, that's what we need to be
That'll get you in the presence of God
Then Heaven's like VIP, only better though
Oh! Nothing to compare to
Not even that feeling when you get a new hairdo
He spared you if you're still alive
The perfect opportunity to spill to God, say
I need You to get the props and praise
And never stop, You're the Rock of Ages, I attest to
Nothing You made was cropped or pasted
Creation, jaw-dropping, amazing, we imitate You
We need You just to see our way
Jesus Christ is our V-I-A
Cause we all gotta get ready for the bridegroom to come
We're kinda like the fiancee


Been so good, gotta bless my God
Can't keep quiet, gotta testify
He's good to my heart like exercise
We must bow, we're in the presence of God now
He's flawless, He's perfect
He's awesome, let's worship
Let's praise the Ancient of Days
And give our life as an offering and reasonable service
So you can keep the Benzo
We're much more pleased being Jesus' kinfolk
We're much more pleased being free from sin's hold
We finally see what we need within most
I can't hold back, I gotta run this
Nothing healthy in the hood like Sun Chips
The Son dripped blood from a cross
While thugs spill blood in the street
We all need Him





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