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08. Listen Up

What If We
by Brandon Heath


Why are you crying
Did I say something wrong
Wereínt we just talking
Tell me whats going on

Cause Iím pretty sure my intentions
Were nothing more than conversation
Maybe you just needed someone
To listen to your heart

Maybe I spoke too soon
Maybe I said too much
Now that my face is blue
Think itís time I listen up
Iíve already said enough

Sometimes I do this
Thing is Iím so afraid
When it getís quiet
What you might have to say

Cause Iím guilty of
Iím lost in my
Own translation
I apologize, I know I
Should listen to your heart


There isnít anything that I could say
Not a word to get in the way
Of you, Of You, I am listening


Brandon Heath, Jason Ingram

Behind the Song:
"Coming from a guy like me who is trying to figure out relationships, ďListen UpĒ is lyrically about the classic struggle of guys understanding girls. And as a single guy, I know that there are so many single guys out there like me who just canít relate to love songs. But I hope ďListen UpĒ will be a song that guys will hear and be able to say, ĎOh man, Iíve totally been there when Iíve said the wrong thing or stuck my foot in my mouth.í I think sometimes, girls just need us to listen.Ē - Brandon Heath




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