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14. Intercontinental Grand Dragons

Excuse Me
by Kaboose


Intercontinental grand dragons, giving rappers a bad stabbing
Back packing, we canít fathom to lack rapping
Outstanding, they canít handle this brat packing
Crash landing, push 'em back into Knott's Landing
Whip cracking, this is Syntax, you Bin Ladens
Hip hoppers, fluent Ebonics and pig Latin
Like pimp slapping acronyms, rapid fire erratic
Psychosomatic, semi-automatic rap addicts

Verse 1 (Kaboose):
Supreme symmetry sinking battle ships and enemies
The destiny is energy, mic ministry is heavenly
My pedigree is steadily editing chemistry
The sound of melody is to remember me like Eric B
Apparently you werenít aware of me, no not a parody
A real emcee with clarity inheriting transparency
So free from the things of the world and the waves of the current
Smashing fallacies and formalities, crushing heads of the serpent
Stay working battle lines to handle mines upon the surface
Donít trip with lip service, itís backpack worship, we will murk this
Go together like Arabian heads with turbans, stop smirking
The Native Connection, RedCloud and Kaboose, itís perfect


Verse 2 (RedCloud):
I'm pounding the pavement, ground shaking, and so is the ceiling
Like downtown Kyoto, yo Godzilla's in the building
Fulfilling with that killing spree, an ill emcee, indubitably
Improbable, impossible, an obstacle to schooling me
Subway graffiti, wild styling in front of skeptics
Market scheming down the drain, rain gutter, flood your septic
Each verse is unmerciful, reverse your ulcer, peptic
It hurts worse than when you nurse it with antiseptic
Aunt Jemimah, pantomime, these cowards are not hard to find
Nicholas VonGooglehym, he struggles, do it double time
Pick a style, any style, deadly style, ever ready style
Heavy machete, bereta and maybe Henry Andrade
Since I been born, if you diss me, be warned
When I'm through with you, your teeth will look like Indian corn
It's like 4 scores will force more in this art form
Out of Hawthorne, take over Bemidji, we hardcore





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