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01. Jamboree

Sex, Drugs And Self-Control
by John Reuben


one for the treble adjust the levels/the bass got swallowed by an 808/ringtones for nickels and
dimes/we donít hear music jukebox needs change/scratch your temple the kids are listening /think-tank
says short attention span/people are people more than business is business/found a new marketing
plan/who rocks the show Ďtil itís good to go/put some money in the bank and tell the crowd thanks/come
on and jamboree/nickel and dime music machine/even if itís a tough pill to swallow/entertainers, role
models/cowbells, tambourines/somebodyís listening/come on everybody good times get ready/decorate
the room...confetti/we celebrate not to escape/both feet on the stage ready to engage/point to the sky
like you know where to aim/wish it was as easy to keep the faith/willing to say god will make way/but itís
a dangerous place to get paid to motivate/isolated booth soundproofed with a mattress/soundman turn
me up are we tracking/in good conscience if itís alright/step out the booth and find a spotlight/couldnít
afford a ticket so i stole the show/cool, can i kick it like a pair of steel toes/change my shoes once iím
through the door/like mr. rogers to be more comfortable/working hard on a real good time/if you donít
mind come on clap your hands/i wanna party without saying party/control the crowd without making

All songs written by John Reuben Zappin and Seth Earnest © 2009 Emack Music / 240 Lb Music (ASCAP) - Admin by Emack Music, Pulp Says Please Music (ASCAP), Admin by Fun Attic Music




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