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04. Iíll Wait For You

by Michael W. Smith


Morning Mr. Repo Man
Give me one more week and
Iíll be gone

Itís been a long hard month of Sundays
And still no rain
Nothiní left around here but the dust and shame
I know you know
I know you know

And Iím tryiní to find a way
To hold on to my faith

While I wait for you
I wait for you

Now I lie awake at night
Tryiní not to think
But these are the hardest times Iíve ever seen
Iím still holdiní on

I know you never said itíd be easy
All thick and no thin
But the man who waits
Is the man who wins
Holdiní on
Oh yeah, Iím holdiní on

Gonna hide myself away
Hide myself away

And Iíll wait for you
Iíll wait for you
Iíll wait for you
Iíll wait for you

I need you now
I need you now
I need you now
You know I need you now

And Iíll wait for you
Iíll wait for you
Iím gonna wait for you
Iíll wait for you

Iím gonna walk on
And not get weary now
Iím gonna run
And not fall down
I know that someday
Iíll get my wings somehow
And you will carry me
You will carry me

Iím gonna rise up
Like an eagle now
Gonna ride that big blue sky
And should I someday
Fall back down again
You will carry me
You will carry me even now
Carry me even now
Youíre gonna carry me
You will carry
You will carry me even now
Oh, carry me, oh yeah

(Michael W. Smith, Tommy Sims) © 2010 Word Music, LLC (ASCAP) / SmittyFly Music (ASCAP) All rights on behalf of itself and SmittyFly Music administered by Word Music, LLC / This Is Your Time Music LLC (adm. by The Loving Company) (ASCAP)

Behind the Song:
ďThat song musically was inspired by The Edge. I still love the video The Making Of The Joshua Tree, Daniel Lanois and all the interviews and stuff. At the end of one of U2ís songs, The Edge has this big opportunity to just go on this big, huge run, but he just grabs a guitar and just sort of stays in a groove, holds back. I thought it was a cool riff, so I picked up the guitar and started to change it a little bit and I literally wrote the music for the song in four minutes. Then, I just knew that this song needed to be called ĎIíll Wait For You.í ĎMorning, Mr. Repo Man.í Lifeís hard, and you can picture it: Midwest, driving a truck, the crops wonít grow, and I started thinking about the Don Henley song, ĎA Month Of Sundaysí on Building The Perfect Beast, where he sits on the porch wating for the rains to come, but they donít come. And if the rains donít come, the crops donít grow, and if the crops donít grow, thereís nothing to eat. So it has that sort of despair, but still underneath it all that sense of hope. My favorite line is ĎThe man who waits is the man who wins.í That was Tommyís line, kind of says it all.Ē - Michael W. Smith




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