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11. Fresh

Identity Crisis
by Tedashii


Verse 1:
Yes, on a permanent team/
You can say Iím fresh to death, Iím eternally clean/
Used to walk to by own beat of drum/
Internal instinct/
But went from enemy to intimacy, I been redeemed/
Through the cross and now I floss in His Paternal Regime/
No more living single/its like I done turned on Regine/
In the body I got it/wha-what fraternity means/
He prevailed my hell so there will be no burning of me/
So keep the urn and the wreath/cause Iíll return to the king/
Accepted fully cause of the crosses conversion of me/
So if I flex/it ainít in flesh/He bore my burden for me/
And baby when I say Iím fresh/
Its cause He birthed a new me/

Iím Fresh/not because my swagger right/
not be-not because/not be-not because my swagger right/
Iím Fresh/cause He came and took the cross/
I canít floss unless my boast is in the cross/
Iím Fresh/

Verse 2:
Iím fresh/baby, cause of Adam #2/
Crucified with Him/and by faith/man He made me brand new/
Point two/the cross was powerful in changing my view/
Regenerate, all my boys say Iím acting brand new/
And its true/so true/cause Iím not what I used to be/
Somehow I got this boost in me/
Truthfully, Iím not used to me/
Please believe me Iím humble/but in Christ I can boast/
See itís grace through faith thatís got ya boy so cold/
So cold, and I ainít trying to be cocky/
No confidence in compliments, I know thatís opposite godly/
See conceit is not my stronghold/confidence is strong though/
Trust on high, and I donít mean that Cheech and Chong smoke/


Verse 3:
To some this makes no sense but to others its krunk/
So dawg I pray to God you feel this like them subs in ya trunk/
Not just the beat/although I know its got you moving ya body/
But the message in this song/it should be moving the body/
Point 1, Iím elected and redeemed/
Point two/cause I got a new position, Iím fresh, so clean/
Point three/Iím the-Iím the best me that can be/
Iím in His image so some sinner may just happen to see/
That life is wasted if you shape it in the form of yourself/
Or someone else besides the Son, the One whoís form is this shell/
So Iím reflecting your glory LORD/
Man thatís who Iím living for/
Jesus is LORD so I ainít gotta please you




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