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01. Shallow Water

Shallow Water
by Servant



Iíd like another glass of something different, red, white, bubbly, flat. Whatever you got.
They do it to the bacon, then to the cheese, then they bring me this. I canít get flat. I canít get bubbly I mean if I was going to cater to a party I can do better than this. Iíd at least try to get some kind. There was this reed cheese lost the wax. If I could just, just get a decent cheese
Listen I am not even going to go to Europe this year, Iíve decided on a month in the white mountains. Well yes leaves me so exhausted. They were so poor I donít understand how they could buy our ideas.
Listen I hate to bring it up, I know itís a touchy subject but wasnít Bob thinking about doing something over there?
For some reason he thinks he has to go over there as a missionary to help these poor people. But like I was saying, I just think itís ridiculous. Thereís nothing to do to help them.
Canít understand it .
The thing that really upsets, Iím not too upset I Mean
But I told him God helps those that help themselves

I sittin by the TV
I think I might hit the sack
Life is pretty easy when youíre just kickin back

Iíve heard about the starving millions
On both the TV and Radio
I know many have called
But I donít like to stall
But Iím much too busy to cope
Iím walking in shallow water
No depth to what I do
If I try to go deeper
I might disappear
And I got too much to lose

I heard all about how Jesus lived
But that was long ago two thousand years have come and gone
Things have changed a lot you know
Everything is so available
You donít have to be poor no more
I know there a lot that some donít have
But Iíve got mine for sure

Iím walking in shallow water
And I like it fine right here
Temperatures right
And Iíll be fine tonight
Just donít tell me that the end is near

Iíve set my chart
And Iíll do my part
And my soul will rise from this pool

Iíve got a pool in the yard
And I work pretty hard
I didnít study just to be a fool

I know the gospel Would of told
Iím sure you wouldnít fold
Iíll send you my check in the mail

If its charity,
You can count on me
If its tax deductible
I wonít fail

Iím walking in shallow water
I want to see whatís under my feet
Chances are poor
If I leave the shore
And who knows whatís out in the deep

Now Jesus called to Peter
He said come take a walk on the sea
Leave your fears in the boat
And you will float
Just put your trust in me

The things that we all cling to
Are going to drown us in the end
On that you can depend
But the helping hand
Of the Lord is near
On that you can depend

Iím walking in shallow water
And I may as well be dead
Prayin now wonít you believe with me
Getting over our heads

Iím walking in shallow water
No depth to what I do
Walkin in shallow water
Does it all make sense to you




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