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08. Breath Before the Plunge

Into The Sea
by Attalus


my headís high but iím wearing a blindfold. forced to march to the rhythm of their cold fists that play a beat on my cheeks and my lips. joined by the clatter of the chains on my wrist. i have the right to remain blind. and if i open my eyes and my mind iíll get cast aside by the majority rule. but God distinguishes the wise from the fools. my headís high but itís starting to throb. i hate the sound of this blood-thirsty mob. vain words are filling their sentences. they paid off the witnesses. they cuss and they spit just for emphasis. i have the right to remain silent. and anything i say or i do theyíll malign and theyíll use to accuse me in their court of law. but this is no court at all. it isnít just. no it isnít just. but why should i contend? theyíre not my judge. no theyíre not my judge. so i am not condemned.

come mutineers. come do your worst tonight. feast on my tears. and feed your appetite. i have no fear. i shed it with my rights. i leave you here. i leave you standing at the sight of my remains.

they scream loud as iím led to the scaffold. my executioner shouts because heís baffled at my peace. he knocks me til i crumble to my knees. my bodyís crushed but my spiritís at ease. i have the right to remain a coward. but iíve been waiting for this day and this hour and i prayed that iíd stay brave and true to the end. o God you know iíd do it again. crawling out to the end of the ledge iíll finally give what i pledged. iím finally here at the edge of atonement. one step. one miraculous moment. i taste it. i sense it. i already own it. i have the right to remain god. but i could never fit in His crown. i took it off and i drowned in the thought that iím only a man. and i donít hold the world in my hands. it isnít right. no it isnít right. but why do i protest? iíll be alright. yes iíll be alright when i have come to rest.

they offer me a sponge. it drips with blood and sour wine. but iíll drink my Fatherís cup. iíll drink it til i drink it from the Vine. oh how i thirst for this. i yearn for this. this taste of ecstasy. iím finally coming home. my bed is made upon the Sea. itís in the air. i breathe it in my lungs. iím almost there. this is the breath before the plunge.

come Providence. come take me home tonight. my hope of this has kept my burden light. o sweet Abyss. wash this old world from sight. come Providence. come Providence.

my headís high and i finally behold that Light that my faith always foretold. oh! words canít describe how it feels to feel alive. today iím coming clean. iím coming home. iím giving everything. Youíre worth it all. Youíre worth it all. Jesus Youíre worth the offering.




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