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09. Mona Lisa

by Group 1 Crew


They call this emotion rap, whatís rap without emotions
Magician wit these flows, whatís magic without a potion
Tryiní to start the next commotion, water for your ocean
Like a door jammed stuck, I'm tryna get ya mind open
Only think positive, my mind be on that proton
Floatin over negativity, these jimmy neutrons
Are cartoon characters, watchin them get confused on
The fact that I'm successful despite their attempts to do wrong
And they canít get that can't nobody stop my progress
I love on all my haters, I out maneuver like himelec
And I get happy when these people say my name
In negative or positive, to me itís really all the same
All it does is let me know that beiní great comes wit the games
But I been drafted by my God, and most of yíall still tryna train
One day you'll get to where I am and slowly graduate

From livin life for silly things to livin life just for a king, and I promise thatís real

I wish that I could change your mind
But thereís some things I canít do, no
Yeah, thatís alright with me, but thatís alright
ĎCause I know you'll never see all of the beauty in my flaws
Forgive me for them all, I need the lord to be my Mona Lisa

And people askin whatís Christian about my raps
They ainít heard the name Jesus, so I'm just another wak
Emcee tryna say that I believe when I still lack
The right amount of Jesus in my tracksÖ.what
Please tell me you don't think that makes a song Christian
Saying just a name and nothin else is just religion
Power comes from what you do behind the proper diction
So I don't even have to say the name to bring conviction
People wanna feel love, not judgement from the righteous
Even sayin half these things I know that I just might get
Hated on by all the ones offended, oh, so pious
But this ainít for the prideful, this is for the ones relying
On a Jesus who ainít come to hate the gays and be so violent
A savior who can forgive your abortion and ya crimes when
He came to save every one of us despite our lying
We need you, lord, there's no one who'll deny it, and I promise thatís real

And I donít know if this will even make my album
ĎCause this ain't CCN, this is love witta different outcome
This is too loud, they want me to turn it down some
But it's the perfect volume for the streets to gather round some
And my enemies tellin me who I am
Like they can write the pages of my life with they hands
Iím far beyond they reach, like they 10 tryna slam
And my mind on a level they canít even comprehend
This my offering, pick it up like a church do
Immigrant flow Ďcause I always outwork you
All night grindin while they style gotta curfew
Hungry for my flow, take a seat, let me serve you

(Manwell Reyes / Joshua Crosby) © 2016 Dayspring Music, LLC, Group 1 Crew Music Publishing (BMI) / BMG Platinum Songs, My Kid Brother Music, Inc. (BMI) (Adm. by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC)




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