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04. Divided Nation

Red for War
by Zahna


Do I divide, or raise the banner high
Of a dying nation (a flame thatís failing)

(you said you want it, donít you want it, donít you throw it away)

If you ask me what Iím feeling
May not like what I say
But if itís so called freedom-of-speech, well
(You said you want it! Donít you want it! Donít you throw it away!)

In the Land of the Free
And the Home of the Brave
We canít talk like we own ourselves
(You said you want it, hope you know youíll never silence me!)

If everythingís an apology
Weíre only lying to ourselves!

Do I divide, or raise the banner high
Of a dying nation, a flame thatís failing
Should I arise, with my arms lifted high
And a heart unshaken
(a blade unstained!)

Everyoneís up in arms,
Dying to be the right ones
As the grand stories of the media sell
(You say and claim it, fabricate it, donít you lie to my face!)

But let the conflict come
So we can grow as one,
Donít believe the spreading lies
(Youíll only conquer to divide but never fight to grow inside!)

If we claim all words as hypocrisy, we only do this to ourselves

This wasnít how itís supposed to be
Weíre not the patriots we promised
When you go to war for lost causes
Weíre just soldiers with bloody badges
Riots replace democracy
But thatís okay, itís the ĎMerican way
Dissension is the virus
(I pledge allegiance to the United States of this American crisis)

(you said you want it, I still want it,
Donít you want it, donít you need it,
Donít you throw it away!)




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