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10. Down Silver Lake

Well Meaning Fiction
by Mainstay


Is anyone awake? Anyone at all?
Siren song is calling me, it's getting louder now
Compromise is here, I know it's all a lie
I need to hear the melody of Your tune

So take me home but keep me feeling lonely
when everyone is around
You're trying to show me how to hear Your song
down here by the water
Far away from the lights I see that I can't live two lives

Everywhere I go I carry with me
this ceiling that divides us - it's coming in between
When conversation turns into a monologue
I need to just be silent here and listen for Your tune

Night time lends its ear to the sound of my disappointment
When the ideal fades I don't want to complain
I just want to hear You sing

Behind the Song:
"The heart of man is desperate for satisfaction in God, whether we realize it or not. It seems very ridiculous to me how much I try to find my joy in other things, believing I can delight in anything other than God and be satisfied. I live on Silver Lake Road in Minneapolis, along with many of my friends. I love my city. I love my friends. But I often feel extremely lonely at home. This song was written out of the experience of getting home to discover that I am not lonely because I lack a certain "special someone" or that my friends don't love me, but rather because I keep God at arms length from my heart and don't allow Him to permeate every part of my life. As happy as I am at home, without Jesus, it's all empty. It sounds sappy, predictable, and trite, but it is how we are designed. Our lonely hearts cry out for God constantly - even when we are surrounded by loving friends. Even when we THINK we are satiated by food, entertainment, bells, whistles, romance, coffee, laughter, summertime, or anything else. - Justin Anderson (Mainstay)




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