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10. Rock Stars

Last One Picked
by Superchick


She moves to L.A.
She wants to be somebody
Three and a half years later shes still not anybody
Shes still hoping for a break while shes waiting tables
Realizing some dreams are fables
Fear grows when she knows that shes out of control
Throwing up in the bathroom, hoping nobody knows
And she fears shes a failure
She forgets that God loves her
You tried and failed
Hold your head up high
You climbed and you fell
Hold your head up high
You tried and failed
Hold your head up high
Hold your head up, hold your head up high

Cause if we never make it ever
Then its gonna be okay with me
Cause if its not okay to fall sometimes
Its not okay to be
If they dont want us, its okay, honest
It doesnt have to bring me down
Let them say were not big rock stars
Its not what were about
We dont have to be rock stars
We dont have to be rock stars

They said hed never make it
Maybe theyre right
His parents never believed that his dream would take flight
All he ever wanted was them to be proud of him
It was the whole world to him
He needed to win
He gave his everything, but sometimes its not enough
He thinks hes a failure now, hes not worth being loved
He forgets he had the courage to climb up so high
The courage to try, the courage to fly


Its not about success
Life is not a test
You dont pass or fail
You just do your best
To see the view from wings of courage
To push on through when were discouraged
Its all about the try all about the ride
Learning how you were meant to touch the sky
Failures are fliers who touch down
Only they know what its like to leave the ground


Written by Max Hsu and Dave Ghazarian 2002 Mob-Action Music (ASCAP) / Dave Ghazarian Music (ASCAP) / Dave Clot Music (SESAC) / Melissa Brock / Patricia Brock / Justin Sharbono / Matt Dally / Sandra L. Stephens




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